Geiger Counters, etc. (LIST)


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What may appear ‘contaminated’, may be entirely due to normal natural radioactivity.  For examples, see my lab results for samples from Northern California (Spring 2011), and Japanese Kelps (Fall 2013).

!–>  Before you buy a Geiger Counter, educate yourself.  
My suggestion is to start with a few basics videos such as these  @

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I added this no-nonsense article as an introduction:

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Build your own monitoring station.

This a comprehensive overview of some of the best places (I think) where you can buy Geiger Counters, dosimeters and related radiation monitoring products.  This list is in no particular order.   Unlike most lists, even those staging to be merely “reviewing” (and putting their own product at the top), I’m not affiliated with any of the products; I bet this is one of the better INDEPENDENT lists for radiation measuring equipment sources:

  • International Medcom, offers professional Geiger Counters, Surface Contamination Meters, and products for a complete setup of a reliable online radiation monitoring station.  See also these NukeProfessional videos, and my Medcom results of Japanese kelp seaweeds versus lab results, HERE.

  • SE International,, offers an impressive wide array of top of the line radiation measuring and analysis products.  Bummer you have to contact them for pricings, though.  Check “URSA II – Universal Radiation Spectrum Analyzer” ( as an example of products for professional labs.


One of the many products offered: 

  • –> ThermoFisher Scientific (Corporate site:  is the place to be for Radiation Detection instruments and systems used by the nuclear industry, DOE National Laboratories, national and international safeguards organizations, defense and law enforcement agencies.   (btw, they’re also present in Aalst, Belgium).

  • eBay,, has an enormous selection from al over the world, including various wrist-watch Geiger Counters, dosimeters, etc.  Access and search ‘m for latest.

  • Black Cat Systems – Detector For Windows and Macintosh: from the same great folks that set up one of the main grassroots radiation networks (see my USA page) offers a wide range of geiger counter based nuclear radiation detectors.   The GM-10 and GM-45 are sensitive and affordable ionizing radiation detectors, with prices starting at $199 for the GM-10 and $349 for the GM-45:

  • … [more to come – leave a comment if you know a good source]

  • *DISCLAIMER:  Check with retailers for current pricing and offerings.  I do not necessarily vouch for ANY of the  products shown, just passing along the info.  Read my full DISCLAIMER.  Provided information should not to be misunderstood for health or safety advice.  My intent is to be of benefit for those committed to accurate reporting, those interested in the actual truth of the matter, as well as to challenge misinformation.  All opinions and posts are subject to change without notice. What you do with the information found on these pages is your own responsibility.  – MVB © 2011.

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    GC Electronics makes several models. I use one to contribute to NETC.

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