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For various Polish monitors, see EURDEP.  Example of such data can be found in some of my blogposts, such as (Dec. 20, 2015),   ALPHA & BETA Radiation Data Graphed for Mikolajki, Poland (EURDEP, 2007-2015) + other radiation observations…

The one great independent monitor that I know of posted a notice in early 2016: [rough translation] “We regret to inform you that on 1 March 2016, we are forced to turn off the monitor radioactivity Institute of Physics UMCS.    This is due to wear and tear and lack of funds for maintenance and modernization of equipment.  Archival data on levels of radioactivity remain available.


Rest of this page has been left unchanged for reference purposes:

!-> @ http://www.radioaktywnosc.umcs.lublin.pl/?id=1

This very interesting site shows data for “The total number of counts” (Calkowita liczba zliczen), and the radioisotopes K40, Bi-214, Tl-208 and cosmic radiation (Promieniowanie kosmiczne).  On the top graph the vertical axis shows “wzglêdna zmiana liczby zliczen [%]” (= Relative change in the number of counts [%]) with the horizontal axis the day of the current month.  Further below is the same data but for the last 4 weeks. 

Important note to help interpret the way the data is presented:  the data shows the % change, so everything below the zero line indicates decreasing counts, and everything above the zero line indicated increasing counts.  When the line dips down, but is still above zero, it means the speed of the increase is declining, but not yet the actual count.  The actual count doesn’t decrease until the % change drops below zero.

Screenshot of the site as it appeared on August 16, 2015 (click for latest):

For Reference Purposes:

For the record, the data shown below is for August 2015, until the 16th; and for 4 weeks in 2015 until the 33rd week (which is August 10-16 – See dates corresponding with week numbers);   And further down is for the period Sept. 2013 – Aug. 2015.

I have graphed the data together ánd seperately for the 3 isotopes (K40, Tl208 and Bi-214) + cosmic rays + total counts:

First 16 days of August 2015:

All combined:

counts168h-total-K40-Bi214-Tl208-kosm–> Bi-214  is a progeny of Radon-222, and Tl-208  is the decay-daughter of Bi-212 and a progeny of Radon-220. Most of both comes from the natural radioactive decay of Uranium-234/238, but can also be added artificially; see both in the decay chains of U-238 @ http://periodictable.com/Isotopes/092.238/index2.full.prod.html  We can see these two move together with the night-and-day cycles.  Interesting, however, is that in some cases (such as the first half of August 12, 2015) the total count drastically rises, yet none of these common mostly-natural radioisotopes, nor cosmic rays, can explain it (meaning additional not-listed isotopes are involved in these significant upticks):

  • The Total Count % change:


  • Kalium-40:counts168h-K40
  • Bismuth-214:counts168h-Bi214
  • Thalium-208:counts168h-Tl208
  • Cosmic Rays:counts168h-kosm

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!-> When you click the 3rd link on the page, you can graph historical data @ Radioaktywność – dane archiwalne

The record begins on September 4, 2013 at 18:00 (6pm).   There are some very interesting things to see when you graph just a few parameters.

For instance:   Graphing the full record, shown below, shows a véry significant uptick in mid-November 2014:

TotalCOunts Only

It is clear that this uptick had nothing to do with cosmic radiation:Total_and_Cosmic

But it did correspond with “natural” radioisotopes that can also be part of an artificial release.  I documented this significant uptick in detail at that time and traced it back to Fukushima.  See the blog post,  Did Germany just get a Massive Amount of Fukushima Fallout and “No One Noticed”? (A Eurdep-Nullschool investigation of the Nov. 16, 2014 radiation Upticks…)

I’ve also already pointed out the likely significance of Bismuth-214 in relation to EURDEP data gaps of Bi-214 data in Lithuania after one of the recent Chernobyl wildfires, see: Bismuth-214 as a Fallout Indicator? Systematic Omissions: More Evidence of EURDEP Hiding Data when it Matters Most…

Now what is peculiar is that after May 2015, the total count change % starts moving upwards again, yet Bi-214/Tl-208 drop significantly.   Why?

FullRecord_minusCosmic Total_vs_Bismuth214Obviously different isotopes are on the rise…   But which ones?  (Could the data of rain and lichen, sampled in the Colorado Rockies in mid-June 2015 provide any clues?)

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[h/t to Monitor Polski for suggesting this link. Dziękuję ! ]

For additional monitors, in Europe and elsewhere, see Online Radiation Monitors.