–> CLICK on the map to get access to the near-real time radiation measurements in Ireland:

 When you’re on the IPII’s website:  click on on a yellow triangle to see that location’s most recent gamma ray measurements in µSv/hr.   For future reference, radiation levels of the week ending March 18, 2011, the normal levels just outside of Dublin: ≈ 12 µSv/hr (staying within a 0.11 – 0.13 µSv/hr natural fluctuation range, as you can see in the screen-shot taken, below).

–> You can zoom in and pick a specific station, and get the past weeks accurate µSv/hr measurements (example above is for near Dublin on 3/18/2011).  Other areas, such as Malin Head up north, saw even lower normal measurement values, between 0.065 and 0.080 µSv/hr, in the same sample week.

  • Additional Resources may be available at ‘Global‘.

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