België – Belgique – Belgien

  • !!-> See also  EUROPE (where the Belgian data is shown better, with more control of time periods and y-axis values, via EURDEP:

! CAUTION !  simply comparing dose rate(in rad, rem, sievert or gray), as the mainstream media does, is deceptive:  > ! Mere dose rates are NOT a dependable way to gauge dangers from fallout ! <  –  Disclaimer.

–> On the FANC website, you can then move the green box around and zoom in from national to province to the very detailed local level.  Around nuclear sites like Mol, Tihange or Doel, you’ll see a whole series of monitors. click on the monitor and get the most recent instant µSv/hr measurements.  But as stated before, the EURDEP is much better.  Same data.

Most measurements of normal background radiation are at or below 0.1 µSv/hr (due to low altitude and soils), slightly higher in the higher and rockier south-eastern regions.

NOTE: A couple stations report in CPS (= Counts Per Second, which when multiplied by 60 gives CPM);  In most case here, 100 CPM = 5 µSv/hr.

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