Online Radiation Monitors

!-> Intention of this page was give easy access to near-real-time radiation levels from all over this beautiful planet Earth.

I’m using mainly μSv/hr (microSieverts per hour) for easy comparisons.  See ‘Radiation Units’ to better understand the scientific units used, and do conversions yourself.

For a quick check, I use these:

!!!-> @

Other Networks to check include:

See also Nuclear News Links

To set up your own radiation monitoring station, soil and/or food analysis lab: See my independent & comprehensive list for equipment sources (Geiger Counters and much more), see HERE. (outdated, may still give some ideas)


-> Most viewed:

-> By nation-state:

-> For extra resources:

DISCLAIMER: All provided information should not to be misunderstood for health or safety advice.  My intent is to be of benefit for those committed to accurate reporting, those interested in the actual truth of the matter, as well as to challenge misinformation. All opinions and posts are subject to change without notice.  What you do with the information found on these pages is your own responsibility.  – MVB © 2011.


1 Response to Online Radiation Monitors

  1. Norbert says:

    Hi, here are a few more International networks for your ‘others to check’ list: (the green circles are real-time)

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