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3 Responses to Nuclear

  1. dl says:

    Hi, I love Your work and dedication, especially considering that sometimes it seems like You are figthting alone against the whole World. But there are people, like me, for whom this, what You are doing, is really meaningful.
    I want to ask You about any prevention measures. What can we do to at least reduce the risk, especially when we don’t know what’s really going on in the air and we can’t prepare ourselves for any fall-out’s from these contaminated clouds. What’s Your take on Iodine, nano-silver, etc.? – > maybe a subject for a future blog post?

  2. Paul Bran says:

    I am reading your blog from time to time to stay more or less updated. I think nothing changed since the last time and you still can’t be 100% sure about source of the radiation that appears from America to Russia. However, I have found something that may or may not interest you. Have a look:
    It’s in German but Google translator should do its job.
    It’s basically about stainless steel but there is information about what happens when radioactive metals are accidently melted in the recycling process – one example there says that radioactivity has spread as far as from Spain to Germany.

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