Signs of Fallout Still Striking Western Europe…

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Note: If you like complete silence on the ongoing radiological situation better, then I suggest you move away from this blog, navigate to a mainstream news service, and enjoy the show they’re putting on thére.  For all others, some 3 months EURDEP graphs.

The not-always-officially-validated data was plucked off

For exact locations of monitors, see the coordinates under the monitor name.

Oh look: Luxembourg brought 2 monitors back online, clarifying the duration of the data gap:

  • Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 3 months:


Wonder what they were trying to hide?  How about this as a hint:

  • NO0KRS922MA_10_SIT_GM, Northern France, one of the Nogent NPP perimeter monitors:


That’s a beauty.

Other monitors around the same NPP show very little.  Though if you know what lower-than-normal values suggest…, there’s additional signs in the same period. Example:


Surely a very unusual amount of isolated “glitch dot” spikes in Belgium too lately, eh?  Another small one:

  • Kallo, Belgium (near Doel NPP), 3 months:


The data that Italian monitors spit out remains a winner, though.  How does one even interpret that sh*t?

  • Brennero, Italy, 3 months:


And from just outside of Europe:

  • Nidge, Turkey, 3 months:


  • Qaqortoq, Southern Greenland, 6 months, for the data gaps:



— entertaining the curious with radiation data since 2011… —


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Imagine… It is Spring 2011… A blogger who looks at radiation monitors for signs of abnormalities looks at a monitor in Southern France…  And notices 2 short data gap.  He doesn’t know the first one is an omitted spike from the mystery nuclear accident of 2010. (Daya NPP in China (??), or who knows where…); The second one is the initial fast-moving radioactive Xenon-133 circling the globe, also omitted.  If the Fukushima-Daiichi triple meltdown had been more successfully covered up, it would seem as if nothing had happened, at least as seen from this gamma monitoring station…


6 weeks later a small uptick then in the 7th week a major data gap.  Odd. “Did something happen in France?“, he might have asked…


Couple months later, he sees a similar pattern: couple upticks, and a major data gap…  And looking at data from other monitors across Europe he gets the impression it’s NOT the nearest nuclear power plant.  It might be coming from the US or even further away.


That would have been “the situation” if that one had been kept a secret: Obviously ‘something’ happened, but what and where?

Fast forward to almost-spring 2017…:


In a nutshell: It’s TOO WELL-RIGGED to figure it out!

So… Practically no one heard about the Telurium-132 detection @ Spitzbergen, Norway in early December 2016, but everyone knows about the tiny traces of Iodine-131 in late January 2017…

Oh mystery. “Nobody knows” what happened. 

Some folks know.  And they know that if they speak up thís late after yet another covered-up major radiological incident, they might look ‘really bad’…  So why speak up?  And then deal with evacuations, the economic and social turmoil???  The blame games, the added stress… ?  God… One can almost have sympathy for their messed-up choices to conceal the facts….

THAT is why I insist on some reasonable kind of ‘amnesty for nuclear insiders who come forward with details of what is actually going down…’  A ‘truth and reconciliation’ approach, perhaps,  to help bring a peaceful ending to a horribly misguided nuclear era…

See also (Sept 12, 2016Calling for a “Reverse Manhattan Project” to Contain & Pacify the Radiation-Spewing Full-On Still-Fissioning ‘China Syndrome’ Ongoing Nuclear Catastrophe at Fukushima-Daiichi, Japan. and my reflections under (May 29, 2015) Kevin Blanch: This is a Fucking War!

We can dream…

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fwewee (The Netherlands’ Trump didn’t win)

Alright, so Rutte won the Dutch election.  A Wilders win wouldn’t have surprised me, but I suppose things aren’t as bad just yet…

In the big picture, likely leading to a more sound governance, with continued open doors to EU partners in Belgium, Germany and beyond.  As much as I dislike aspects of the EU, still better than the dive into the antagonistic and isolationist alternative… imo.

From a Belgian source I check, “Foreign politicians call victory for Rutte a victory for Europe” (in Dutch):

Anyhow…  Not that I’m a big fan of entrenched eurocrats…

Kind of like how a win for Hillary could have seemed like “maybe better”…  (Especially in hindsight…)


See previous blog post for some interesting correlations between Wilders and Trump; and scroll back a few months for various snippets on Trump.  (Like how some Israelis consider Putin and Trump “Biblically mandated” to build the third Temple in Jerusalem… Some seriousely weird sh*t’s going down…)

Empire stays the course.  Just a small notch nicer?

No illusions…

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Couple EURDEP & News Snippets (Wilders, Etc.)

“In Europe, if you mock Muhammad, the West will hail you. If you mock the gas chambers they will jail you.” – @ Henry Makow’s site

Colorado – Just south of an ongoing fallout zone… March 15, 2017

Couple EURDEPs, as part of the ‘just for the record’ (more further below):

With all the attention on The Netherlands, here’s a few 3-month gamma graphs:



I underestimated likely larger and more sinister & coordinated geopolitical schemes at play in the American presidential elections (and hence lost that best with a friend – See Nov. 2, 2016, ““Told You So!”“.  Oh how wrong I was…  “;-)” )

Would be fascinating to see if The Netherlands will be treated to a similar shock treatment…  That goatfucker in Erdoganistan, -what’s his name… I forgot-, and his henchmen’s over-the-top arrogant bullshit surely was as nicely timed as FBI Director Comey’s last-minute “revelations”.  Even though mainstream media claim Rutte’s response [cheering on protesters getting chewed on by police dogs, and all] helped his chances of winning, just as with Brexit and Trump, a “surprise win” for Wilders can easily be explained once it’s a fact.   Same with Le Pen in France.  If an external player’s actual goal were to disband NATO, then one way to accomplish that is by stirring enough anti-EU sentiment, to the point of fellow NATO members sounding like enemies.  There’s no way you can maintain a military coalition with such internal adversity.  Few better tools than playing on base fears by driving up immigration frustrations and the predictable “enough is enough” sentiments that rise out of the havoc such pressures wreak on social cohesion.   A very dirty but fascinating geostrategic game appears to be playing out.

How pretentiously awake of me -hehe:  I still think most Europeans are “asleep at the wheel” (mainly because of a learned aversion to conspiratorial thinking, which leaves one incapable of actually detecting, let alone responding, to actual conspiracies…), and are likely to accept whatever result the voting machines spit out, even if it’s a polls-contradicting questionable win for Wilders.  We’ll see.

Some news snippets (note their dates, not all are recent, but they could be relevant…):

“[…] Wilders’ association with the Jewish community has roots in his youth, when he volunteered for a year at Moshav Tomer in the West Bank. He repeatedly has referred to Jews as role models for Europe and been a vociferous supporter of Israel.

Last year, during a speech in Los Angeles before the American Freedom Alliance, he called for the relocation of embassies in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

“Let us fly the flags of all the free and proud nations of the world over embassies in Jerusalem, the only true capital of Israel and the cradle of our Judeo-Christian civilization,” Wilders said. […]”

Must say, I wonder what ‘modeled role’ precisely he would like adapted more…

More Israeli entertainment?

Or is he inspired by Israeli ‘special operations’?

Or would Mr. Geert Wilders “merely” want more Israeli interference into terrorist investigations?

A la (March 17, 2017, Washington’s Blog: Fired FBI Whistleblower: Israel Blackmails Congress-members to Spy for Israel. FBI Was Prohibited From Investigations of Turkey, UK, and Belgium.)

Anyhow… Nevermind my diversive ponderings….

So… all over the place, right around the same time, these right-wing populists rise to prominence, get all the media attention they need to propel their campaigns, all with close ties to Israel, all with an “anti-Islam” aspect (at least rethoric) to play on people’s culture-under-attack fears (which after a couple years of massively media-hyped-to-the-max  “radical islamic terrorist” attacks, and more-the-less “liking Putin”…   Hm…


  • Helsinki, Finland, Cs-137 & Be-7, 3 months:


  • Rodos, Greece, gamma, 3 months:


Bit from the British Isles:


  • The next is a composite of almost 5 months with Spring 2016 (with what I have often referred to as “the April Event”) in the top line and winter 2016-2017 below it, with a couple annotations, for Herstmonceux in England near the Channel:


As has been documented a-plenty here, BOTH were far more serious radiological incidents than has been hinted at in mainstream media, spanning far beyond short sampling periods.  They have some details in common:

  • slight gamma upticks before and following what appears to be the period of ground-level fallout moving through;
  • lower than average values, possibly due to Beta radiation’s effect on gamma monitors;
  • data gaps, likely hiding major spikes, or being triggered by specific decay energies;
  • detections of highly unusual artificial radioisotopes, including indicators of recent fission like Iodine-131 and Tellurium-132.  In April 2016, the mix also included Cobalt-60 in a highly unusual ratio to Cesium-137.
  • Interruptions in radioisotope-specific air sampling
  • Apparent data processing adjustments
  • Etc.
  • See my “Nuclear Blogpost Archive” for more.  (I’ll update it next, I tell myself…)
  • Here’s Herstmonceux, UK’s past 15 months, without annotations:


This one was sent to me:


“[…] [Liscombe] is the closest monitor to Hinkley Point NPP and the wind was blowing from there to the monitor for some of this gapped period.  Maybe EDF were doing groundwork for the new NPP and were kicking up locally contaminated dust? […]”

Compare with Herstmonceux, where the gap began much earlier and lasted much longer.

Going to have to leave it at this again…



Some of the sites deeply into “bible prophesy” (and such) try to look at EVERYTHING through “Biblical” glasses.   Interestingly, though, not all of it seems bs…

All bits of puzzles… No conclusions…

 —- —– —- —- ——– —– —- —- —-

Veel geluk, Nederland, veel geluk…

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Couple EURDEPs

  • Talavera La Real Spain, 3 month:


  • Bad Leonfelden, Austria, 3 months:


Compare the “drops” with spikes elsewhere (some data in previous couple dozen posts graphed). Really “beautiful fallout patterns” of the up-is-down kind in Austria near Czech Republic:

  • Engelhartszell, Austria, 3 months:


  • Bankut, Hungary, 3 months:


  • Vieux_Campinaire, Belgium, 6 months:



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Couple more EURDEPs


I wouldn’t make such a blanket statement. 

All depends on the behavior of the neighbor…

March 10, 2017

The last batch (hopefully for some time) of EURDEP radiation graphs.  Most data was plucked off on March 9, 2017, and strung together overnight.

If detections of Cobalt-60, Niobium-95 and/or Antimony-124 were to occur, do wake me up, though, ’cause that might peek my interest in digging a little extra into wind patterns again. 

My impression from pondering over the multi-month graphs is that when the Iodine-131 was detected across Europe, that that might have been the tail end of a fallout pattern, of which that Telurium-132 detection some 6 weeks earlier December 3-4, 2016 may have been closer to its beginning.  (See bunch of previous blog posts)

Anyhow, a few more graphs for the few caring souls for whom objective reality has not yet been demoted to the postmodern trash can…

First some with 3 months of gamma, then a few with 6 months, in no particular order:

  • Brize Norton, UK, 3 months:


  • Kefalonia, Greece, 3 months:


  • Corfu, Greece, 3 months:


  • Kaltenengers, Germany, 3 months:


  • Waldhäuser, Germany, 6 months:


  • Kicevo, Macedonia, 6 months:


  • Patra, Greece, 6 months:


———  ——— ———-

Too bad Sola, Norway (where Co-60 was detected in May 2016 in the tail of the fallout patterns that followed “the April Event” (which came with a Te-132 detection that surpassed levels detected in Europe after Fukushima)) stopped sharing its lovely data two months ago…

  • The past year+ of Cs-137 & Co-60 @ Sola, Norway:


An uptick of Cs-137 that also contained Co-60, part of the completely-ignored-by-all-media ‘April Event’‘s data thriller mystery…:


And its last data, as of checking on March 10, 2017…:


January, February, now March…   Hvorfor stillheten, Norge?

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‘Murica – in one billboard

I found this borderline humorous:

Particularly for its included image; courtesy of Vetarans Today:  :


… + it gives me an appreciation for “the complexity of international history“. …

The Deir Yassin massacre took place on April 9, 1948, when around 120 fighters from Dair Yassin the Zionist paramilitary groups Irgun and Lehi attacked Deir Yassin, a Palestinian Arab village of roughly 600 people near Jerusalem. The assault occurred as Jewish militia sought to relieve the blockade of Jerusalem during the civil war that preceded the end of British rule in Palestine…

– Wikipedia @

But, funny… – almost – … , Putin again manages to ‘make sense’ and call on Netanyahu for some kind of historical realism…:  @

Weird…  5th Century BC… as in what I touched upon in my post?

I guess they really are thát crazy…

I find it strange, though… every now and then I go “out on a limb” and mention ‘stuff’ I consider “a bit out there” myself…  and not much later is hinted at, directly or indirectly, in mainstream politics.

Strange, no?  That major politicians, within the mainstream political landscape, refer to beliefs / events / issues … that date back to over 2400 years ago, in their critique of… a tension field… involving Israel and Iran…

…that was a major aspect of the 2016 US Presidential Elections…

I find that interesting.

No conclusions…

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