April 2018 Starts Dry…


Crestone, Eastern Saguache County, San Luis Valley,

Southern Coloradoend of March 2018


http-:denver.cbslocal.com:2018:03:22:colorado-drought-expands-2: copy.jpg

Past 3 months Precipitation, with Crestone location added:

JanFebMarch2018_precipitation_Colorado copy


Colorado March Deviation from Average Precipitation:


Colorado March Deviation from Average Temperatures:


Fire danger is increasing…

https-:www.thedenverchannel.com:news:wildfire:fire-warnings-issued-for-6-states-in-nations-midsection-including-colorado copy 2

Time to do some more fire mitigation around my home in the forest…

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Severe Becoming Extreme

Was nice to return to Southern Colorado and see snow and rain…


A LOT MORE would be nice…

[Compare Colorado to just two weeks ago (March 14, 2018) Severe Drought] — SOURCE: Latest map @ http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/:


— ————– —

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Aztec Ruins National Monument, an Ancestral Puebloan archeological marvel & sacred site, Northern New Mexico [Photos]


The large kiva [see photos, above, and below for a view inside] and overall construction at this site is so impressive that, “Early settlers mistakenly thought that people from the Aztec Empire in Mexico created these striking buildings. They named the site “Aztec,” a misnomer that persisted even after it became clear that the builders were the ancestors of many Southwestern tribes.

The people who built at Aztec and other places throughout the Southwest were called “Anasazi” for many years. Archeologists had adopted that word from the Navajo language, which they understood to mean “ancient ones,” and then popularized its use. Most Pueblo people today prefer that we use the term “Ancestral Puebloans” to refer to their ancestors” – From:  US National Park Service – Aztec Ruins

Couple Photos – Starting with the inside of the large restored kiva:


More from this site:


This and the preceding couple posts are marked:



Last year (Spring 2017), I visited, among other places:

Older blogposts:

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Chaco Culture National Historical Park [Photos]


Chaco Culture National Historical Park [-> Wikipedia] is definitely a bit off the beaten track, in North-Western New Mexico (roughly between Farmington and Albuquerque, New Mexico; south of Durango, Colorado), see The National Park Service – Chaco for details.   I came in from the south (impassible when wet), and stayed the night at the campground after a day of exploring this not-so-well-known gem of a sacred site.


Chaco Culture National Historical Park has the densest and most exceptional concentration of pueblos, preserving one of the most important pre-Columbian cultural and historical areas in the United States.  Between AD 900 and 1150, Chaco Canyon was a major center of culture for the Ancient Pueblo Peoples.

Couple more photos:





Some petroglyphs in the area too:


…and deer and elk:


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Couple Murals (Flagstaff, AZ)

Couple pieces of some murals in Flagstaff, AZ, on last week, when I was on my way south to take some Geiger Counter measurements, the results of which I shared in (March 27, 2018) Palo Verde NPP: Highly Unlikely —.


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White Sands National Monument [Photos]

Between Las Cruces and Alamogordo, Southern New Mexico (USA)



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Saguaro National Park [Photos]

Saguaro National Park, near Tucson, ArizonaMarch 23, 2018

Slept in my car.  Lovely place to wake up in:


A slow-moving tarantula on the bathroom wall ;-)  :


More wildlife:


Rrrrrreow :-)


An ancient petroglyph on Signal Hill:


Beautiful region, worth protecting…


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