Colorado #SpringFire OUT OF CONTROL: Disaster Declared, Military Deployed, Negligent Mofo Arrested, 3rd Largest & Fastest Growing Wildfire in Colorado History, 80,000+ acres, 100+ homes destroyed, 1500+ evacuated,… [Twitter Snippets]

Alamosa, Southern Colorado – July 3, 2018


Pyrocumulus clouds from the #SpringFire’s raging northern front rising high above the 14,000 ft high peaks by Crestone, Colorado, as seen from the northern end of Hwy 17 (between Villa Grove & Moffat), looking to the southeast, July 2, 2018.

Added to Inciweb for latest official info @   125+ square miles up in flames… (For family in Belgium, da’s al een grotere oppervlakte dan gans het Brussels Gewest)…

and (June 30th)’s Fire around La Veta Pass explodes to 40,000+ acres (#SpringFire Update)

The morning updates included these:



7/3 . Here is the July 3rd “Field Map” prepared by fire staff for the north part of the Spring fire. Big file! 19MB. PDF file:


Also see Previous Two posts for location details + Use this map for zooming in:

Some news snippets from Twitter, in no particular order:

SpringFire_June3_2018_7 copySpringFire_June3_2018_4 copySpringFire_June3_2018_3 copySpringFire_June3_2018_2 copySpringFire_June3_2018_6 copySpringFire_June3_2018_9 copySpringFire_June3_2018_10 copySpringFire_June3_2018_12 copySpringFire_June3_2018_1 copySpringFire_June3_2018_5 copySpringFire_June3_2018_0 copySpringFire_June3_2018_00 copySpringFire_June3_2018_8 copySpringFire_June3_2018_ copy

The illegal immigrant from Denmark responsible for starting this disaster has been arrested.  He was reportedly burning trash or cooking with an open fire, both of which are illegal during the Stage 2 Fire Ban.  Screenshot: copy.jpg


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Kein Land, Kein Volk, Kein EURDEP…

“And don’t you think that being deceived about the truth is a bad thing, while having a grasp of the truth is good? And don’t you think that having a grasp of the truth is having a belief that matches the way things are?” – PLATO

That major nuclear accidents are being covered up on an increasingly regular basis… is merely ‘my impression‘ from years of sleuthing with radiation data.   I remain under the impression that something… something officials-in-the-know do not want to admit to… occurred this spring 2018… and quite likely somewhere in western Europe.   It’s not the first time European radiation data suggests that an actual radioactive cloud is being down-played (Helsinki early March 2016; the autumn 2017 Ru-106-only bs,…) or denied entirely (Zaporizhia (end 2014), Spring 2016 event,…), but the record Cs-137 detection at the onset of June 2018 in Czech Republic suggests this one might actually be so big that they decided to cut the Advanced Map interface to make it nearly impossible for any ‘member of the general public’ to figure out WHAT might have happened WHERE.

Screenshot, below:  The two purple hexagons are: the Chernobyl region in Northern Ukraine, on the right of this July 1, 2018 screenshot of averaged MAX Gamma-T doses, on the one hand; and the left purple hexagon covering a bunch of monitors in the Belgium-Netherland-France area:

1dayaverages_MAX_EURDEPretarded_July1_2018 copy

SOURCE used:  EURDEP “Simple” Map (the retarded version, very obviously designed with public deception / perception management purposes in mind):  Because this retarded version of EURDEP only allows graphing data for 24 hours and does not make it possible to see which monitors have abnormalities, you’d have to go check ’em all.  (I know I already said that…)  But anyhow, as worthless as the public interface has become, courtesy of the yet-to-be-identified deceptive bastards at the European Commission level that directed this attack on public data availability, it is unusual for a system designed to hide abnormalities to show an apparent abnormality.   Maybe it means nothing.


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New Fallout Wave on its way? (Couple RADNETs)

DISCLAIMER – Colorado Rocky Mountains – July 1, 2018

Opening news snippet & music unrelated: copy


  • EURDEP’s Advanced map remains devoid of new data, since June 10th, as reported here (June 18, 2018) Brave New EURDEP, following the (completely left unmentioned by ALL media outlets…) [“unvalidated”] largest detection of Cesium-137 since Chernobyl… – see (June 12, 2018) Czech Meltdown? as well as (June 14, 2018)’s  Couple EURDEPs [“…This is a NUCLEAR EMERGENCY ALERT Broadcast…”] and other related posts.


Here in Colorado, the 3 monitors have not been affected by the wildfire smoke (yet?):


See my “Nuclear Blogposts Archive” for the nuclear-related posts in chronological order.

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Fire around La Veta Pass explodes to 40,000+ acres (#SpringFire Update)

I’m posting additions here to (June 29, 2018)’s Colorado Wildfire, #SpringFire, in SLV

June 30, 2018 – 11:30pm

SLV_SpringFire_June30_1130pm_4 copy

While the fire remains far away from the Crestone-Baca area, the “get ready just in case” pre-evacuation zone (yellow) has been expanded to reach as far as just 20 miles from the southern tip of the Baca Grande subdivision: copySource:

SLV_SpringFire_June30_1130pm_5 copy

–> I added a couple notes to that cool 3D map from the Wildfire Today blog: copy

  • Couple more tweets seen earlier today (#SpringFire):

SLV_SpringFire_June30_1130pm_2 copy

SLV_SpringFire_June30_1130pm_3 copy

SLV_SpringFire_June30_1130pm_6 copy

Some moisture likely in the coming week’s forecast, but also some wind changes that might blow more smoke into the northern SLV.



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Colorado Wildfire, #SpringFire, in SLV

Disclaimer: this is just a snapshot-in-time.  Seek original sources for latest.

Sign up with for evacuation orders, etc.

Crestone, Colorado – June 29, 2018

Right here in the San Luis Valley (SLV), albeit on the southeast-side of Mount Blanca, a new forest fire erupted.  With extreme drought conditions, a heat wave and dry warm wind, it is expanding at incredible speed.  In the Southern Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo mountain range, east of Alamosa, roughly between Fort Garlant and La Veta on the south side of Highway 160 (which is now closed).

Approximately 50 air miles to the southeast of the Crestone-Baca area (marked):

Location copy


Some houses have been lost. :-/   Early news report:

A few other maps with the approximate location earlier today (June 29, 2018):



Maps outdated already…

!-> Updates via Twitter tagged with ,  sourced from, among others:


Some footage from last night:

as per this tweet:

springFire_June29_2018_SLV_1 copy

Couple other impressions:

springFire_June29_2018_SLV_4 copyspringFire_June29_2018_SLV_3 copyspringFire_June29_2018_SLV_2 copy

springFire_June29_2018_SLV_4 copy

springFire_June29_2018_SLV_3 copy


springFire_June29_2018_SLV_2 copy

Hope the winds will lay down and precipitation arrives on the scene sooner than currently predicted…

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Not too dark for night owls to see where this is going…

DISCLAIMER – Colorado Rocky Mountains – June 24, 2018

PLASTIKMAN – [Don’t ask me.]  Ask yourself:

I gave it two weeks.  I guess that really was it for EURDEP’s Advanced Map… Brave New EURDEP is where that’s at.

shutDown copy

Well-wishes to the few who, ignoring the red flags of schemers pushing for arresting development, had high hopes that the European project was going to be pulled off with integrity somehow.  Further integration with the Russian-Chinese economic & social-meinungskontrol matrix is next.  All the best… 

The public radiation data scene is the least of it.   Though it can truly be called, ‘remarkable’ in and of itself as well:  the second decade of the 21st century will have been marred by multiple mega-releases of radioactive fallout, the signatures of which have been rather apparent on radiation monitors, yet public awareness of the facts as well as the consequences has been successfully steered elsewhere and managed in effective totalitarian ways perhaps not seen since the trauma-based mind control programs immediately following World War 2.

Truly elaborating could get me arrested upon entering Europe.

The bastards…

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Couple RADNETs

AT least in America there’s absolutely nothing odd going on in radiation land.  [sarc.] Fallout coming down all over the place, and they’re cheering on…  great, tremendous, very strong and uniting speeches…   Never been more optimistic…  “:-D”

DATA – There a few overlapping with 4-month US EPA Radnet gamma–total graphs I shared in preceding posts.  This just another quick data sampling, in no particular order and without analysis – via map:, as accessed on the 2018 Summer Solstice.

Very reassuring this abstract art of dots and empty space…  No idea what any of this could possibly mean…    Hard to interpret ‘the data silence’… Must be the effect of all the New Age’rs dreaming a blank slate into being…  Something…  Nothing… “Whatever….”


The fallout party isn’t over.  It has barely begun. 

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