Florida Lake County Sheriff’s Dept. Gives Heroine Dealers Notice Prior to Planned Busts?

From the department, “What to make of anything anymore these days…”


Interesting…  IF they  can truly pull off a real crackdown, both one that works, prevents violent retaliation against the public, and that is legally sound…  then I bet a lot of sheriff’s departments will want learn how that can be done…

Would be funnier as an SNL spoof, but supposedly the video’s legit.  See RT, April 10, 2017: ‘We’re coming for you’: Masked US deputies issue chilling warning to drug pushers (VIDEO)

If they have the legal road map for action, why not just do it.  Why the video?  As part of the PR campaign to make it look like you’re serious?     “Hey criminals, get a head start running, so we have less of a chance to catch you!”   Bizarre…

And what a different world.  Out here in rural Colorado, the Sheriff’s Department respects the US constitution.

If, say, you want a meth or heroine dealer busted, you can tell law enforcement all the details you know, they can hear from dozens of witnesses.   And then… that’s the word, then they will tell you that you haven’t told them anything they didn’t know yet, with a smile.  (And that is pretty much the “end of the story” here…)  Lake County Sheriff’s welcome “anonymous tips”?  What could they do with anonymous tips?   On a chatty day, our finest folks in uniform might even share about how many dealers they know, where they live, what they drive, and they repeat that, as law enforcement abiding by the US Constitution, that “their hands are bound:”   They won’t do a thing unless YOU, member of the public, sign YOUR NAME on an affidavit to ‘encourage’ the court to make them take action.  You pretty much have to be willing to throw yourself under the bus, without any guarantees that it will make a difference.

See also my long blog post, (Oct. 30, 2016),  US Heroin Epidemic Demands a Compassionate Sophisticated Response. US Rural Communities at Breaking Point…


Nevermind indeed…

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Couple EURDEPs (3 months: recent spikes and data gaps in Austria & Germany) + VT allegedly under attack


“Trump order Veterans Today eliminated?”  Really?  I would think if that were truly the case, that VT wouldn’t still be around tomake such claims.   It would be one awesome mind-f*ck, though, if the controlled opposition took itself down, no? “:-)”   

From the department of “Don’t know what to make of anything anymore…”:




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Iodine-131 upticks are back? (EURDEP, Eastern Czech Republic, Cs137/I131, 6 months)

  • Ostrava – Syllabova, (eastern) Czech Republic, Cs-137 & I-131, 6 months (3 months per line, most recent at end), my annotations added:



In this specific I-131 record, 2 upticks stand out: that of mid-February 2017, and that of the past two weeks.  For Cesium-137, the mid-February uptick is most pronounced.  See also the previous post for evidence of data gaps and spikes the past few weeks.

Just for the record.  No further comments.

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Amay, Belgium; ETC. (EURDEP, 3 months & some snippets from its past)

  • There are many others that show irregularities in the past 10+ days, such as this monitor @ Bitola, Macedonia, 3 months:


Or these:

  • Camborne, UK, 3 months:


  • Talavera La Real, Spain, 3months:


  • and that very “phenomenon” of data gaps amidst spikes was also very apparent @ Amay, Belgium (close to Tihange NPP):


Last time the “likely indicator of fallout” zero value was reached here at Amay, at this specific monitor, it coincided with an apparent baseline adjustment and was followed by major data gaps.  That was “way back when in the pre-Fuku era”… in the aftermath of that mystery mega-nuclear disaster in 2010 (Baya Bay NPP, China???  Or earlier, in California???,  …?), which preceded the Fukushima catastrophe of spring 2011…


That you haven’t heard about that nuclear disaster would be normal.  It does truly look like most nuclear disasters are very effectively covered-up.  You can figure out something serious occurred, after the fact, and thus see that the authorities and their parotting media outlets are lying, but you pretty much have to “obsess” with scrutinizing that little data that is made available.   That much is clear from scrutinizing their claims of “no radioactive release” every time a “non-nuclear part” of an NPP goes up in smoke.

Surely no ‘expert / authority’ told you about all fallout events in summer 2015, either, or did they?  That’s when the highest spikes were observed at this location, spikes during data gaps of course not counted:


The Te-132 spike of April 26, 2016 is barely noticeable (and shows as a minor dip on many other monitors in fact), but the Co-60-contailing later tail end of this massive spring 2016 event surely showed up as slight upticks and disturbances here too:


A similar data gap was observed a few times after the Fuku gates of hell were opened, such as in late April 2011, just a few days before the US EPA declared that disaster (“hokus spokus”) OVER and quit additional air/rain/milk sampling and monitoring… The bastards KNEW what was coming…:


(That’s what you get for supplying Japan with MOX fuel, Belgium… – hehe)

Anyhow.  I’ll keep repeating it until we’re all dead:  Fallout from a major hot volatile release needs to be thought of in terms of multiple YEARS, not weeks or months.  The finest fallout may even circle high up in the stratosphere for over a decade, according to some sources.

  • For the OZD monitor in Hungary, it was the highest spike since the monitor was shut down for 2 months following the early December 2016 spike: (5 month composite with 2 y-axis):


On and on this will go… 

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Couple Photos (SLV)

San Luis Valley, Southern Colorado – Friday, April 7, 2016

Couple photos from the past week:


Going home after a day in Salida, entering Saguache County over Poncha Pass

“I think the American West really attracts me because it’s romantic. The desert, the empty space, the drama.”

               – Ang Lee








No one at the top… Odd.  So much for my idea to go socialize a bit…:




Perhaps frigid sand-blasting kept the crowds away?  ;-)


Off to a hot spring…

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Zakopane, Poland: T-ALFA & T-BETA since Spring 2011

April 6, 2017

“Just for your entertainment…”


Y-axis kept the same for easy comparing, with a couple inserts to include spikes outside the range.  3 months per line, starting on Jan. 6, 2011.  Perhaps this T-ALFA (black) and T-BETA (blue) long-term record for Zakopane, Poland gives an idea of the sort of time-frame you need to think in when considering fallout events: you have to look at multiple years to grasp the situation.  The finest fallout takes many YEARS to come down. Some upticks show impact of Chernobyl wildfires, the Zaporizhia release and the recent Halden release, probably among many other covered-up and denied radioactive pollution events.  What’s from what is no longer possible to figure out, I think.  What were unusual upticks 6 years ago, barely stand out anymore 6 years later…




Take a deep breath. 

2014-2016 is behind us. 


No further comments.

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Some EURDEPs, 6 months, mostly from near Halden (Sweden, Norway)

I wondered if I could trace that Greek “glitch dot” on Oct. 25, 2016 to the Halden leak


It’s not a straight-forward shot.   For spewing sources in the same region (globally speaking), I suppose… if the closer-to-the-surface radioactive clouds expanded in the low-wind area the days prior, such as @ https://earth.nullschool.net/#2016/10/24/0000Z/wind/isobaric/500hPa/orthographic=-7.97,54.76,510/loc=25.400,41.100  and as such then went upward from there to be taken south… then perhaps it could be traced…  https://earth.nullschool.net/#2016/10/25/0000Z/wind/isobaric/250hPa/orthographic=-7.97,54.76,510/loc=25.400,41.100


Had a look at some monitors in “the Halden region”… Will have to leave it at this…:


  • Kilsund, Norway, 6 months:


  • Vaxsjo, Sweden, 6 months:


  • Stavern, Norway, 6 months:


  • Olandssodraudde, Sweden, 6 months:


  • Lista, Norway, 6 months:


  • Hallum, Sweden, 6 months:


  • Göteborg, Sweden, 6 months:


You can see, there’s all kinds of ‘events’ observed in previous many blog posts that you can find bits and pieces on some of these as well.  I’ll just leave it at ‘no further comments‘.  (Just because.  Nice weather out. ;-)  )

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