I welcome no-strings-attached zero-guarantees-in-return financial support.  For a more conventional route, see Contact Info.   Humor me with cryptos:

In case you have some spare no-strings-attached cryptos to donate, please deposit the specific cryptocurrency tokens into its token-specific accountDepositing specific tokens to an address other than that specified for that address may result in funds being lost. 

  • Bitcoin (BTC)

Sent BTC to:


BTC account QR code: BTC_mvb copy.jpg

For other-than-regular-Bitcoin crypto-tokens, I also have these below options available:


  • Ethereum (ETH)

Sent ETH to:  0x6fdee2a3f52818435f3886455669c1a927618d57


  • Etherium Classic (ETC)

Sent ETC to:  0x3462b3a54798c7e6727c83d75ae73c6a32c94c94


  • If you’re so loaded you threw money at a joke, throw me a Dogecoin (DOGE) bone, will you, now that it’s still convertible into more promising projects:

Sent DOGE to:   D9aBKvDwk6SNQYXLqkkFnmTMMiR2WnLDoD


  • Litecoin  (LTC)

Sent LTC to:    LSyF5zUEKeYtTveUtG2q62Jq3CjCFUVrfe


  • Dash   (DASH)

Sent DASH to:   Xns155PXyfdyRp1tXvxwPW6jBdpy3BELhV


  • OmiseGO  (OMG)

Sent OMG to:    0xfebdc891e32ee379977942f23861a0683e3065ee

Thanks for your donations!  [If I ever get any that is ;-)]

May All Beings Enjoy Peace, Happiness and Complete Prosperity.


May All Financial Discord Be Pacified.