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Michaël Van Broekhoven

 May all beings on the Earth, without exception, 
enjoy peace, happiness and complete prosperity. 


Basics: Terrestrial human being, born and raised in Belgium.   I have been living in the United States of America since 1995, always fully legally, currently residing in Southern Colorado.  My work varies widely, ranging from office work to service jobs, gardening, art sales and construction.

This blog:  Sometimes the content is made unviewable, sometimes it is merely declared “only an ARCHIVE of blog posts” (written after March 14, 2011), and sometimes a de-facto ‘active blog’ on a variety of topics, including a variety of explorations related to the nuclear industry, travels, climate and politics.

In regards to this blog or anything I put on it, first read my Disclaimer and Fair Use statement before flipping out, quoting me, thinking of sharing its contents, commenting or jumping to conclusions.   Much appreciated!

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  • !->   Response to any E-mail can take days, weeks, or never even happen, depending on what I feel like (So now you know: don’t take it personally if you don’t hear back from me), but it a good way to reach me:   allegedlyapparent [at] gmail . com
  • Old school:
    • Michaël Van Broekhoven
    • PO Box 778
    • Crestone, CO 81131
    • USA
  • facebook and similar centralized “social media” platforms (for NSA data entry, surveillance and mind manipulation experimentation) utterly disgust me.
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