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Michaël Van Broekhoven

 May all beings on the Earth, without exception, 
enjoy peace, happiness and complete prosperity. 


Basics: Terrestrial human being, born and raised in Belgium.   I have been living in the United States of America since 1995, always fully legally, currently residing in Southern Colorado.  My work varies widely, ranging from office work to service jobs, gardening, art sales and construction.

This blog:  Sometimes the content is made unviewable, sometimes it is merely declared “only an ARCHIVE of blog posts” (written after March 14, 2011), and sometimes a de-facto active blog on a variety of topics, including a variety of explorations related to the nuclear industry, travels, climate and politics.

In regards to this blog or anything I put on it, first read my Disclaimer and Fair Use statement before flipping out, quoting me, thinking of sharing its contents, commenting or jumping to conclusions.   Much appreciated!

Contact Info:

  • !-> Sign in and use a blogpost’s ‘Comment’ option, but first read my disclaimer
  • !->   Response to any E-mail can take days, weeks, or never even happen, depending on what I feel like (So now you know: don’t take it personally if you don’t hear back from me), but it a good way to reach me:   allegedlyapparent [at] gmail . com  (Email me if you require a mailing address. Tx.)

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4 Responses to Bio / Contact ✉

  1. annickcastro says:

    blij je dat je terug bent met je blog….de wereld is een gekkenhuis …hopelijk is alles goed met je ! love + light ,greets annick en jonny…

  2. Leuren Moret says:

    Hi Michael – I am looking for information about rad levels in Europe, and I wonder if you can GIVE ME THE DATE of the EURDEPWEB map (pink one w all the dots on it) on this webpage of yours: “Additional Data Northern Hemisphere Radioactive Cloud, Early 2017” Posted on February 20, 2017.
    I like that map because it shows the airflow from Germany is going south around the east end of the Alps into Croatia and down the Aegean sea to contaminate Crete, Rhodes, and Turkey. You have a really good blog with lots of good info on it. The gamma, I-131, and Cs-137 graphs are killer – no one can argue with the tale they tell. My email is and my phone number is (415) 375-1239. I live in Berkeley, CA, and I do appreciate all the work you do for your blog and to educate people about this important issue. If you have any idea what happened on Dec. 25 that caused that rad spike, I would really like to know more.
    Thanks a lot – Leuren

  3. MVB says:

    Thanks, glad you find it useful.


    the map under, “As far of the search period…. Hard to say, ’cause you can always find something earlier, but for I-131 to still be detectable and this perhaps being linked to the spikes and data gaps, I’d say between… Dec. 20, 2016 and Jan. 20, 2017 somewhere. The ‘Standard Deviation’ Setting for T-Gamma on Eurdep shows the following locations standing out:” , is for date Jan. 20, 2017, Settings: T-Gamma, 1 month, Standard Deviation.

    I have been unable to figure it out, but some spikes, possibly those as well, appear part of a longer-term pattern. If I ride another wave of data crunching curiosity, I’ll post what I find. Please drop me a link, if you’re on a good trail.

  4. MVB says:

    ;-) Groetjes terug! – Michaël

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