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Michaël Van Broekhoven

 May all beings on the Earth, without exception, 
enjoy peace, happiness and complete prosperity. ☼


Basics: Terrestrial human being, born in Antwerpen and raised near Leuven, Belgium, residing in Western North America since 1995.  I’m an amateur without official credentials of any kind that I’m aware of.

This blog:  In regards to this blog or anything I put on it, first read my Disclaimer and Fair Use statement before flipping out, quoting me, thinking of sharing its contents, commenting or jumping to conclusions.

This whimsical lament blog with its ‘radiation data art’ ran, “purely for your entertainment,” from March 2011 till August 2019.

This blog still serves as an archive of official (though not always validated) radioactivity data, some for which the original data sources where taken down, and much of which strikingly contradicts the official narratives that mainstream media outlets spread far and wide.

The documented discrepancies between official statements and actual scientific measurements, as well as the implications of peculiar detections of various traces of artificial radionuclides strongly suggests extremely serious and ongoing cover-ups of atmospheric leaking of radioactive pollution, especially for this blog’s most scrutinized (US EPA Radnet and EURDEP) data period 2014-2018.

This independent research, unmatched anywhere online, has left no doubt that so-called nuclear oversight agencies, and even many supposedly independent environmental NGOs, have long been corrupted, taken over or infiltrated, by the same deceiving forces that run the nuclear weapons programs.

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