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Cobalt-60 Detected in France

Colorado Rocky Mountains – August 16, 2017 Hat tipped to an observer in the UK: “Traces of radioactive material have been unearthed by construction workers at the Flamanville nuclear site – less than 30 miles from Jersey’s coast. The … Continue reading

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“Couple EURDEPs”

Onset of August 16, 2017 (Scheduled Grid Power outage…) Source used: EURDEP: Data pulled: Colorado, evening Aug. 15, 2017 Detail-oriented scrutinizers might see some interesting peculiarities in these… ——— ————— ———

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First Snow (+ some Meteo and Rad. stuff)

;-) Aug. 13, 2017 I’m kidding:  This is not unusual for the high Rocky Mountains: a thunderstorm has some hail in it and when the storm’s past, the rocky higher elevations look white.  Seen this almost every summer at least … Continue reading

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Quick look at wind over Pacific (F1 -> Seattle ?)

A quick look at Nullschool wind patterns, particularly for jet stream (250 hPa and up) levels, to see if my #1 “suspected spewing source” is even a reasonably possible source for the most recent not-natural-looking-whatsoever radioactivity upticks and apparent disturbances. … Continue reading

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Background Radiation Level also rising in Australia

Near Crestone, Colorado – [Medcom Inspector Alert; this morning, 3 hour average upstairs with window open, vertical: 59.9 CPM (completely normal for 8200 ft elevation location)]  – August 12, 2017 One of the better sources for independent radiation monitoring, the … Continue reading

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Fallout Conditions already akin to distant Nuclear War (US EPA Radnet, 4 months, various)

Southern Colorado, Sangre de Cristo Mountain range, 8200 feet elevation, 2nd floor, closed window, Medcom IA in vertical position, by glass:  @ 1:53am:  8hrs 19min = 28310 counts => 56.7 CPM  (completely normal for location) Colorful distractions: Meanwhile… REALITY…: Completely … Continue reading

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US Air Force Dispatched To Monitor Radioactive Cloud Over Seattle?

Added: Best background overview @ ZERO HEDGE (Aug. 5, 2017) @ Zero Hedge, like every other outlet, did not even mention what I thought of immediately: radiation monitoring at higher altitude where the bulk of radioactive clouds move.   … Continue reading

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