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Couple EURDEPs (Oct. 19, 2017)

  Rolling…   ——- —— —- scroll down for data —- —— ——- Keeping up with the tradition of adding “unrelated” quotes, images and YouTube videos… “…(INCOMING!!!) Her eyes were cobalt red Her voice was cobalt blue…“   – Ribbons, … Continue reading

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Just Music (Late Night “MTV”)

May Peace Prevail On Earth …

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4 Miles Ahead: One Man on a Lonely Platform… Singing, “Stay dead, stay dead; and out of this world…” (Couple EURDEPs & RADNETs)

Oct. 16-17, 2017 ( ) ( ) “The quiet before the storm…” : Something… something… Starts with an ‘F’… But what are words for…? When nobody listens anymore? … … ♬ … :-P STILL smokey???    [sarc.]

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Where did the radioactive wind come from?

This is in addition to the two previous blog posts. The other day it was a search term “unusual radioactivity Alamosa” (that apparently had lead someone to find my blog), which prompted me to pull out my Medcom Inspector Alert … Continue reading

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RADIOACTIVE FALLOUT Clouds Touch down in Europe: Ru-103, I-131, Cs-134, Cs-137, Pb-210, Na-22, Be-7 Radioisotopes SPIKE in Czech Republic, Hemisphere-wide Data Gaps & Disturbances!

DISCLAIMER – October 11, 2017 See also previous post with Ru-106 detection news and more Eurdep & Radnet radiation graphs.  Note the details in these graphs: Ru-103 has a half-life of only 39.26 days.  Iodine-131’s half-life is only 8.02 days.  … Continue reading

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Couple EURDEPs (Ru-106 – Oct.9, 2017)

(For more nature photos from the region I live in, skip past this one.) “The general population doesn’t know what’s happening, and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know.” ~Noam Chomsky — More EURDEP & US EPA Radnet radiation … Continue reading

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