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Couple Emailed Additions

If you wonder about Fukushima’s nuclear mess, this quote from 2014 is just as accurate today as it was 3+ years ago: “All efforts have failed to stop very high levels of radioactive materials flowing into the Pacific Ocean.  Top … Continue reading

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WARMING UP to TRUMP, Israël, Fascism, Racism, “Holocaust Denial” and some Prophesied ww3 Showdown… #LOL

[I’m considering stand-up comedy.  Obviously I have a lot to learn… This first video sounded pretty hilariously ‘out there’.  Then I watched it… :-/] ► [Mathew North channel] Who’s Behind The Left Multiculturalism & The Invasion Of The West? Zionist … Continue reading

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…something to help me fall asleep…

— I do not per se vouch for what’s included in this blog art. See more @ DISCLAIMER — Crestone, Colorado – April 19, 2018 – 23 years in the US… Those who have no objection to being put under … Continue reading

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Much vanishing… / Windy

Was browsing through some old posts…  The amount of YouTube censorship lately is striking.  Some blogposts, with many videos, show almost nothing anymore, such as “Ha” and “A Fringe Feverdream…“, to mention two.  Rather often it is what I would … Continue reading

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i, censor.

Not that there was anything wrong with them, but I just took down a half dozen blogposts, just to ‘end’ on the lovelier data-note of (End Sept. 2017) “Largest Concentration of Cesium-137 in Northern European Air Since Chernobyl“.

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