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‘Team Cover-Up’: 2017 Gigantic mysterious Ruthenium-106 leak “released up to 100 times the amount of radiation into the atmosphere that the Fukushima disaster did” & “Fukushima did not release Ru-106” (Hm…)

I could have headlined, ” 100 x 0 = 0″, but perhaps that would have sounded “too anti-Orwellian”… Starting off with a couple mentions of Georg Steinhauser, the author of the 2014 paper, “Fukushima’s forgotten radionuclides: a review of the … Continue reading

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Er op los zwanzen was eigenlijk nooit de bedoeling…

The HBO Chernobyl Podcast, a chat with its creator: “The lesson of Chernobyl isn’t that modern nuclear power is dangerous. The lesson is that lying, arrogance, and suppression of criticism are dangerous.” – Craig Mazin ‘k Heb ooit Engels geleerd, maar ik denk … Continue reading

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Twenty Co-60 detections at a Swiss monitor this past half year.

July 27, 2019 screenshots, below -> Change Cesium-137 to Cobalt-60 and have a look at the 20 cases that Co-60 was measured at this Swiss monitor, just 4 cases of Cesium-134 in that same period, yet no Cesium-137… No … Continue reading

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Massive Thunderstorm Cell near Crestone very Electrically Active (+ eekhoorntje)

An unusually electrically active mega thunderstorm over the Northern Sangre de Cristo Mountains (center of storm on the Wet Valley side near Westcliff, CO) on July 22nd, as seen from Highway 17 in the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado. … Continue reading

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Full Moon (w/ couple GC measurements)

Outside, elevation 8200 ft; dry with approaching thunderstorm. July 16, 2019, 1 hour average, ending at 4 pm, on dry sand (rocky thorium-rich rocks everywhere) in dip outside home, horizontal, Medcom Inspector Alert Geiger counter: 114.8 CPM Inside by NWN … Continue reading

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50 meows

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Couple Radnets (Mostly Western USA, July 13, 2019)

DISCLAIMER — Colorado Rocky Mountains @ 38North – July 13, 2019 BONZAI RECORDS (1993) no man’s land)))AA(((Low frequency SOURCE USED:  Via embedded links in @ (June 22, 2019) US EPA Radnet, 4 months, Western USA (SUMMER SOLTICE 2019)  Check respective disclaimers.  … Continue reading

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