Data from Finland shows Spring 2018 Fallout Cloud Contained Extremely Rare Artificial Radioisotopes (Co-60, Mn-45, Ce-141, Sc-46, Zr-95,…)

Colorado Rocky Mountains – August 10, 2018 DISCLAIMER

Because the European Commission cut the data flow to the Advanced Map of EURDEP after Czech Republic posted …an unvalidated monster-measurment of Cesium-137…, I had a peek at the Finish site, via (Online Radiation Monitors -> Finland ->

I’ve only run a query for Kotka on the southern coast, but it’s already quite telling.  I picked that one, ’cause I’ve noticed more detections there than most other Finnish monitors – why that is I don’t know.  I checked the 8-year period from August 1, 2010 till today, Aug. 10, 2018, and “it appears” that the past half year is unusual.

Below are screenshots of data for specific radioisotopes I was curious about (See the STUK site for additional details) of the past year’s remarkable (and left unexplained) detections, with a couple zoom-ins to the most recent – hush! hush! – radioactive fallout cloud that has been swirling the globe this summer:

It turns out there were trace detections this spring 2018 that included:

  • !-> Indicative of relatively recent fission: Iodine-131, Cesium-134, Ruthenium-103
  • !!-> Neutron-activation products: Iron-59, Cobalt-60, Manganese-54, Niobium-95
  • !!!->  Extremely rare:  Scandium-46, Cerium-141, Zirconium-95
  • June 16, 2018: Ac-225 & Ac-227 also included in recent Fallout cloud


Kotka_8yrs_Ru103_Sc46_Ce141_Zr95_Aug10_2018 copyKotka_8yrs_I131_Mn54_Aug10_2018 copyKotka_8yrs_Co60_Cs134_Aug10_2018 copyKotka_8yrs_Pb210_Na22_Aug10_2018 copyKotka_8yrs_Fe59_Nb95_Aug10_2018 copyKotka_8yrs_Be7_Cs137_Aug10_2018 copy

Zoom-in on 2018 for a couple of the peculiar ones shows they ALL occurred exactly in the April-June period:

zoom1 copyzoom2 copy

Couple comments:

  1. Though the high Na-22 and Be-7 are likely primarily due to the heatwave, the presence of recent-fission products show it is not just re-suspended from forest fires. It is from an active artificial origin
  2. The mixture is strangely closer to what could be expected from nuclear bomb fallout, rather than from a reactor meltdown.   If this weren’t so outlandish, my first guess would be some kind of atmospheric bomb test somewhere, but…  I don’t know. All I’m saying is that this is not your average nuclear mystery.  The Finnish data, as well as the data gaps in the US, and turning off of EURDEP’s Advanced Map… All taken together suggests some major international player messed up real bad and those in the know are staying silent to save their own asses.   Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but that sure was one hell of a radioisotope cocktail… And a deafening media silence…
  3. If not even more sinister, perhaps part of the mystery is related to the  “collapsed” North Korean Nuclear Test Site , which might have spewed rather astronomical amounts of fallout into the upper atmosphere to be still-detectable at ground level almost a year later…
  4. Another possibility, and one for which I do admit some personal “confirmation bias”, is that Fukushima-Daiichi in Japan is still fissioning, and that mainstream media is 99.99% on board to helping Telco cover up that fact… It certainly should not be ruled out just because the 2020 Olympics aren’t behind us yet… (In that vein….  Maybe it’s unrelated, but it is still worth considering:


Who knows…

Anyone out there know? 


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