The Data is Strong with you, Anaheim…

Unrelated distraction intro:

PsyOps “appear to be”… practically all that’s left…

[Koleman Kooler]  The Storm is Here – Deep State Exposed – Documentary 2018:

[Black Pilled] Here’s The Thing About Q:

Blah Blah Blah…

Yet:  The More You Know…


Beach stroll to coffee, San Clemente, Southern Orange County, CA

Ionizing radiation can cause lower-than-average “measured data”… due to (or so I fathom…) effects on the electronic circuitry itself.  Data Gaps (or so I fathom…) are one step further.

But – this just in:  Life is good.  So what can I say?


Dana Point, CA


Dana Point, CA


I’m taking a deep breath with you, SoCal.

Loving every minute of this moist …


Ignore this:

cewolf;jsessionid=BA58D082AF98FB57074C5C191B540D0C copy.jpg

Why I even bother to check these monitors is beyond me…

Added on Monday July 23, 2018 for larger time-context:

Via @


With a couple others:


Europe has cut the data flow to the Advanced Map of EURDEP on June 10, 2018, a couple days after the largest measurement of airborne Cesium-137 in Europe’s history slipped through the data exchange platform’s cracks.  All of Europe’s 4000+ monitors are now only accessible through the shiny ‘NEW’ EURDEP’s interface, which has proven to be surreal time-consuming, as well as individual countries’ period-viewability-limited user platforms, all slower than ever before, and with abnormalities further hidden by showing averages of multiple monitors, and the “standard diviation” search setting no longer available…

(-> They’ve succeeded in making the gathering of data documentation I was doing, which seemed somewhat useful for longer-time pattern spotting, no longer feasible, or even possible.)

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2 Responses to The Data is Strong with you, Anaheim…

  1. Magdalena says:

    Love your sarcasm! ;)

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