#SpringFire Update: 104,000+ acres, only 5% Contained; Heavy Rain Predicted [Twitter Snippets, July 5, 2018]

Alamosa, beautiful smokey Southern Colorado – July 5, 2018


The Sangre de Cristo range by Crestone, Colorado, with smoke from the nearby #SpringFire, July 5, 2018.   Strong wildfire smell.

Recent Google Map with Pre- and Mandatory evacuation zones, screenshot:

GoogleMapSpringFire_July5_2018 copy

Always check with official sources for latest.  This is merely a notebook of snapshots.

  • Spring Fire

SpringFire_July5_2018_0 copy 2.jpg

Heavy rain is predicted for the fire area later today, though for now drought conditions remain exceptionally extreme in the region:


View of Crestone Creek, downtown Crestone (by the park), July 4, 2018:


Couple snippets from around 1pm Mountain Time:

Update from Westword @ http://www.westword.com/news/spring-fire-update-and-jesper-joergensen-arrest-10494782

a progression map:


Couple snippets from Twitter this morning, in no particular order, from around 9 am Mountain Time:

SpringFire_July5_2018_2 copy


SpringFire_July5_2018_1 copy

SpringFire_July5_2018_9 copy

SpringFire_July5_2018_8 copy

SpringFire_July5_2018_4 copy

SpringFire_July5_2018_5 copy

SpringFire_July5_2018_6 copy

SpringFire_July5_2018_3 copy

SpringFire_July5_2018_7 copy

SpringFire_July5_2018_10 copy

— — — — — — —

4thJuly_FireBan_CrestoneBaca copy



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