Kein Land, Kein Volk, Kein EURDEP…

“And don’t you think that being deceived about the truth is a bad thing, while having a grasp of the truth is good? And don’t you think that having a grasp of the truth is having a belief that matches the way things are?” – PLATO

That major nuclear accidents are being covered up on an increasingly regular basis… is merely ‘my impression‘ from years of sleuthing with radiation data.   I remain under the impression that something… something officials-in-the-know do not want to admit to… occurred this spring 2018… and quite likely somewhere in western Europe.   It’s not the first time European radiation data suggests that an actual radioactive cloud is being down-played (Helsinki early March 2016; the autumn 2017 Ru-106-only bs,…) or denied entirely (Zaporizhia (end 2014), Spring 2016 event,…), but the record Cs-137 detection at the onset of June 2018 in Czech Republic suggests this one might actually be so big that they decided to cut the Advanced Map interface to make it nearly impossible for any ‘member of the general public’ to figure out WHAT might have happened WHERE.

Screenshot, below:  The two purple hexagons are: the Chernobyl region in Northern Ukraine, on the right of this July 1, 2018 screenshot of averaged MAX Gamma-T doses, on the one hand; and the left purple hexagon covering a bunch of monitors in the Belgium-Netherland-France area:

1dayaverages_MAX_EURDEPretarded_July1_2018 copy

SOURCE used:  EURDEP “Simple” Map (the retarded version, very obviously designed with public deception / perception management purposes in mind):  Because this retarded version of EURDEP only allows graphing data for 24 hours and does not make it possible to see which monitors have abnormalities, you’d have to go check ’em all.  (I know I already said that…)  But anyhow, as worthless as the public interface has become, courtesy of the yet-to-be-identified deceptive bastards at the European Commission level that directed this attack on public data availability, it is unusual for a system designed to hide abnormalities to show an apparent abnormality.   Maybe it means nothing.


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