Colorado Wildfire, #SpringFire, in SLV

Disclaimer: this is just a snapshot-in-time.  Seek original sources for latest.

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Crestone, Colorado – June 29, 2018

Right here in the San Luis Valley (SLV), albeit on the southeast-side of Mount Blanca, a new forest fire erupted.  With extreme drought conditions, a heat wave and dry warm wind, it is expanding at incredible speed.  In the Southern Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo mountain range, east of Alamosa, roughly between Fort Garlant and La Veta on the south side of Highway 160 (which is now closed).

Approximately 50 air miles to the southeast of the Crestone-Baca area (marked):

Location copy


Some houses have been lost. :-/   Early news report:

A few other maps with the approximate location earlier today (June 29, 2018):



Maps outdated already…

!-> Updates via Twitter tagged with ,  sourced from, among others:


Some footage from last night:

as per this tweet:

springFire_June29_2018_SLV_1 copy

Couple other impressions:

springFire_June29_2018_SLV_4 copyspringFire_June29_2018_SLV_3 copyspringFire_June29_2018_SLV_2 copy

springFire_June29_2018_SLV_4 copy

springFire_June29_2018_SLV_3 copy


springFire_June29_2018_SLV_2 copy

Hope the winds will lay down and precipitation arrives on the scene sooner than currently predicted…

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