Not too dark for night owls to see where this is going…

DISCLAIMER – Colorado Rocky Mountains – June 24, 2018

PLASTIKMAN – [Don’t ask me.]  Ask yourself:

I gave it two weeks.  I guess that really was it for EURDEP’s Advanced Map… Brave New EURDEP is where that’s at.

shutDown copy

Well-wishes to the few who, ignoring the red flags of schemers pushing for arresting development, had high hopes that the European project was going to be pulled off with integrity somehow.  Further integration with the Russian-Chinese economic & social-meinungskontrol matrix is next.  All the best… 

The public radiation data scene is the least of it.   Though it can truly be called, ‘remarkable’ in and of itself as well:  the second decade of the 21st century will have been marred by multiple mega-releases of radioactive fallout, the signatures of which have been rather apparent on radiation monitors, yet public awareness of the facts as well as the consequences has been successfully steered elsewhere and managed in effective totalitarian ways perhaps not seen since the trauma-based mind control programs immediately following World War 2.

Truly elaborating could get me arrested upon entering Europe.

The bastards…

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One Response to Not too dark for night owls to see where this is going…

  1. Eric says:

    Two of the biggest data gaps of your US city postings have been Austin and Boston. Here’s the current RadNet comment for Austin: “This RadNet monitor is either updating data or experiencing technical difficulties. We are aware of the error, and will post the most accurate and up-to-date information as soon as possible.” What comes after data gaps? No data!

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