The Final EURDEPs?

Thunderstorm with much-need rain :-) Sunday June 17, 2018

 Under Black Helmet – Lost Signal (Code Is Law)

Almost every time that I “neutralize” my own blog, in hindsight I did this right during a major radioactive fallout event.  It’s a bit curious how the ‘heightening energy’ affects me, and why I find it helpful during such times to seal off this channel of expression, go into some kind of isolation mode, simmering in the darkness of this weird time period we’re in…

The source of the recent fallout waves remains a mystery to me.  Established media outlets have all remained completely silent on the detections.  The most striking piece was the massive Cesium-137 spike in Czech Republic  at the onset of June 2018 (mentioned with data details a few posts back):

EeskeBudijovice_U_Nemocnice_CzechRepublic_3mo_June10_2018 copy

A composite of some Cs-137, Be-7 and Pb-210 data of 2 months prior to June 10th, since when all Europe’s radiation data has been kept from the public.

How unusual is that concentration?

2,000,000 Bq/m3 Cs-137 in Czech Republic the other week compares to the record detection after Fukushima of 35 Bq/m3 on Malta in spring 2011, and the Estonia spike of 8 Bq/m3 at the end of Sept. 2017 (right during the “ruthenium-106-only cloud” bs-news circus); and that “garage waste package” in Helsinki, Finland in spring 2016, which peaked at around 0.004 Bq/m3 and which received lots of attention as “the largest detection since Chernobyl”. The two more recent & astronomically múch larger concentrations didn’t receive any media attention whatsoever.

Now, I doubt the leak was Czech in origin.  For one, unless it came with a press narrative, I doubt the data would have been made public at all if the source was right there.   Secondly, the data gaps and fallout signatures are way too erratic.   Like after Fukushima, the highest concentration of Cs-137 back then was found in an air sample on the isle of Malta.  It would be just as ridiculous to suspect a meltdown “somewhere in the Mediterranean” back then.

Take just a few gamma graphs from the UK, for instance.  That ‘something they don’t want us to see’ moved over the British Isles is clear, but note the timing differences:

StMawgaw_UK_3mo_June10_2018 copyCarmoney_UK_3mo_June10_2018 copyLiscombe_UK_3mo_June10_2018 copy

Now, check this one out: a monitor on tiny Portuguese island off the Atlantic coast off equatorial central Africa:

Fratel_Sara_Portugal_offEquatorialAfricaAtlanticSide_3mo_June10_2018 copy


MalinHead_Ireland_3mo_June10_2018 copy

Basically, in the US there’s so few monitors, and they have so many data gaps, the network is almost useless in this condition, at least for trying to pinpoint a source.  Repeating 3 US EPA Radnet graphs that show ‘something’ changed in early May:


Prior to June 10, Europe at least had 4200 monitors…  We can find widespread spikes at the end of April – see previous handful of blogposts – (so widespread and upwind that I also have reservations about this having been due to a (possibly downplayed?) leak at Doel NPP in Belgium), but it appears the bulk of the fallout wave came two weeks later, which might mean it had already traveled around the globe at least once.   This hot stuff tend to fly stratospheric-high and takes its time reaching the ground.  So unless you’re within the 20 to 100 miles radius zone around a spewing reactor site, for amateur laymen like myself, it’s going to be very difficult to figure out WHERE exactly the leak is.

Now… with all of EURDEP down, what does the Belgian FANC site actually show for data…?

How about that:

How fuckingCOnvenient_screenshotJune17_2018 copy

Translation from Dutch:

“Due to a maintenance of the IMR stations (TELERAD station near the fences of nuclear sites), some values are not available on the website until the beginning of August. To ensure the continuity of the monitoring of the territory, mobile measuring stations have been placed next to the temporarily unavailable stations. However, the values of these mobile stations are not published on the website.

SLow copy

Kan het nog trager?

That’s an example of what I would sarcastically call, “how convenient for them…”  Used also just open right away, without this ridiculous download/opening delay, and now you can only view 1 day at a time, clearly to make it even slower to sort through the data… ;-/  Why is practically every change they make to these data sites a step backwards?   There is data, but it’s designed to be surreal time-consuming to assemble a month’s data, and there is nothing on the map that suggests standard deviations.  Nothing.  So you’d have to check everything to even potentially discover something unusual.  Really not practical.  Basically they’ve made what was already a bad interface so bad “even I” don’t want to even bother with it.


How about the best interface for radioisotope-specifics, the Swiss?  Oh no… they re-configured their addresses, so my links no longer work… ;-/

SwissPoof copy

Have to go via the map now…  Nice.  Still as good as it was.  Nothing abnormal to be seen.

Though this, annotated screenshot below, is a nice addition (via ) that goes well with last year’s posts:

Pointing that out had ZERO effect of media reporting.  They stuck with a narrative only held together by major omissions.

Cadenazzo_I131_aroundthe Oct2017Ru106cloud copy

Guess that too will remain one of the many nuclear fallout mysteries documented here like nowhere else…

The recent May 27th, 2018 “fallout signal”, by the way even shows up, albeit very slightly only, in French Guyana in the north of South America:

ChartImg-38.axd copy


ChartImg-36.axd copy

Eastern Mediterranean:

Nicosia_Cyprus_3mo_June10_2018 copy

In Finland (with Cobalt-60 detected at two locations)

Helsinki_Finland_3mo_June10_2018 copy

Even the tiniest hint in the Arctic Circle:

LongYearByen_ArcticNorway_3mo_June10_2018 copy


EURDEP has not shared any data in what is now over a week.  Maybe that was it.  That would be kinda nice for me, actually.  No matter how often I intent to quit looking at this data, curiosity generally gets the upper hand.

If there’s really no more data… ;-D   I guess it’s time for me to go exploring that blissful ignorance people are raving about. 


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