Ac-225 & Ac-227 also included in recent Fallout cloud

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Most countries don’t bother, unless it is decided that an accident will be admitted to, and then, and only then, additional testing is done.  Of the regular testers, 21 out of 23 EURDEP monitoring sites detected Cesium-137 this past month, with a massive spike recorded in southern Czech Republic (see previous posts).

Cs137_1month_June10_2018 copy

We now know that this has been going on for some time, with recent peaking periods centered over April 29th, May 27th and June 3rd, among other less widespread ones.  Then, after very widespread intensifying ‘fallout patterns’, deafening data silence since June 10th.

Aside from surreal concentrations of Cesium-137, there were also present in this fallout cloud of recent:  I-131 (recent fission -> so, not forest fires related), Co-60, Na-22, Be-7 (all three neutron activation products), and Ac-225 & Ac-227.

  • Kajaani, Finland: Ac-225 & Ac-227:

Kajaani_Finland_Ac225_Ac227_1mo_details_June10_2018 copy

  • Kajaani, Finland: Cs-137 & Na-22:

Kajaani_Finland_Cs137_Na22_3mo_June10_2018 copy

  • Kotka, Finland: Co-60 & Cs-134:

KOTKA_FINLAND_C060_Cs134_3mo_June10_2018 copy

SIX detections of Cobalt-60 since mid-April.  Unprecedented in EURDEP history.

  • Imatra, Finland: Cs-137 & Na-22:

Imatra_Finland_Cs137_Na22_3mo_June10_2018 copy

  • Kuopio, Finland: Cs-137 & I-131

Kuopio_Finland_Cs137_I131_3mo_June10_2018 copy

The mixture (with mostly radioCesium, only traces of Iodine-131, and the occasional weird traces of Ac-225, Ac-227, Th-231, Nb-95 and especially the continued Cobalt-60 detections, as well the extremely widespread fallout signatures striking monitors near-simultaneously over vast distances… has me wondering if it’s still coming from Fukushima.  Or if other serious meltdown accidents are far more common than admitted to.  The media silence in this matter remains telling in and of itself as well.

Not sure what else to add to this…

A Sigh For The Books, Algorythmically Rendered Irrelevant…


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