(Static sound… Losing the signal from the free world…)


ALL of Europe’s public radiation monitors have gone silent since June 10, 2018…

Alright, it took 3 days to get ***1 view*** from Czech Republic.  #delighted.  I’ll trust whoever that was will take it from there and soon investigative journalists will do their job and we’ll read about the source(s) of all this radioactive fallout of late.   Awesome.  My job is done. Back to just nature photos.

All must be dandy out there. After all, Europe merely turned off all its 4200 monitors shortly after the highest fallout detection in its history was posted from a Czech air sampling monitor (2 million Bq of Cs-137 in a cubic meter of sampled air)  in what is now its longest network-wide “data gap” on record.


Something worthy of silent awe…


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