Couple EURDEPs


…from an Uncredentialed Nuclear Nobody

Purely for your entertainment.

Colorado Rocky Mountains – See also my very entertaining DISCLAIMERJune 14, 2018


Smoke from massive (20,000+ acres) forest fires just north of Durango, Colorado drifting over the northern San Luis Valley, Photo: June 10, 2018.

Another “telling thing” is that I can literally send tweets like these into the ether:

TweetlyDeeTweetlyDoo_June2018 copy

…and   n o t h i n g.  [Crickets…]

I can add a link to my blog and note zero views referred from Twitter.  “How about that?”  Same old same old.

Something major happened somewhere though.  Again.  And again no media attention.  The nuclear cartel sure has its grip on the media…  Impressive. Equally impressive, though, or a bit weird perhaps, is that we still have access to tiny blips of data.  Just enough to suggest “something big and bad happened somewhere,” but not enough to figure out what and WHERE.

The timing appears to be at the end of April, maybe onset of May (2018), with several points in time seemingly moving HEMISPHERE WIDE.   Whatever this is/was, it must be enormous.   There was something at the Doel NPP in Belgium right then. Maybe the folks in the know are scared?  Or maybe this poisoning/eugenics program was the point all along…  Anyhow…  If they’ll come forward with a contamination narrative it will almost certainly be in the form of a (extremely well staged, gladio-style) “terrorist attack”.  They’ve primed the population for that over the years.  Belgium can take it.   So maybe it’s not Belgium?  Or was the script writer on vacation that week so they opted for silence?  Anyways, a couple folks are ‘really sad’ that I took 1000+ blogposts with data down.

(If you think that’s permanent, you’re not quite grasping the art medium you’re visiting here.  I’m “making the point” that all we know about the past may vanish in the blink of an eye, with those aiming to steer the narratives deciding what stays, what morphs into what, how aspects are spun or omitted, etc.  In other words, if you really think it’s that important, print it out and hide it in a time capsule to fuck with the established narrative of the 22nd century.  Or something.)

Hope the below cheers ’em up.

So, below, is one chewy data bone to the truth-hungry wolves among us.  “Enjoy ;-)”

Note: In no particular order.  Interpret at your own risk.  Data not per se validated by data providers, y-axis adjusted to show more detail, spring snow melt can show as dose increases due to less ground shielding; extremely high as well as lower-than-usual and zero values may be effects of ionizing particles on measuring equipment.  I’m offering these 3-month composites for the few folks out there sleuthing towards identifying the spewing source(s).  I suggest expert teams to go take samples outside suspect location (though careful in Belgium, security has been taken over by the military there), perhaps start with the waste processing site of Le Havre, France, swing by Doel NPP by the beautiful city of Antwerp, head to the research facility of SCK in Mol, and if nothing shows up, perhaps go check on a couple NPPs in Sweden & Lithuania, among other possibilities.   Could be a fun trip if you have the resources… Nevermind.

  • EURDEP, gamma, 3 months:

Jersey_UK_3mo_June14_2018 copySaalfelden_Austria_3mo_June14_2018 copyPadasjoki_FInland_3mo_June14_2018 copyVelykyiBereznyi_Ukraine_3mo_June14_2018 copyKitzbuhel_Austria_3mo_June14_2018 copyPaks_G5_Hungary_3mo_June14_2018 copyKirchheim_Germany_3mo_June14_2018 copyLendava_Slovenia_3mo_June14_2018 copyStornoWay_UK__3mo_June14_2018 copyMarktheidenfeld_Germany_3mo_June14_2018 copyPonferrada_Spain_3mo_June14_2018 copyPraha_CZ_3mo_June14_2018 copyNicosia_Cyprus__3mo_June14_2018 copySnovsk_Ukraine_3mo_June14_2018 copyTulcea_Romania_3mo_June14_2018 copyBraganca_Portugal_3mo_June14_2018 copyNearLeHavre_France_3mo_June14_2018 copyStropkov_Slovakia_3mo_June14_2018 copyTarifa_SPain_3mo_June14_2018 copyVinje_Norway_3mo_June14_2018 copyChania_Greece_3mo_June14_2018 copyGdynia_Poland__3mo_June14_2018 copyMol_SLuis_Belgium_3mo_June14_2018 copyRaufarHofn_Iceland_3mo_June14_2018 copyKneja_Bulgaria_3mo_June14_2018 copyOzerki_Russia_3mo_June14_2018 copyVenray_Nederland__3mo_June14_2018 copyVinc_Serbia_3mo_June14_2018 copyDundalk_Ireland_3mo_June14_2018 copyNeuschonau_OT_Waldhauser_Germany_3mo_June14_2018 copySatuMare_Romania__3mo_June14_2018 copyVirton_Belgium_3mo_June14_2018 copyLublin_Poland_3mo_June14_2018 copy

And here’s the time the Swedish network was turned off:

Ritsem_Sweden_3mo_June14_2018 copy

Gavle_Sweden_3mo_June14_2018 copy


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