Czech Meltdown?

[a short signal escapes this Blog’s *Radio Silence*…]

DISCLAIMER — Early morning in Europe, June 13, 2018

In a not so distant past this could have been a “Red Alert” blogpost.  I would have brewed a pot of coffee around sunset and kept going till sunrise or so… Massive data, wind maps,…   I’ll keep it simple and short this time.  I do not expect the mainstream (or even controlled opposition “alternative”) media to report on nuclear power plants melting down or blowing up anymore, unless it somehow serves their narrative or hope to remain at least marginally relevant.  They’ve skipped the last couple rounds, why would this one be different?

– So…. this is just a quick note – “for your entertainment”

!-> An air sample taken June 1-6, 2018 in the south of Czech Republic @ ÈESKÉ BUDÌJOVICE – U NEMOCNICE (close to Austria) showed a insane spike of 2,000,000 Bq/m3 of Cesium-137.

Cs-137 & Na-22:

ÈESKÉ BUDÌJOVICE - U NEMOCNICE_Czechrepublic_Cs137_Na22_1m0_details_June13_2018 copy

What ever caused this radioactivity release, it must be huge.

If true, it would be the highest on record for Europe, ever -think possibly Chernobyl-level severe-, indicative of something extremely serious having occurred at a nuclear facility ‘somewhere’…  I do not know where.  I will not even try to figure it out.  Does not need to be Czech Republic.  Could be Sweden or Lithuania for all I care.  “France, Belgium,… Who cares?  Anyhow…

!-> Although the data was left ‘non-validated’ (NV – aka ‘leaving room for official denial’), it coincided with to-be-expected-if-valid upticks of Pb-210, and activation products Na-22 and Be-7.

Pb-210 & Be-7:

ÈESKÉ BUDÌJOVICE - U NEMOCNICE_Czechrepublic_Pb210_Be7_1mo_details_June13_2018 copy

!-> Adding to the unlikelihood of this non-validated “crazy signal in the noise” being a mere glitch: further east, close to where Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia meet, @ OSTRAVA – SYLLABOVA, Cz., an air sample during a partially overlapping sampling period showed a remarkable (also non-validated) uptick of Cesium-134 and Iodine-131 (albeit with nothing unusual for Cs-137, Be-7 or Pb-210 there during the past few weeks).   Here’s those:

Cs-134 & I-131:

Ostrava_Syllabova_CzechRepublic_Cs134_I131_1mo_details_June13_2018 copy

In addition, it turns out that shortly after those measurements in Czech Republic were posted, no new air sample data was shared… and…

!–>  …by 4:00 am GMT on June 10th, which at time of posting this means the “data gap” surpasses well over 48 hours, the European Radiation Data Exchange Platform (EURDEP – via switched off all data flow from ALL its thousands of radiation monitors (or “delayed” as they would claim, though data gaps are rarely filled in…), an apparent deception trick (of the ‘nothing to see here’ variety) thís long and widespread… has, as far as I recall, not been seen since spring 2011…

Couple more (both radioisotope-specific & gamma – note the y-axis details) graphs (one month only, as my browser crashed “for some inexplicable reason” and this suffices as ‘a blip’…) – note correlations in upticks and data gaps – There’s a possibility that the mega-whiff that reached ground level in Eastern Europe came from far away, from a release possibly even weeks earlier – Impossible to figure out with public data censored just enough to make it practically impossible for us lay folks to sleuth our way to the spewing source…:

ChartImg-4.axd copyChartImg-3.axd copyChartImg-1.axd copyChartImg-12.axd copy

ChartImg-13.axd copyChartImg-10.axd copyChartImg-2.axd copyChartImg.axd copyUntitled copyChartImg-7.axd copyChartImg-8.axd copyChartImg-6.axd copyChartImg-5.axd copy

Couple from in the USA – Same deal: not enough non-data-gapping monitors to tell us anything…


Something at the very end of April on the US East coast cannot be ruled out either, nor that the North Korean test site collapse in Sept. 2017 sent out a surreal amount of fallout that is still effecting monitors in extremely erratic/unpredictable ways…



Do not pay attention to this message.

Don’t bother alerting journalists.

Instead, try hypnotizing yourself with ‘All is Well‘ mantras.

—  The fallout-bombing of the biosphere will continue indefinitely

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4 Responses to Czech Meltdown?

  1. Silent visitor says:

    Hypnotized with all kinds of feel well mantras I walked into a well known pub. Through many layers of fog I recognized a familiar face. I saw this face before many times, over and over. Every time we met a feeling of knowledge got signaled to me.I knew it was probably just a feeling and I didn`t get to know if the share of knowledge is real, as no one else seemed to get it.
    This time I took the chance and walked straight to the figure with the familiar face. I just thankfully nodded to him, shook his hand with deep respect and left the pub hoping to see the familiar face once again.

  2. GdB - Belgium & Netherlands says:

    I’d shake hands with deep respect with you, thanks for all the ongoing info, Michael

  3. Paul Bancroft says:

    Not a peep in the new here, no surprise.
    There’s been wildfires in Chernobyl, could be that blowing in :/

    • MVB says:

      Thanks Paul. Here’s why I think it’s not Chernobyl forest fires: Last time when they were bigger and wind briefly brew to Kiev, the Cs-137 concentration peaked at “only 120 Bq/m^3. High, but 2million is insane. Also, the peak in neutron activation products such as Na-22, as well as I-131 suggests otherwise. Though, just like last time, it is quite possible that the Chernobyl fires are due to ARSON again and that they’re using the cover of “fallout conditions” to get away with it.

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