Largest Concentration of Cesium-137 in Northern European Air Since Chernobyl, with I-131 Uptick [Estonia, Late Sept. 2017], EXACTLY when Ruthenium-106 Cloud drifted over Europe: 200,000 % higher than previous [Helsinki, 2015) Record Spike!

The Sun Never Sets in Dystopia…

From the edge of a vast wilderness in the Colorado Rockies…  March 19, 2018


I am requesting that investigative teams to be sent to all nuclear sites across to world to figure out WHERE the major nuclear meltdown(s?) of 2017 took place.

(!-> Why ‘WHERE’ matters)

world_map copy

Nuclear Power Plants Worldwide.

Any scientific body, university, anti-nuclear organization, or journalists with their integrity intact up to the task?  If the nuclear industry and their henchmen get away with thís one, chances to stop their madness will only grow dimmer.  

Little musica to get roll’n…   From one of the Belgian ‘Solids Sounds’ collections:

!!!-> SCROLL DOWN: The data mentioned in the headline is found under the 3rd YouTube Music Video (Future Sound of London, after the set of gamma graphs).

Couple EURDEPs and more ranting first:

The data showing for the first 5 monitors, below, (each showing a half year in 3 months per line, with y-axis adjusted to show more detail, data not per se validated by data provider, via EURDEP , was pulled on March 17th, 2018.  I just strung ’em together this late – after midnight – “evening”, for your entertainment.  Particularly how a mere whiff of a Beta-emitter like Ru-106 can “cause” data gaps on so many gamma monitors, as well as the fallout waves that followed and continue to follow, ought to ‘entertain’, right?  :-/  It must be ‘all in my head’, since you will also not hear a word in the mainstream media about the continuing waves of radioactive fallout reaching ground level, which just do not seem to know of stopping.  Ah yes… the media… that bastion of deception, “the mainstream media”, which appears by now to be not much more than a Pravda-like propaganda-spewing dead shell of what was once… an actual powerful check on the balances of power, the free investigative press…  So, this data from yesterday first, before I ramble on, pretending to be oblivious of the fact that almost no one can hear my screaming anyhow…

Thoroughly reading and watching every embedded video and linked article of the previous half year of blogposts may be helpful to assist you in undermining your own sanity, dear new readers of this blog, and for some of you it could also help you to better understand my current artistic blog period, “Dystopia, a deepening of the Nuclear Data Thriller Series… in which I mix actual mainstream news reports of scientific data, particularly on nuclear leaks (such as the widely-reported-on Ruthenium-106 leak in autumn 2017) and juxtapose them to other scientific data, available online, which indicates the reported to be so false and full of omissions that it “strongly suggests” to have been no more than ‘a diversion story’ to help cover up a MAJOR NUCLEAR DISASTER, somewhere in a yet-to-be-discovered location.

Going by the combination of limited data and exceptional ‘fallout patterns’, I wouldn’t be surprised if the latest nuclear disaster exposed millions of people to artificial radioactive particles that will cause harm to more and more people the more time goes by, and which may possibly also have contributed to upticks in flu-like symptoms, heart problems, unusual internal mystery infections, strokes, and a series of unfortunate misdiagnoses… But all of that is, of course, ‘merely speculation’, as is any mere ‘connecting of dots’…

To connect thése dots, below, pick the ‘polyline‘ setting @ EURDEP, available when you click to see the data for a specific monitor, as shown in this example from Spain:

  • Serrejan (sp?), Spain:

Serrejan_Spain_3mo_Dec17_2017 copySerrejan_Spain_3mo_March17_2018 copy

–> Note the return of “sloth dots” (the ones hanging from the lower dose-line) the past week particularly, a variation of the “ninja dots” more often seen in the UK.   (See Sept. 17, 2017, two or three times back when I “last quit” this exercise in futility: “Couple EURDEPs” – Attempted EPILOGUE Re. Observations & Musings from the land of ‘Monitoring Radiation Monitoring’…

  • ICIM-DAM, Romania:

ICIM_DAM_Romania_3mo_Dec17_2017 copyICIM_DAM_Romania_3mo_March17_2018 copy

  • Ballypatrick Forest, UK:

BallypatrickForest_UK_3mo_Dec17_2017 copyBallypatrickForest_UK_3mo_March17_2018 copy

  • Penhas Douradas, Portugal:

Penhas_Douradas_Portugal_3mo_Dec17_2017 copyPenhas_Douradas_Portugal_3mo_March17_2018 copy

  • Enkhuizen, The Netherlands:

Enkhuizen_Nederland_3mo_Dec17_2017 copyEnkhuizen_Nederland_3mo_March17_2018 copy

Alright… so let’s go back to that Ruthenium-106 cloud a half year ago… [I know fallout’s coming down all over the place right now, that’s obvious from monitor sampling. But…  Could be from the same accident or additional leaks. The continuing Iodine-131 detections suggest there may have been additional releases.  Unless it’s all coming from Fukushima-Daiichi, or some similarly unstoppable perhaps-still-fissioning mega catastrophe some place else… Who knows.  Anyhow: ]

Narva_JAesUU_Estonia_Cs137_I131_1mo_Oct18_2017 copy

Post-Mystery Meltdown, autumn 2017:  Record-high Cesium-137 with Iodine-131 uptick at the end of September 2017…

Same monitoring area after Fukushima in 2011 (Narva has 3 monitors, they shift around); closely look at the y-axis or in the data columns for measurement details:

Narva_Joesuu_Estonia_Cs137_I131_1mo_April18_2011 copy

Post-Fukushima, spring 2011.

So, this is another piece of the puzzle:

Cs137_detectionsAreNotBlue1mo_Oct18_2017 copy

Cs-137 Air Samples, the month pre- 10-18-2017, shows these detections (yellow, and the spike (maroon) in Estonia.  (The y-axis of Nicosia, Cyprus is somehow off, often leading to misleading colors for that monitor dot).

Comparing the magnitudes of the detected to what little other data we have available [‘we’ being the lay public with basic internet access].   I hadn’t realized this until now: the Cs-137 spike @ Narva, Estonia at the very end of September 2017, coinciding with an Iodine-131 detection no less [First mentioned in (Feb. 16, 2018) Tossing and Turning , which, like many other posts, adds to  (Nov. 12, 2017)  A Lot More than Ruthenium-106 in that Radioactive Cloud (DATA)], exactly during the period the much-reported-on “Ruthenium-106-only” cloud drifted over Europe (and likely the rest of the planet for that matter…) was the largest validated measurement of Cesium-137 in EURDEP history, many magnitudes larger


Narva, Estonia’s 8 Bq/m^3 measured in Estonia in Sept. 2017 was  2000 TIMES LARGER than the shown here 0.004 Bq/m^3 of Cs-137 measured in Helsinki, Finland in March 2015…

than the much-reported-on Cs-137 “garage leak” spike in Helsinki, Finland in spring 2015 (See (April 22, 2015), Was Helsinki’s Cs-137 “Localized Garage Waste Leak” A Decoy For Hemisphere-Wide Fallout Upticks? Fukushima? EURDEP/Nullschool DATA + (Some Nuclear Occult Links), among various other posts from that period.)

Given that one (Helsinki, Cs-137, early March 2015) was touted as “the largest validated Cesium-137 detection SINCE CHERNOBYL”, that means this one in Estonia certainly was the new post-Chernobyl record.

And it coincided with an Iodine-131 uptick AT THE SAME MONITOR.  SO they couldn’t dismiss the measured with a “garage waste leak” this time.  And it was kinda too late anyhow, as the Ru-106-ONLY story was being pushed hard by the entire world’s mainstream media, with NOT ONE questioning the narrative they were fed by SO-CALLED nuclear “watchdogs”.

At least Greenpeace noted that it matters: (Nov. 27, 2017) The mysterious radioactive cloud—why the ruthenium-106 story matters  That same week Beyond Nuclear put it this way: Is the mysterious radioactive plume from Mayak — and will we ever know?:

“[…] The presence of the man-made radioactive isotope, ruthenium 106, was detected in the atmosphere in early October by a French nuclear safety institute and by a Danish monitoring station, but only recently confirmed by Russia’s meteorological agency. However, the Russian authorities continue to deny that the releases came from one of their nuclear facilities and the source of the release is yet to be identified.

And the release of ruthenium 106 is a massive one, indicating a major accident, not a minor leak. The French radiological institute for nuclear safety IRSN) calculated the release at 300 Terrabequerels. To put this in perspective, it is an amount equivalent to 375,000 times the annual release of ruthenium 106 authorized for a French nuclear power plant. […]”

300 Terrabequerels


Also for comparison:  Some Cesium-137 concentrations measured in air samples after Chernobyl, in this case from Slovenia, via the IAEA (, with the 2017 Estonia Spike (8 Bq/m^3) and the 2011 Maltese spike (34 Bq/m^3) marked: copy

!–> This illustrates that this magnitude of Cs-137 concentration (8 Bq/m^3) is ON PAR with exactly what you would find after a MAJOR nuclear disaster!

Just FYI, Re. CHERNOBYL – Some information can be found in:

Only one measurement, albeit non-validated (NV), in the month after the Fukushima-Daiichi catastrophe began in 2011 reached higher, @ Malta in the Mediterranean:

KordinStation_Malta_Cs137_I131_1mo_Apr18_2011 copy

The below composite of Cs-137 detection in spring 2011 shows that the monitoring network is generally working at a fraction of its capability.  It ONLY jumps into widespread sampling action when it is officially announced that there has been a major accident, and returns to “routine” within months:


This makes it all the more striking that the spike was even detected in Estonia during routine sampling!

Keep in mind also:  Chernobyl raged for 10 days, and Fukushima was THREE giant loaded reactors going in FULL meltdown, two of ’em blowing their containment, and spent fuel catching fire, in an unprecedented disaster combo, referred to as “5 worst-case scenarios” by in-the-know insiders back then (See Feb. 1, 2016, Plume Gate and the NRC FOIA documents 5 Years Later)…

All the data I’ve gathered and shared here in the past half year suggest that the Ru-106-only story was a diversion story to cover-up a major nuclear meltdown somewhere.  The first important question that MUST be answered is WHERE.  The Northern Hemisphere seems the most likely, and it could be just about anywhere.   But it was huge.  Likely INES-7 kinda level…

How on earth did it get to the point that the western media became as deceptive-through-omissions-and-spin as – say- the Chinese or Soviet-Russian?  I mean…

Seriously WTF

[Sigh…]  It’s after 3am again… 


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4 Responses to Largest Concentration of Cesium-137 in Northern European Air Since Chernobyl, with I-131 Uptick [Estonia, Late Sept. 2017], EXACTLY when Ruthenium-106 Cloud drifted over Europe: 200,000 % higher than previous [Helsinki, 2015) Record Spike!

  1. jmr says:

    PERHAPS another diversion story. Or a clue to some of the Estonia spikes. Here, try to translate:–litwa-zatuszowala-radioaktywna-wpadke-w-ignalinie,59017,i.html#ixzz5AGnu2h8g
    They have been shouting so loud about new Belarusian plant they forgot to check their old crap…

    • MVB says:

      Tx, jmr, I’ll look at it soon. Possibilities now range from Belarus something (?), a Russian reactor (not a mere waste processing site), an arms depot explosion in Ukraine (the wind dispersion and actual detections, simultaneous data gaps over wide distances make all these unlikely in my opinion), and… My top suspects: western Europe somewhere, or, I think most likely the USA somewhere. It would make sense for France to try to help the US cover up a large accident. India and other sites without any online monitoring can’t be ruled out either, of course. But we’ll see… I think this one may have been too big to remain covered up. I can only hope that these barely viewed posts of mine get a few more inquisitive minds taking this seriously.

    • MVB says:

      Very interesting. IF the Lithuania waste accident included a criticality, it might be able to explain very high Cesium-137 compared to low Iodine-131, and a mysteriously enormous Ru-106. Interesting, definitely a good find!

      translation help for other readers:

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