Severe Drought

Crestone, Northern San Luis Valley, Southern ColoradoMid-march 2018 – The headwaters of the Rio Grande, the Arkansas River (side arm of the Mississippi) and the Colorado River, among others, are in severe to extreme drought, as per the latest data from


Particulates @ size PM1, which is a pretty good setting to see smoke on Nullschool, isn’t an issue yet at my location.  Via Nullschool (,40.30,1076/loc=-105.228,37.805):,40.30,1076:loc=-105.228,37.805 copy

It could still become a very wet spring (200% of normal precipitation would be needed to break drought conditions), but it’s not looking like raining or snowing before spring starts (and anything further than a week is highly speculative, often meaningless); Wasn’t much of a winter ;-/, with tonight already being the first frost-free night of the year…:   via Screenshot of March 14, 2018:

March14_2018_10_dayForecast_CrestoneCO copy

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