Sirènes hurlantes dans une dimension rougeoyante? [EURDEPs, 3/6 months] w/ Perverse* Rant

This blog is supposedly an artistic expression.  Make sure to read my DISCLAIMER if you haven’t yet.   Closing in on the 7 year anniversary of this blog…

End Time of end of most recent 3-month graphs: 2018-03-12 06:00

Some repetition in there from previous posts; just wanted to have this series, below, all end at the same time, for glancing of visual patterns.  I know… absolutely ridiculous what I’m doing.  There sophisticated software that combines wind patterns precipitation, etc. and with which pretty much any leak can be traced to its spewing origin.  I don’t have access to the fancy tools, and it looks like those that do “have better things to do” than eposing that the nuclear industry’s equipment is failing left and right.  Anyhow.

This paragraph is for the traitors at the European Commission, the IAEA, the secretive CTBTO, Areva, GM, TEPCO and Co, and all the fuckers in the spineless media, bought-off government and NGO’s that suck up to them:

“… You keep lyin’ when you oughta be truthin’
You keep losing when you oughta not bet
You keep samin’ when you oughta be a’changin’
Now what’s right is right but you ain’t been right yet..”


It was all over the news in the UK, “background radiation jumped by 10% from one day to the other in early February. Scientists puzzled” [sarc.]  Smoothest baseline shift, no one even noticed:

Shoeburyness_UK_3mo_March12_2018 copy.jpg

The French press couldn’t shut up about it,  “background radiation doubles on some weeks. Scientists baffled” [sarc.]   Have fun believing them when they start about bananas, too…:

PY0KRS802MA_76_SIT_GM_France_3mo_March12_2018 copy

Belgium and Luxembourg are where I wanted to look at most:

Luxembourg_Luxembourg_3mo_March12_2018 copyLuUseldange_Luxembourg_3mo_March12_2018 copyConsthum_Luxebourg_3mo_March12_2018 copyErnage_Belgium_3mo_March12_2018 copyMontRigi_Belgium_3mo_march12_2018 copySprimont_belgium_3mo_March12_2018 copyWasseiges_Belgium_3mo_March12_2018 copyFarciennes_Belgium_3mo_March12_2018 copyDehaan_Belgium_3mo_March12_2018 copyKluizen_Belgium_3mo_March12_2018 copySint_Jan_Eremo_Belgium_3mo_March12_2018 copy


Ijzendijke_Nederland_3mo_March12_2018 copyNieuwdorp_Nederland_3mo_March12_2018 copy

The ones I checked in France (either near the Channel or near Luxembourg, check the coordinates for location), show a peculiar fallout pattern in the past 10 days, which is sometimes data-gasped away -poof: no data-, or zero-values (such as @ Sprimont, Belgium, see above), among very widespread disturbances:

PA0KRS809MA_76_GM_France_3mo_March12_2018 copyPA0KRS805MA_76_GM_France_3mo_March12_2018 copyCA0KRS924MA_57_SIT_GM_France_3mo_March12_2018 copyPA0KRS913MA_76_GM_France_3mo_March12_2018 copyPA0KRS807MA_76_GM_France_3mo_March12_2018 copyCA0KRS802MA_57_SIT_GM_France_3mo_March12_2018 copy


ThorneyIsland_UK_3mo_March12_2018 copyJersey_Jersey_3mo_March12_2018 copyGuernsey_UK_3mo_March12_2018 copyCardington_UK_3mo_March12_2018 copyAlderney_UK_3mo_March12_2018 copy


This shows just how far this latest whiff is spreading.  Spikes may seem “worse”, but those are often just normal natural radon rainouts.  The devil is often in the details on these radiation graphs

Koszalin_Poland_3mo_March12_2018 copy

Couple 6-month-ers:

Runde, Norway, 6 months:

Runde_Norway_3mo_Dec12_2017 copyRunde_Norway_3mo_March12_2018 copy

Liscombe, UK (note the ‘ninja dots’ here too, a phenomenon I hadn’t even spotted until May 2017: The “Ninja Dot” – Reading Between The Lines: a EURDEP gamma graph detail)

Liscombe_UK_Dec12_2018 copyLiscombe_UK_3mo_March12_2018 copy

Schwedt, Germany:  Here too, the pattern actually fits that of a major nuclear disaster again, with the fallout patterns taking weeks to become more pronounced data gaps, and months for the bulk of the sick-making heavy metals to dose us, oblivious surface dwellers.  What I called “the second wave” later in October (when media were still bullshitting about “the Ru-106 cloud from Russia” of the beginning of the month) was more pronounced here as well.   Note correspondences between data gaps in one place, and odd values elsewhere.  Sometimes you’ll also find correlations with radioisotope-specific measurements in other locations (for recent such data, comb through (March 7, 2018) Iodine-131 & Cesium-137 Spiked in Finland [Mid-Feb. 2018]. Schwedt, 6 months:

Schwedt_Germany_3mo_Dec12_2017 copySchwedt_Germany_3mo_March12_2018 copy

Skillinge, Sweden, 6 months:

Skillinge_Sweden_3mo_Dec12_2017 copySkillinge_Sweden_3mo_March12_2018 copy

Wave after wave… and the lying keeps on going on and on.  On the one had they claim it’s all harmless (which it isn’t), and on the other they don’t even want the general public to see the measurements (the data gap record shows very clearly that the public monitoring networks are programmed to turn themselves off when it matters most, or otherwise obscure the measured with what appear automated algorithms).

So here we are, nowhere to hide, nowhere to run, no one specific to go after, to sue or expose somehow,… with investigating news outlets no longer in existence,  just shells of what once was… pretending…  We’re sitting ducks in a dystopian atmosphere of ever-increasing levels of non-stop atomic violence…

But maybe it’s a good thing.  Yeah… I’m warming up to the perverse idea of just letting them “poison everyone”.  These above-the-law mofo’s also print the money, so it can’t be about that.  Can’t be about electricity. They’ve suppressed alternatives too much.  Sheer power?  Ah, come on.  Doubt it.  In a universe of scarcity, perhaps, but this is a universe of abundance.  Can’t be about power, way too complex of an undertaking for such a pathetic motivation.  It couldn’t have lasted this long.   Nothing makes any sense when I really delve into their motivations.  What’s so appealing about poisoning everyone, including themselves?   [And I’m of course not talking about the engineers.  I get that part: the fun of figuring out how to build and operate something complex and challenging.]

Sorry for the lack of imagination here, but all I can come up with as a possible answer are one of these two:  Either there’s another species involved and they are reverse-terraforming this planet to make it more suitable for themselves, and the eventual killing off of us-humans is a bonus to them. Somehow they’ve hijacked enough minds to carry out or put up with elaborate schemes that anyone can figure out are not in the best long-term interest of our species or society.


perverse copy.jpg

* Definition of ‘perverse’

It’s meant to speed up our awakening!  I’m leaning towards this one now, optimistic as I roll. ;-)  It has to be.  Since all dis-ease has a key metaphysical component, with psychosomatic causation clearly at work… if a substance “causes” a dis-ease to show up quicker, etc., it fundamentally must merely be intensifying what was already there.  If you’re already yourself, unobstructed, liberated, illuminated if you will, lacking in the very psychosomatic patterns that could lead to dis-ease, then it won’t make you sick. Cool, right?  Happy Happy Happy.  All is well.  Follow your bliss.  Doesn’t matter if you die or not, just live life to the fullest.  Peace and Joy to all!

It’s all blessings in disguise…

Just like the freak’n torture…   The pain, the fever, the confusion, the exhaustion, agh… the damned lethargy, like you’re just always tired and down… the joint discomfort, the bloating… Allergies, a cold, the flu, a little bit of cancer here, and little bit of arthritis there… here an itch, there a glitch…   Yeah, I’m slowly learning to love it all…  Tuning in, learning to listen to my body more clearly, changing habits of nutrition, of thought, of beliefs,…   If that’s what nuclear fallout is capable off… Dang, more power to the nuclear mafia …pushing us as hard as they can.

The love… I can barely stand it.

Keep it up with them meltdowns!  Don’t make it stop!  Build more of that shit.  Throw some nukes here and there just for the hilarity of death and destruction.  Freak out some laggards in the process.  “haha”

“…Freak out!

All that pressure got you down
Has your head spinning all around
Feel the rhythm, check the rhyme
Come on along and have a real good time..”

Like we’re these manifestations anyhow.  “Alright.  Profound.”  Either I/you/we step it up, and more strongly embrace your divine nature, be ourselves stripped of false narratives, false beliefs, false priorities, or we die much sooner, in the agony of resisting transmutation… Perhaps this time around resistance truly is futile, eh?  How illuminating…

We’re all supposed to become phoenix’ rising

from these gourds of ashes raining down on us…

Perhaps the whole thing was planned this way.   ALL of it.  Come to think of it…

We have indicators that Chernobyl wasn’t an accident.  It might very well have been part of a well-orchestrated strategy to open up the Soviet Union, master-minded in the secret masonic lodges that are the true global puppet masters, where nations, political parties & ideologies are but pawns on a 3D cube-shaped chessboard.  But for that to not sound full-on nuts, you’d have to read some hard to find books (such as those shown in the July 4, 2017 blogpost, “No Reason For 4th of July US Independence Celebrations. Soviet Takeover of US in Advanced Stage.“, and more.  (But you’d actually have to read ’em…)

We also have indicators that the quake that took out the cooling systems at Fukushima-Daiichi (7 years ago, yesterday) wasn’t exactly an accident, either.  You can look into the seismic record, the odd government response, etc. [but you’ll have to dig a lot deeper and with a more open mind than WIRED…], or even my very specific scientific strange fitting data & others’ findings.

But anyhow, not to dabble too much more in facts.   Everything is Love.   So all the meltdowns and covered-up accidents of the past few years, and their perhaps intended consequences, are too.  They’ve figured the process works better when people don’t focus on an external cause, and just undergo their symptoms, the “intensifying energies”, as part of their very personal journey.  No blame game.  No victims.  No distractions.  Just the journey of getting sick, and getting well for those that make it.   A brilliant wonderful intensified growth opportunity…  The spiritual growth fast track, finally available to all.  No more need for grueling retreats and stomach-turning potions.  Just take a deep breath and relax.  It’s increasingly everywhere.

So:  Don’t shut ’em down.  Turn it UP!  Throw your hands up in the air and and say, “It’s now in God’s hands!”  And just walk away.  Let ’em blow up and melt down and out all by themselves.  Let the monitors do their programmed thing.  Let the media lie like their life depends on it.  You can even have a couple bloggers and YouTubers going nuts over the blatant lying, or just document it, sprinkled with music and rambles of utter irrelevance.  It’s all good.  It’s just the beginning of an intense journey to a shining new world.  A golden dawn.   It’s gonna be awesome…

Yeah.  FUCK IT.

—- ———– —-

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6 Responses to Sirènes hurlantes dans une dimension rougeoyante? [EURDEPs, 3/6 months] w/ Perverse* Rant

  1. Sounds like La Hague, Flamanville or a Belgium reactor? The top video is apparently a parody: I had trouble deciding. I think the key is the egg in the microwave – egg exploding is the key to the sarcasm. I heard an interview yesterday where someone said that there is a belief that the Messiah only comes if people are totally good or totally bad and that some used that as an excuse to be totally bad. I think that the movie about Gemma says a lot – that people are more worried about unemployment than Sellafield and that’s true all over. I could go on and on, especially about Areva and Le Creusot, but it is your blog and I lack the energy anyway. Bravo for your 7 years! I grew impatient far sooner. Some engineers were/are actually working to stop the nuclear beast – there’s nothing creative or interesting in the nuclear industry because there’s nothing new or innovative. But, even the standards committees are infested and have moles. The problem is that the nuclear industry has the money to bribe, though they are bribing with the taxpayer’s money. Human life involves denial of mortality and death, too. However, it seems that the nuclear industry speaks about the existence of evil and perhaps of the devil. I’m tending to agree that many humans deserve to be poisoned but the animals and plants are helpless. Remember they got by with exposing everyone with above ground testing which is mind-blowing. And, they were killing people with their radium watches for decades after they new it was dangerous. A ladies bulova at 70 mSv. There need to be lawsuits about poisoning people.

    • MVB says:

      Lawsuits against people who are above the law? Doubt that will get very far. A ‘truth and reconciliation’ approach, with amnesty for the bastards, might have more of a chance,but the chance for even that succeeding I still consider close to zero. They have a plan, I don’t there’s much that will change their mind. Making people sick is obviously part of the plan, or somehow deemed acceptable. Either they know something that makes their decisions somehow understandable, or they are full-on the worst of the worst psychopaths. Given some history, the latter seems the case. But I don’t know.

      Keep up the great reporting on your blog,

      • I think it would still be worth a try. One lawsuit was won over the watches (a Swiss maker), but there should be more and still a recall. To my knowledge Bulova hasn’t been sued or done a recall. That could be a place to start. Thanks for the kind words. You too.

    • MVB says:

      And yes, glad you caught that about the top video. ;-)

  2. I forgot to say that the 70 mSv is per year if someone wore the Bulova radium watch 24 hours per day for one year! They are able to use the cancers from watches and fallout to hide the new cancers from the nuclear industry. Bulova subcontracted some of this out to Switzerland and the Swiss found a radium hot spot in the middle of a village a few years back – I think Biel.

  3. PF says:

    We, as a species of very intelligent, but not wise, toolmakers, with deep ancestory roots in violence (chimpanzees) and cooperation (bonobos), might be JUST TOO FUCKING STUPID to use that nuclear stuff in the right way. Which holds for about most of the large-scale energy “materials” as well. Most of what we do, be it small or large scale, seems to be to show off our big dick somehow: Pimp you car, pimp your breeder: Hey, that *thing* is gonna be loaded with power! No difference here: Mechanic with small balls pimps car, attracts female, wins respect, is happy. State leader with small balls and super-large ego pimps NPP to breed warhead material, has power, fucks everything/one he likes, forces respect, is (somewhat) happy. For our brains, it’s no difference. And that, I think, is our biggest problem here!

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