Snippets from Non-Flu Land


Fluctuating between 0.110 and 0.260 µSv/hr, with 24 hour average @ 58.9 CPM (normal) – Elevation 8200 ft (2500 m), indoors, second floor, vertical position, dry and windy outside. Southern Colorado – March 10, 2018, 11pm: 

“…Happy 7th Anniversary, y’all…”

A 16-year experience in the follow-up of survivors with acute radiation syndrome (ARS) caused by the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident is presented. Oncohematological diseases and sudden cardiac death were at the top of the list as causes of death.

— SOURCE:  Medical monitoring results of survivors with acute radiation syndrome after Chernobyl disaster (PDF Download Available)

I’ll start off with the EURDEPs from yesterday I hadn’t turned into up-loadable JPEGs yet:

9 months in Greenland:

Nuuk_Greenland_3mo_Sept9_2017 copyNuuk_Greenland_3mo_Dec9_2017 copyNuuk_Greenland_3mo_March9_2018 copy

9 months on some French island far away in the Southern Hemisphere:

Mzouazia_Mayotte_France_3mo_Sept9_2017 copyMzouazia_Mayotte_France_3mo_Dec9_2017 copyMzouazia_Mayotte_France_3mo_March9_2018 copy

6 months, Hungary:

Veszprem_Hungary_3mo_Dec9_2017 copyVeszprem_Hungary_3mo_March9_2018 copy

Germany (NPP perimeter, but not the one that had what looked like a calibration / maroon dot):

Muehlheim_Kaerlich_Germany_3mo_Dec9_2017 copyMuehlheim_Kaerlich_Germany_3mo_March9_2018 copy

far away from mainland France, 6 month:

StFrancoisGudelupe_France_3mo_Dec9_2017 copyStFrancoisGudelupe_France_3mo_March9_2018 copy

How about that for a fallout pattern in September and more pronounced this past week; France:

44.3N_4.7E_autre_France_3mo_Dec9_2017 copy44.3N_4.7E__autre_France_3mo_March9_2018 copy

Calais, France, 6 months:

Calais_France_3mo_Dec9_2017 copyCalais_France_3mo_March9_2016 copy


Couple news snippets from something I was looking into some time ago.  Goes well with (Dec. 20, 2017) Fallout Exposure Often Looks Like Flu-Like Symptoms + Colorado “Flu Hospitalizations” Skyrocket 300% and (also Dec. 20, 2017) Arizona Flu up 800% [“Hm… Wonder why?”], among others (See perhaps my Nuclear Blog Posts Archive). copy copy copy copy copy.jpg copy

Makes you wonder how many of those “4000 flu deaths per week”…  -without an entirely new virus.  No new virus, nope.  Seen H3N3 before.-

… occurred because the nuclear oversight agencies deemed it more convenient to keep the public at large in the dark about what they got dosed with.  Hm?

!-> Nov. 27, 2017: Why ‘WHERE’ matters

Can you imagine… the WHAT IF… if I were not entirely nuts?

What a horrible thought… copy

Hey experts, how about… 

…how about you find out what is known to cause “flu-like symptoms”, various kinds of immune deficiency disorders, arrhythmia & sudden cardiac death, and makes radiation monitors switch into data gap mode.  Any common denominators you can think of?

This may be unrelated, BUT…

…How about you find out where that huge nuclear disaster occurred last year, eh?  Maybe that could give you some ‘pointers’ to ‘decode’ the ‘phenomenon’, eh?  Whatcha think?

Oh.  Okay.   Nevermind.  Post-Truth Era.  Right.  Gotcha.

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3 Responses to Snippets from Non-Flu Land

  1. What is normal mSv at that altitude or did you have a Geiger pre-Fukushima?

    • MVB says:

      I didn’t have one pre-Fuku, and lived much lower too. But on drives over mountain passes, and sampling here and there over the years, I’ve come to regard that as ‘normal’. In addition, lots of Thorium in the ground here too.

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