Iodine-131 & Cesium-137 Spiked in Finland [Mid-Feb. 2018]

  • Kuopio, Finland, I-131 & Cs-137, 6 months, [3 months per line; y-axis adjusted to show more detail.  Data not per se validated by data provider; most recent at end]:

Kuopio_Finland_3mo_I131_Cs137_Dec7_2017 copyKuopio_Finland_3mo_I131_Cs137_March7_2018 copy

More EURDEP radio-isotope-specific half-year data (from Finland, Estonia, Norway, Germany, Switzerland), further below…

For “I know nothing by myself…”, DISCLAIMER

Colorado – still March 7, 2018 here in the Rockies…

Noni: “The goose is cooked.”

Data via EURDEP – See Online Radiation Monitors

The detail-oriented among you will easily figure out the significance of the shown.  You can, for instance, find some additional bits of data that render BULLSHIT that very-well-spread and not-questioned-anywhere [Except here -” :-) lol…”] mainstream news regarding that late-September/early-October 2017 “Ruthenium-106-only radioactive cloud from Mayak, Russia”…  You’ll also see “the second wave” that followed just after mid-October, the disturbances since, and the more recent not-even-reported-on radioactive cloud, again with I-131 & Cs-137 in it, again most notably in Finland & Estonia (but that may be… because most countries don’t even test regularly for the very isotopes they ought to be testing air samples for every day…).  Anyhow.  Just data it is…

  • Kajaani, Finland, I-131 & Cs-137, 6 months:

Kajaani_Finland_3mo_I131_Cs137_Dec7_2017 copyKajaani_Finland_3mo_I131_Cs137_March7_2018 copy

  • Kotka, Finland, I-131 & Cs-137, 6 months:

Kotka_Finland_3mo_I131_Cs137_Dec7_2017 copyKotka_Finland_3mo_I131_Cs137_March7_2018 copy

  • Imatra, Finland, I-131 & Cs-137, 6 months:

Imatra_Finland_3mo_I131_Cs137_Dec7_2017 copyImatra_Finland_3mo_I131_Cs137_March7_2018 copy

  • Helsinki, Finland, I-131 & Cs-137, 6 months:

Helsinki_Finland_3mo_I131_Cs137_Dec7_2017 copy

That”out of range” is, like RIGHT THEN in Switzerland due to elevated MDCs:

Untitled copy

continued, showing the last 3 months, with the mid-Feb. I-131 uptick, measured here as well:

Helsinki_Finland_3mo_I131_Cs137_March7_2018 copy

Diversion: JRC Station 7, Italy, T-Beta-Art & T-Alpha-Art, 2 months centered around early Oct. 2017  – All the way South in Northern Italy, signs of artificial Beta-emiters (such as Ru-106 is) and – how curious – artificial Alpha-emiters:

JRC7_Italia_TbetaArt_TAlphaArt_2mo_Nov7_2018 copy.jpg

And the well-timed notorious DATA GAP, of course…

Back to what I was doing…

What was I doing?

I was listening to some more NYXX [from Los Angeles, California], actually… ;-D

But maybe you’re here for the data after all…

A few from outside Finland:

  • Harku, Estonia, I-131 & Cs-137, 6 monthsanother ‘beauty’…:

Harku_Finland_3mo_I131_Cs137_Dec7_2017 copyHarku_Finland_3mo_I131_Cs137_March7_2018 copy

  • Narva- ...something EURDEP never spells right…, Estonia, I-131 & Cs-137, 6 months:

Narva_Jaesuu_Estonia_3mo_I131_Cs137_Dec7_2017 copyNarva_Jaesuu_Estonia_3mo_I131_Cs137_March7_2018 copy

  • CERN, Switzerland, I-131 & Cs-137, 6 months:

CERN_Switzerland_3mo_I131_Cs137_Dec7_2017 copyCERN_Switzerland_3mo_I131_Cs137_March7_2018 copy

  • Sola, Norway, I-131 & Cs-137, 6 months:  (An uptick of Cs-137 at the end of September 2017, followed, as is all too often the case, by a data gap, just as in mid-October…   To reduce the chances to measure more incriminating isotopes?)

Sola_Norway_I131_Cs137_3mo_Dec7_2017 copySola_Norway_I131_Cs137_3mo_March7_2018 copy

  • Usti Nad Labem – Habrovice, Czech Republic, I-131 & Cs-137, 6 months:

UstiNadLabem_Habrovice_CzechRepublic_I131_Cs137_3mo_Dec7_2017 copyUstiNadLabem_Habrovice_CzechRepublic_I131_Cs137_3mo_March7_2018 copy

  • Gera-Leumnitz, Germany, Bismuth-214 & Lead-212, 6 months:

Gera_Leumnitz_Germany_Bi214_Pb212_3mo_Dec7_2017 copyGera_Leumnitz_Germany_Bi214_Pb212_3mo_March7_2018 copy

Or to put it musically [& dark-sarcastically at the same time]…:

I was going to leave a link @ ENEnews, for the hell of it, but it’s over, folks.  That was it.  Tell your cat, dying from leukemia, hello.

Hope you enjoyed those couple years of “not being interested in politics…”

If you won’t provide an address for a door to be kicked in, you’re shut up:

ENEnews_March7_2018 copy.jpg

—– ———– —–

Or would you rater have me ponder Pet Goat stories? ….

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