Austrian Special Forces Storm IAEA Headquarters *

* In your dreams, baby, in your dreams… –

DISCLAIMER – Colorado Rocky Mountains NP, March 1, 2018


March 1, 2018 – We need snow, man… Goodness… This lack of precipitation is becoming a bit disturbing…



I recall it felt important somehow… I don’t know…  A mega nuclear catastrophe being covered-up by the industry and the governments that allowed the nuclear insanity to go forward… and unlike in 1986 or 2011, now with the media being COMPLETELY playing ball with the bastards…  Something like that.   Something seemed to matter.  Must have been a glitch in the matrix.

Silly me – haha:  Yeah, that was it:  I was trying to say something…  in blog posts such as (Nov. 12, 2017) A Lot More than Ruthenium-106 in that Radioactive Cloud (DATA) and other radioisotope-specific data embedded for your entertainment in the I-don’t-know-what-that-was… “a short story” (Feb. 16, 2018) Tossing and Turning… [Part 1/2], such as that Iodine-131 uptick, with its massive Cesium-137 Estonia spike, (+ upticks Norway, Czech Republic, Switzerland, etc…) during that “Ruthenium-106-only” bout of media-bullshit-spewing extravaganza….

Narva_Estonia_1mo_I131_cs137_Oct16_2017 copy.jpg

A very large concentration of Cesium-137, as well as detections of Iodine-131 were very clearly present at some monitoring locations in Europe, precisely during the week of “the Ru-106-only cloud”… Pointing this out has made NOT ONE media outlet question the story they were fed and spread…

and (Nov. 27, 2017) Why ‘WHERE’ matters to name just a few.

Either all journalists died of sudden cardiac death, failed to use a key board due to excruciating joint pain, or they’re still crawling – in agonizing shortness of breath, probably – but at least they’re on their way – to their offices…. Though some may be leaving a trail of phlegm and bloody vomit in their wake, it is only a mater of time, surely, before they pick up their mighty pen…

…so we do not need to pick up our guns!*

:-D   Wrah-hah-ha

[Did you know that’s why the first and second amendment are in that order?]

No worries, folks.  I’m the delusional one: dabbling in data, wind patterns, logic, and such.  Seeing ‘fake news’ in mainstream media is a sure sign of depression.  Talk to your doctor about it.  And give thanks for the journalists doing their job.  They’re important check on government and corporate abuse of power.

[I’m perfecting veins of depression and cynicism, as an ART form.  Please don’t misinterpret.  See also my DISCLAIMER.]

Either that, or they went totally insane, forgot everything they ever knew about investigative journalism, and are only capable of believing, and printing, every damn empty uttered bunch of sentences, word for word, any and all deceptive perception management pieces of shit propaganda issued by the nuclear industry or – same difference – whatever their controlled watch-puppies threw their way…

Here’s a taped interview between an anti-nuclear activist and a drone representative of the nuclear industry, who/which starts to go through the motions of inserting the party line @ 2:11

Since all my one-way conversations with that bastion has been far more silent

…for the hell of it:

A Couple EURDEPs (via Online Radiation Monitors), as accessed on March 1, 2018, in no particular order (3 months per line; y-axis adjusted to show more detail):

Let’s see if I can remember what got me so concerned, apart from some bizarre ‘odd correlations‘ between my own symptoms and American radiation data… What was I trying to point at?   Let’s see if I can make myself remember…

Flashback to spring 2011:  Luxembourg, 3 months:

Lux_Lux_3mo_June1_2011 copy

Fallout tends to fly very high overhead and it takes awhile, if far away at least a week, but more often many weeks, even months, before the data-gapping algos kick in, and for the finer hot stuff it can even take years for the fallout to reach ground level, where the monitors are…

Fast forward to the last 3 months, same monitor:

Lux_Lux_3mo_Mar1_2018 copy

Pretty extreme.  Something BIG happened.  It’s too widespread around similar times.  Hemisphere-wide.   Not a mere harmless whiff of some isolated beta-emitter from a waste processing plant in a remote part of Russia at the end of September, early October.

Next: exact same thing but now for a monitor at Ernage, Belgium, but for 6 months…  See if that makes any difference…

6 months in 2011: See that signature of the fallout equivalent of 200+ Hiroshima bombs going stratospheric right there in mid-March?  See the data gaps by the end of April:

Ernage_Belgium_3mo_June1_2011 copyErnage_Belgium_3mo_Sept1_2011 copy

Okay, and now for late 2017- early 2018:  namely the past 6 months:

Ernage_Belgium_3mo_Dec1_2017 copyErnage_Belgium_3mo_Mar1_2018 copy

Alright…  Maybe Yuri Bezmenov was right

How about these PAST 6 month-ers: [look closely at the details]

  • Larissa, Greece:

Larissa_Greece_3mo_Decr1_2017 copyLarissa_Greece_3mo_Mar1_2018 copy

  • Statie Ra Bechet, Romania:

SatieRaBechet_Romania_3mo_Dec1_2017 copySatieRaBechet_Romania_3mo_Mar1_2018 copy

  • Nuuk, western Greenland:

Nuuk_westernGreenland_3mo_Dec1_2017 copyNuuk_westernGreenland_3mo_march1_2018 copy

  • Lynaes, Denmark:

Lynaes_Sara0112_Denmark_3mo_Dec1_2017 copyLynaes_Sara0112_Denmark_3mo_march1_2018 copy

  • Gyomaendrod, Hungary:

Gyomaendrod_Hungary_3mo_Dec1_2017 copyGyomaendrod_Hungary_3mo_Mar1_2018 copy

No worries, though.  It’s all good.  Now chill.  Here – ignore the lyrics – just dream something lovely to the gentle tune.  You can do it, you mighty new age gods and goddesses that you claim you are, co-creators of your own Venusian realities:

Hotness…   Like the gifts of being poisoned by airborne burning metals, all this, too, is offered purely for your entertainment.

One more:

  • Nepotino, Macedonia, 6 months:

Negotino_Macedonia_3mo_Dec1_2017_both_ copy 2

….with a composite of last 3 months to show both the values below 200 nSv/hr and the peak values:

Negotino_Macedonia_3mo_Mar1_2018_both_ copy

Entertained yet?

[not even crickets in winter…]

…what a strange strange blog this has become… 





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5 Responses to Austrian Special Forces Storm IAEA Headquarters *

  1. jk says:

    How does one begin to understand these eurdeps. Do you have a blog post on that? A cursory glance online didn’t show any resources on how to read them. As it stands they’re just meaningless graphs to me and a lot of other people

  2. MVB says:

    Hey jk – Another one that could possible help, is from early 2015: Gaging Recent Radiation Spikes: How do the Recent Gamma Upticks Compare to those Observed after Chernobyl?

    !-> @

    Or, anything specific you would like assistance interpreting?

  3. Pingback: Iodine Tablets For Everyone | Allegedly Apparent Blog

  4. PF says:

    JK, if I may add: Eurdep *should* show continous measurement of radiation data across Europe. with the majority of stations packed in Germany (why, eludes me). In addition, usually a ring of stations is set up around every nuclear power plant. So far, so honest, so good.
    In reality, and that MVB has been documenting throughout his blog here, Eurdep just takes a break when it matters most, when the stations actually detect something other than the natural fluctuations (background rad, rain). Then, as so ardently documented by MVB, mostly these sections are tampered with: either the data is lowered, or the data is simply not available via the Eurdep for the “interesting” period of time. Other monitors next to them often don’t get the whiff.
    YMMV. Mine certainly does since I started reading here…;)

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