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April 2018 Starts Dry…

Crestone, Eastern Saguache County, San Luis Valley, Southern Colorado – end of March 2018 Drought: From @ See Colorado drought data also @ Past 3 months Precipitation, with Crestone location added:   Colorado March Deviation from Average Precipitation: … Continue reading

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Nuclear Puzzle March 2018

► Lake of Tears – To Blossom Blue: ►Nox Arcana (The Darkness is Coming): ►Vvilderness – Devour the Sun (Full Album): Could be done from anywhere with internet access, March 30, 2018 You can’t miss the fact that yet another … Continue reading

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Severe Becoming Extreme

Was nice to return to Southern Colorado and see snow and rain… A LOT MORE would be nice… [Compare Colorado to just two weeks ago (March 14, 2018) Severe Drought] — SOURCE: Latest map @ — ————– —

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Them sweet springtime traces of Iodine-131…

Crestone, “the bloodless valley”, Colorado – March 29, 2018 via Online Radiation Monitors Another round of upticks of I-131, Cs-137 & “enhanced naturals” Be-7 and Na-22… over vast distances. WHERE the Ru-106 cloud came from in Autumn 2017, which contained … Continue reading

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Aztec Ruins National Monument, an Ancestral Puebloan archeological marvel & sacred site, Northern New Mexico [Photos]

The large kiva [see photos, above, and below for a view inside] and overall construction at this site is so impressive that, “Early settlers mistakenly thought that people from the Aztec Empire in Mexico created these striking buildings. They named … Continue reading

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Chaco Culture National Historical Park [Photos]

Chaco Culture National Historical Park [-> Wikipedia] is definitely a bit off the beaten track, in North-Western New Mexico (roughly between Farmington and Albuquerque, New Mexico; south of Durango, Colorado), see The National Park Service – Chaco for details.   I … Continue reading

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Couple Murals (Flagstaff, AZ)

Couple pieces of some murals in Flagstaff, AZ, on last week, when I was on my way south to take some Geiger Counter measurements, the results of which I shared in (March 27, 2018) — Palo Verde NPP: Highly Unlikely —.

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