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“Ah, Come On, Man, Someone* Would Have Said Something.”

*Not me. I wouldn’t.  Why would I? See… Okay, let’s use a hypothetical incident… like… um… Okay, here: Let’s assume… that a large radioactive plume escaped from a mystery nuclear facility somewhere.   You read about it or heard of it … Continue reading

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Driving Home at Sunset

Photo from T Road heading towards Crestone, at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range (with its 5 nearby peaks above 14,000 ft.), Southern Colorado: ——— ————— ———–  Rest: “filler”:  A speech + some music, just ’cause I … Continue reading

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Severe Drought

Crestone, Northern San Luis Valley, Southern Colorado – Mid-march 2018 – The headwaters of the Rio Grande, the Arkansas River (side arm of the Mississippi) and the Colorado River, among others, are in severe to extreme drought, as per the … Continue reading

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Sirènes hurlantes dans une dimension rougeoyante? [EURDEPs, 3/6 months] w/ Perverse* Rant

This blog is supposedly an artistic expression.  Make sure to read my DISCLAIMER if you haven’t yet.   Closing in on the 7 year anniversary of this blog… End Time of end of most recent 3-month graphs: 2018-03-12 06:00 Some repetition … Continue reading

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Snippets from Non-Flu Land

“…Happy 7th Anniversary, y’all…” “A 16-year experience in the follow-up of survivors with acute radiation syndrome (ARS) caused by the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident is presented. Oncohematological diseases and sudden cardiac death were at the top of the list … Continue reading

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Fallout Patterns widespread across Europe, following Iodine-131 & Cesium-137 upticks in the Baltics & Finland (see the other day’s Couple EURDEPs and (March 7, 2018) Iodine-131 & Cesium-137 Spiked in Finland [Mid-Feb. 2018] for context.   Nuclear oversight agencies silent in secrecy-agreed-upon unison.  … Continue reading

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Couple EURDEPs

[Original title was, “Major Nuclear Issues in Belgium?”, but it’s not as clear-cut.] Colorado Rocky Mountains – March 8, 2018 DISCLAIMER:  Think for yourself.  Take it as you wish. My car’s being looked at, so I have a few minutes … Continue reading

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