Tossing and Turning… [Part 1/2]

(Introductory music to this 2-part short story is key to the art installation, but the radiation data and narrative can be pondered in isolation just as well.)

DISCLAIMERSummah Solztice 2023

It was freak’n hot when I arrived at Wall Camp 7, just outside the small town of Why, Arizona.  Hours of standing in the sweltering sun, no water, no food, watching people before me being called by their detention number, then taken somewhere behind the container wall.  Eventually it was my turn.  The container was underground.  Nice and cool.  The interrogator placed a few sheets in front of me. “Interpret!”

What?   My eyes were still adjusting to the dark…

Kotka_Finland_I131_Cs137_3mo_Nov16_2017_DataGaps copy

bunch of well-timed data gaps…

Sola_Norway_Cs137_Be7_3mo_Nov16_2017 copy

peculiar uptick at the end of September…

Sola_Norway_Cs137_Be7_1mo_Oct16_2017 copy 2

Skibotn_Norway_Cs137_Na22_3mo_Dec16_2017 copyHarku_Estonia_Cs137_Be7_3mo_Dec16_2017 copy

Praha_Bartoskova_CzechRepublica_1mo_Oct16_2017 copy

Massive spike in I-131 and Cs-137 right around the same time Ru-106 was supposedly detected in isolation…    (!-> See also (Nov. 12, 2017A Lot More than Ruthenium-106 in that Radioactive Cloud (DATA))

Looked like some graphed radiation data from back in the days of the European Union…

“I’m sorry, officer, but I honestly do not remember ever having preoccupied myself with such boring data stuff.”

He throws a couple more sheets my way…

5-year Google Trends or something (pre- Feb. 16, 2018)…

Worldwide_ruthenium_5years copy

No such uptick for other radioisotopes…  People just googled about what they read about.

But interestingly… right around the same time as the “harmless” radioactive cloud drifted all over the northern hemisphere… Peculiar upticks of health-related search terms were observed in various places around the northern hemisphere…

Russia_HeartArrhythmia_5years copy

Canada_cardiacarrest_5years copy.jpg

USA_hypertension_5years copy

I didn’t know what to say.

“I have no idea what I’m looking at, sir.  If anything of significance had happened, I guess it would have made it into the newspaper.  Right?  Why are you showing me this?”

He seemed visibly irritated, took a few brisk steps to the corner of the container room with his flashlight, picked up a big filing box, roughed through it and grabbed a folder.  “Here!”, he yelled in anger.  “This one, this one, and this one!”  “YOU did the underlining!  Read ’em out loud!  There, start with the country you grew up in.  [ %80%A2CEN+en+het+ KMI+publiceren+ een+analyse+ over+de+aanwezigheid +van+radioactief+ ruthenium-106.html ]

Read it!  Right there, the underlined part.” copy

“Now translate!”

Um… Well, it says, “It can’t, however, have been released from an incident with a nuclear reactor incident, ’cause in that case, other fission products, such as noble gases and iodine, would also be measured around the same time.”

He shoved one from The New York Times in front of me @, saying the same: copy 2.jpg

Wikipedia @ ) never mentioned the other detections either.  Nothing, not a word anywhere…

“No other fission products, eh?  Any noble gases or iodine?   What about these?!”, as he placed a sheet with 3 annotated screenshots closer to me:

Narva_Estonia_I131_Cs137_3mo_Nov16_2017 copy

Outside-of-shown-range data for Cs-137, see monthly screenshot, below:

Narva_Estonia_1mo_I131_cs137_Oct16_2017 copy.jpg

Narva_Estonia_I131_Cs137_3mo_Feb16_2018 copy

Some I-131 upticks in January as well.

What about them?   Hm…  I have no idea, sir.  I mean, I see there’s an uptick of something called “I-131” and “Cs-137” in a 3-day period centered over Sept. 24, 2017 at Narva, Estonia.  Right?  But I don’t know what those are, or what this is supposed to mean…

“See that ‘V’, you know what that means right?”

‘V’ ?  No idea what any of this means.  Sorry.

Alright…  Let me refresh your memory:  That Cs-137 is an artificial radioisotope from nuclear fission, Cesium-137, and the average concentration during those 3 days at the end of September 2017 spiked to 8.0 Bq/m^3, (on average!).  It took a long time back then before it was published on the data sharing site, EURDEP, but the measurement was ‘validated’.  After the Fukushima-Daiichi catastrophe, all validated concentrations of Cs-137 remained well below 0.001 Bq/m^3 everywhere across mainland Europe.  8.0 Bq/m^3 of Cs-137 is “an extreme concentration“, Okay?  Especially as an average of 3 days.  These are your own words from back then, 15 years ago.  And seeing Iodine-131 right at the same time means it came from an active reactor.  You alleged that all these media outlets were lying, by omission.  Ring a bell yet?   These are all screenshots from your blog back then.

I had a blog?  I don’t recall…

I suggest you stop acting like an idiot and remind us to WHERE precisely you traced this radioactive cloud.  Which reactor?!  Which Country?!”

I’m speechless, officer.  I honestly have no idea why you’re trying to torture me with facts.  At the recommendation of nearly all my spiritual friends, who wanted me to become happy like them, I agreed in late 2017 that the truth doesn’t serve me anyway, so I did absolutely everything to forget…”

—– —– —–

Extras – just in case you’re still not getting “our situation…”:





Part 2/2 is next blogpost, The Gulag Will Be Decentralized in 22 minutes. [Part 2/2]

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12 Responses to Tossing and Turning… [Part 1/2]

  1. stock says:

    Hilarious, in the next episode do they torture you into becoming a radiation researcher again, and brainwash the spiritual shit outta you, and put your hippie chick GF into government work camp until you provide the results they need?

  2. stock says:

    Yuri is pretty effed up on his view of meditation, or at least just restricting his comments to a particular form of uber-meditation.

    • MVB says:

      Yeah, agreed, though a lot of people will use “meditation” to check out. Or use self-hypnosis and call it meditation. And even traditions that are practically opposite of what he describes are also regularly used for ‘spiritual materialism’ ego boosting. Though I would agree that as far as the all-is-well New Age believers goes, the naivité among spiritual groovers-on-the-scene is as real and exploitable as 30 years ago.

  3. stock says:

    meditiation has been a powerful tool, a habit, for me, to control all my other habits.

    But ya, the SNAG’s spiritual new age guys trolling for some hippie chicks are pretty sad, google SNAG et al.

  4. 555 fake street says:

    this idea the meditation is brainwashing is so bizarre. it’s accurate even beyond the scientific communities farthest grasp of human consciousness. is it going to solve the worlds problems? of course not because people are so deluded into thinking they CAN stop suffering. how is this possible when you believe you are permanent? how? it is impossible you will be always fighting over resources and eventually lead yourself into nuclear war. the KGB sent Yuri there to PREVENT THE SPREADING OF MEDITATION TO THE USSR. this is because communism has ALWAYS comdemned bhuddists such as the Dalai Lama and is CURRENTLY WORKING ON AN EMMIGRATION EXTINCTION PLAN OF THE TIBETAN PEOPLE……it is truly bizarre some the ideas cooked up by looking at life as if it is permanently going to stay the same way. it is what leads us to nuclear energy and holocaust. meditation raises tissue levels of carbon dioxide which in passsage leads to the arresting of cell excitation chiefly causing cancer in irradiated tissues, this is the job of the Thyroid gland in all physiology books. unless you can loan me 100 constantly functioning thyroids to replace my faltering thyroid then I think, sir you would do best to reconsider your notions to those of us who can see things for what they are and wish to live in peace.

    • MVB says:

      Thanks, bot. You used up the limit for bot comments for 2018. I recommend you request the punctuation and grammar software update and try facebook for a dumber audience.

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