Well, Carbon-Based Life, It’s Been Interesting..

(Guess she isn’t aware that Carbon, just like Silicon, can be crystalline, or not. Examples of crystalline carbon include graphite, diamond and fullerenes.  Anyhow…  I’ve even run into people who are zealously all about “upgrading from carbon to silicon/crystalline consciousness”… and those I’ve met, so far, are utterly detached from physical and social realities, somehow fathoming themselves “above all that”…    I don’t know…  More signs that GMI is upon us? *Global Mass Insanity)  Anyways…


Google Trends:

Here’s a striking one on a 5 year graph for the petri dish called, ‘United States’:

Breathing_vs_CardiacArrest_SearchTerms__GoogleTrends_5years_USA_Feb12_2018 copy 2

‘Breathing’ and ‘Cardiac Arrest’… End of September, start of October 2017…  Curious, not?

Coincidences, no doubt.

Couple EURDEPs, ending Feb. 11, 2018:

Beittem_Belgium_3mo_Feb11_2018 copy

ALL Belgium’s monitors were offline for nearly a month…

Bitola_Macedonia_3mo_Feb11_2018 copy

Note the y-axis (in nanoSievert/Hour)

LangdonBay_UK_3mo_Feb11_2018 copy

Example of ‘baseline shift’

PY0KRS802MA_76_SIT_GM_France_3mo_Feb11_2018 copy

Baseline hiccups, a French specialty…

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