Nothing Ever Happens in Lala Land…

All is well in Pripyat too, February 10, 1987
…or sometime in the future, somewhere else, who cares…

…wobb wobb wobb…

“…And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed — if all records told the same tale — then the lie passed into history and became truth…” – 1984, George Orwell

“…♪. ♫. ♬Onwards forever eternally dark
Eternally dark

The grit in your eye soon enters your heart
And all that was strength is just falling apart
We’re jumping from one bed and into another
Searching for something that we’ll never discover
Never discover

So we go on breeding – breeding contempt
From all of the repression that this has meant
If the bombs and the fire don’t instantly kill
Then the greed from the ashes certainly will
Certainly will… ♪. ♫. ♬

For f*ck’s sake, really?   An ‘Early ventricular repolarization pattern‘ appears to have been spotted…  Ah, yes, I see it too… not much of a P-wave either…:


Alright then, guess some more tests are in order.

What-oh-what could possibly be messing with the ion channel signaling pathways in my heart?   Certainly not ionizing radioactive particles.  That would make way too much sense.   So that can be ruled out.  This is the 21st century modern world after all, “the post-truth era.” copy.jpg

Too much heartbreak?  Perhaps.   A virus?  I hear viruses are popular these days.  Something went ‘viral’ alright…

Let’s see what the mainstream media has for comfort… 

(I only had some chest pain and shortness of breath when laying down [<- all links and rambles are for entertainment purposes only] during those troubling November 2017 weeks.  And severe gastrointestinal upset, bloating, joint & bone pain, etc. but everything is probably totally unrelated with everything, so this news snippet is probably unrelated too,… But…) how about that, just in time: copy.jpg

“How curious…”

Anyway, MUST have been some crazy virus to still affect me 3 months later…

ALSO completely unrelated is the finding that an EKG showing an apparent ‘early repolarization pattern’ is linked to a much higher risk for Sudden Cardiac Death.

And the reason THAT is completely irrelevant is because… ( Medical_monitoring_results_ of_survivors_ with_acute_ radiation_syndrome_after_Chernobyl_disaster) … because sudden cardiac arrest was among the top causes of death in badly exposed Chernobyl survivors. copy 2

And the reason THAT is completely irrelevant is because – drumroll – verify it with mainstream sources yourself:


“:-)”  That’s right:


—- ——- —-

Oh – I forgot what point I was trying to make in the blogposts I shared these data-gapped radiation graphs in…

cewolf;jsessionid=94BCC04190A1C88ADB1051FB543A515D-4 copy

The predominant wind direction for my location… copy.jpg

…is probably precisely just as unrelated…

…just as unrelated as the data gaps and baseline shifts observed elsewhere…

StGeorge_Utah_7months_Dec4_2017 copy

I have no idea what any of this even means.

Did you watch the superbowl?  And?  Good times?

GrandJunction_Colorado_7months_Dec4_2017 copy

Jeez… why did I even try…? 

The Pravda says it’s the flu.  Then its the flu! 

The doctors guessed so accurately, “Probably just stress…” 

Yeah… Okay then…  

“…joke’s on me…”

Greetings from the 21st Century Soviet Union…

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One Response to Nothing Ever Happens in Lala Land…

  1. PF says:

    In Europe, sadly enough, we have a field lab dealing with long-term effects of radiation: Belarus. Here are some papers (one needs to know what to search for…): Yu. I. Bandazhevsky. Radioactive caesium and heart (pathophisiologic aspects). Minsk.: «Belrad» 2001. – 59 pp. ISBN 985-434-080-5 (
    Yu. I. Bandazhevsky Chronic Cs-137 incorporation in children’s organs ( Human Health and Incorporated Radionuclides. Yu. I. Bandazhevsky Human Health and Incorporated Radionuclides. (
    Nice summary page:
    Good luck!

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