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…Trying to Isolate Us Into a Dimension Called, ‘Loneliness’…

Because I currently no longer know what to say…  And many radiation monitors are becoming increasingly speechless as well…   …how about a couple more John Trudell videos: [Blogpost title is from the lyrics of this John Trudell spoken … Continue reading

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And now I’ll just bury those blogposts under piles of music and nature photos…

I’ll start with some YouTube picks of the day…  

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Couple Movies

In no particular order: The Day After (1983): THEY LIVE: Network: Arlington Road: Soylent Green: Jacob’s Ladder: The Shining: Fight Club: The Matrix (’99): All the President’s Men (1976): The Manchurian Candidate (2004): Donnie Darko: The Fifth Element: [Guess I … Continue reading

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It’s interesting, isn’t it, to ponder the possibility that there truly was – for real – factually in the physical realm of causality – one or more, but at least one mega-catastrophical nuclear disaster in 2017, likely even on American … Continue reading

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…a bar conversation excerpt… a quote… more MUSIC [1982]

Southern Colorado – Feb. 25, 2018 — Last night I swung by a local drinking hole; had a kombucha and a salad and enjoyed some of the live music. Someone told me, “I got a call from [so and so, … Continue reading

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The Gulag Will Be Decentralized in 22 minutes. [Part 2/2]

A short story – Starts at Part 1/2, the previous blogpost, @ Tossing and Turning… DISCLAIMER – Still Summah Solzstice 2023 [continued from previous blog post] “Look, man, there’s no need for you to pretend you forgot everything.  I know … Continue reading

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Tossing and Turning… [Part 1/2]

(Introductory music to this 2-part short story is key to the art installation, but the radiation data and narrative can be pondered in isolation just as well.) “DISCLAIMER – Summah Solztice 2023 It was freak’n hot when I arrived at … Continue reading

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