Achtung Achtung

[!!!–> Some context in various previous blogposts, including (Nov. 12, 2017A Lot More than Ruthenium-106 in that Radioactive Cloud (DATA), and (Nov. 15, 2017Oct. 2017 Ru-103 Detections Highest since 2011 + Record High MDCs @ Switzerland Radiation Monitoring stations; + Czech Republic I-131 & Cs-134 Measurements During “Ru-106 Cloud” compared to 2011.]

Headline is a quote from “the lyrics” ;-)… in this (shared before) music video that YouTube deemed “recommended for you” again for some bizarre reason…

It happens… a dip in a sea of progress…   A day I feel down.

Anchorage_AK_multiple_Jan25_2018 copy.jpg

Data gaps (accetuated with black), a very special niche in the nuclear data thriller entertainment industry… Logarithmic scale.  Note recent spike, too.

Recently someone asked me how much I would want to get paid to keep an eye on the nuclear monitors and sleuth away ad nauseum to figure out where the main spewing source(s) might be.  Pffff… Jeez man, you’re asking at the wrong time.  I’m done.  DONE.  Half a decade too late, buddy.  I might have loved the idea back then.  If you’re serious, and read this, the combined odds I presume near-zero anyhow, I’ll take back-pay first – hehe  10k or just 1 Bitcoin (BTC) in cryptocurrencies would be lovely, for starters.  That would cover all past travel and various lab expenses and some medical bills.  Forget about the time spent, or the “pain and suffering” of having bothered in the first place.

“…Come close, step inside
Radiance from the dying world
Contagious and careless
You’re spreading your disease among us
Warm sweat, no regret
All you see is the TV set
While people around you
Are dying like flies…

Non-stop violence, they feed us cascades
Of non-believers dying in the sand
Feeding us with violence, we face the fall of man
Believe me, and catch me if you can

Catch me if you can!…”  – from 1996:

Let me know, though, if you want to send me Komodo (KMD), VeChain (VEN), QASH or NEO; then I’ll quickly make a receiving address for those.  They look promising from everything I’ve been looking at.

Okay, THEN I’ll consider the idea.  Meanwhile I’ll assume it was an interesting form of rubbing in that I can’t even figure out when someone’s giving me a compliment or being sarcastic. Clueless, my friend.  “At a loss”, some might say;  ‘Aspie‘, a 2012 friend might have joked.  I don’t think it would feel all that much better to almost completely waste all my time if I got paid for it.  Though that is exactly what I used to do in other ways…  Hm…

I do, out of bad habit, still glance some monitors, however, but not remotely as often as I used to.  In the past I would now be digging into the current mystery, namely why Belgium’s radiation monitors remain offline, or why Lithuania never awoke from its seemingly endless data gap, or what’s making Spain glitch in and out, like strobo-Italia, or the cause of enormous spikes in Macedonia, to name a few.

For instance, what would actually be showing if Belgium wasn’t off-line?  The latest 3 months from Luxembourg surely suggest that perhaps it wouldn’t look so comforting…:

Luxembourg_Luxembourg_3mo_Jan26_2018 copy.jpg

Yes, that’s a negative dose rate in mid-December, …when the punch from ionizing radiation makes molecular bonds inside DNA invincible.  Something…  An AI joke from inside the circuitry board?


Bitola_Macedonia_3mo_Jan27_2018 copy.jpg

Would the fresh Iodine-131 with Cesium-137, as seen in Southern Finland be related?  Here’s 6 months at Kotka, Finland: To revisit that Ru-106-only bs story once more (See the gist in (Nov. 12, 2017) A Lot More than Ruthenium-106 in that Radioactive Cloud (DATA)), note again the striking absence of air sampling (data gaps) those few weeks in Sept.-Oct. 2017… “Go figure” (It appears to be a hallmark of nuclear deception: giving the impression they care, except when it would actually matter. Then they’re distracted, doing “maintenance”, whatever,… “Make something up.  The media will print whatever we say anyhow.”  Something…)

Kotka_Finland_3mo_I131_cs137_Oct27_2017 copy

Different time x-axis, but compare (to pluck one from The Guardian on that Ru-106 cloud in early October 2017: “Nuclear accident sends ‘harmless’ radioactive cloud over Europe” (+ EURDEPs, Nov. 10-11, 2017)) the above data gaps with the disturbances observed at Patra, Greece:

Too many correlations like that can be part of “stronlgly suggesting” that there was a reason for the radioisotope-specific data gaps.  Now, if that were the case, chances are that the early Oct 2017 radioactive cloud has to be traced to a source that began spewing in mid-September – ish.

But first the latest 3 months from Kotka, below.  Note the Cs-137 with I-131 uptick this past week:

Kotka_Finland_3mo_I131_cs137_Jan27_2018 copy

But anyhow… Couple exceptions notwithstanding, no one gives a damn anyhow…

This one, like several blog posts since that –interestingly timed (Sept. 17, 2017) – “attempted epilogue“, this one is just part of that same overall ‘wrapping it up’.   And that gets me to a peculiarity: I’ve noticed that I have “thrown in the towel” at times that a bit later revealed to have been right around the time as things were heating up in the radioactivity landscape, almost as if I was responding to the radiation levels before I’d seen the data.    The PAKS NPP in Hungary was doing calibrations (I think) on Sept. 14, but many other monitors that might have been in response to mystery disturbances.  Look over the data in “attempted epilogue” again, and the dozens of posts since.   WHERE is the main question, but you can’t find it unless you know WHEN.  (And vice versa, actually)…  But as it goes with an increasingly complex pollution landscape, there’s increasingly “too much noise” to tell ‘the signal’ from ‘the static’…

So many blogposts I never finished.  I’m trashing ’em.  Click… click… gone.   Here and there I see a bit or some pieces, I pluck from the trash can.  Like this composite of Nullschool wind data, below, (To do it yourself, see included in list of Online Radiation Monitors); this one from August 3rd, 2017, next one below, when I tried to figure out why they sent US Air Force up to your standard “traveling radiation cloud altitude” above Seattle, right as radiation monitors in the west coast spiked.  I had already shared the jet stream wind pattern (250 hPa) (in Aug 12, 2017 Quick look at wind over Pacific (F1 -> Seattle ?)), but lower altitude wind patterns (500 hPa, etc.) had me wonder about a few other possibilities, including nuclear power plants in California and in Arizona.  500 hPa, with my location marked, and the other marked location being Palo Verde, just west of Phoenix, AZ:,39.64,1141:loc=-112.400,33.200 copy.jpg

Who knows…  May have absolutely nothing to do with the observed, though…

  — Oh yeah:  This blog is “just an art installation”, mixing the ‘data thriller genre’ with some broad strokes of irrelevancy, with music videos and such – all not to be confused with news reporting.   I leave that to “the experts”.     !-> See also my DISCLAIMER.

“Due to smoke from forest fires”, experts claimed back then…  They went silent on the topic as the narrative fell apart when the smoke cleared by the radiation levels didn’t go back to normal…  Same old, same old.

And that “Russian Ruthenium-106”, pitched to the masses with convincing maps that make you think they’re certain it’s from Mayak (see previous blogpost, (Jan. 21, 2018) I Used To Blog about Covered-Up Nuclear Disasters…, and many linked from there)…

It’s all so strange…   Not that I would believe the Russian government…  [As a rule: if a country has nuclear reactors, you can’t trust the government that approved or didn’t stop it.  Period.   End of story.  Fail-proof rule.  ‘Cause an informed public would never approve of collective suicide, no matter how far in the future that predicament would become apparent.] … but why would the Belgian nuclear establishment go as far as denying that the cloud didn’t even pass over Belgium?    Because if you trace wind patterns from the obvious fallout signatures in Belgium, there’s no way you’ll end up in Russia?,79.74,555:loc=5.900,50.500 copy.jpg

If “the spewing source” is not one of the 4 possibilities in Belgium itself, or a nuclear site in Northern UK, Southern Netherlands or Northern France… the next nuclear reactor site would be Fukushima-Daiichi in Japan, if you were to follow the jet stream.  And further upwind all bets are off, pretty much.

I have no idea if that has anything to do with the observed either.  I just made the mistake to read a Belgian mainstream news article, because it had been emailed to me.   And from an eyebrow frown and a “Hm, let’s see” mental spasm,  [Terrible habit.  Don’t start] I ended up in that usual shaking-my-head land again…  Anyhow… October 2017 is old news, I suppose…  I remain skeptical that it came “from Russia”, but if elsewhere, then WHERE did it come from?  It must have been an enormous accident, possible as big as an INES-7.  At least that has been my impression from all the data gaps, spikes and odd detections I looked at.  Where-oh-where…   It would be a lot funnier if people weren’t dropping dead from cardiac arrests and stuff…

I drift off into imaginary waste lands….  I take a left turn and pull up by that good ol’ rusty dive bar, L’Eurdep on the outskirts of Dystopia.   I’m having a calendula kombucha.  The Dj’s playing a a song about a reactor complex in which one, which had been secretly configured as a secret breeder reactor, went kaboom… on the edge of a beautiful ocean:

Something in that early October “Ruthenium-106-only) cloud… a quick look at which way the wind blew at the very moment the I-131/Cs-137/etc. whiff affected some monitors…  Like this one @ Guttingen, Northern Switzerland:

a small I-131 blip over New Years…

Guttingen_CH_I131_Cs137_3mo_Jan27_2018 copy

For that spike of Cs-137 in early October, see next screenshot below:  right around the time that radioactive cloud with that “Ru-106 only, made in Russia, no doubt” -’cause “if it came from a reactor it would have other isotopes in it too, and – well, let’s just keep repeating that that wasn’t the case until all other data becomes irrelevant”… [sarc.]  ANYWAYS… [pretending the news didn’t lie and just “forgot to check”… -They’re véry good at that, I’ve noticed…] …so that Cs-137 that was obviously also in the cloud:

ThatRuthenium106Cloud_I131MDCuptick_Cs137spike_1mo_Oct27_2017 copy

–> I could take the very end of Oct 3, 2017 as a wind pattern point in time and space…,52.30,1111/loc=9.300,47.600,52.30,1111:loc=9.300,47.600 copy.jpg

Mayak, huh?  Sorry, man, still not buying it…  I mean… You can trace back that far, but you have to go around the entire planet first.  @,85.14,278/loc=9.300,47.600   My impression is… that the French and Belgian “experts” used surface winds only, because they DECIDED to ignore everything that they apparently preferred to leave out of their “model” (other detections and higher winds?  [fingers in ears] lalalala!!!  Unbelievable, no?)…   They know that if I-131, Cs-137, etc. were also in the same cloud, that it was a HOT and volatile release and that those rise up to high altitude quickly, and are then transported with the jet stream.  SO where did this specific Cs-137 whiff blow in from… Upwind is  Belgium, UK… then over Canada, North of the US’s NPPs… and then the first one after the North American continent in Asia is Fukushima-Daiichi NPP in Japan…

So, if it came from mainland Europe, you would be able to see a pattern: where an uptick or data gap appeared first could be indicative of being closer to the source.  Right?

Well, let me just lay it on really easy:  There is NO WAY you can get an entire continent’s gamma monitors affected near-simultaneously with surface winds.  You can only explain that with a fan-out of a jet-stream, bringing in crap from far away. 

That week in early October 2017:

ChartImg-75.axd copy

Alright… near-surface wind, from the south…: @,57.05,1111/loc=24.100,57.000

Hm.. blew in from Western Europe, then from over Atlantic…,55.24,2881/loc=24.100,57.000

These are four 2 DAYS graphs:

ChartImg-7.axd copybChartImg-6.axd copybChartImg-12.axd copyb,74.34,278/loc=24.100,60.200

ChartImg-8.axd copyb

That data gap… all too often right when actual data might give just that bit of clues to be able to figure it out.   Here’s a bunch, 1 WEEK, ending Oct 6, 2017, showing that basically almost all of Europe got data-gapped in the same 24-48 hour period, from Tenerife to Iceland in the Atlantic, from Romania to Finland

ChartImg-71.axd copyChartImg-6.axd copyChartImg-12.axd copyChartImg-68.axd copyChartImg-70.axd copyChartImg-74.axd copyChartImg-69.axd copyChartImg-13.axd copyChartImg-73.axd copyChartImg-72.axd copyChartImg-14.axd copyChartImg-7.axd copyChartImg-8.axd copy

With just surface winds, it makes no sense.   But as soon as you look a little higher… yeah, sure… but then there’s no chance in hell you would be able to pinpoint the source so neatly to “definitely Mayak, Russia”.   Maybe I’m missing something, but every time I give it a shot, their claim looks clownish, made-up.  It suggests a massive cover-up.  SOMEWHERE.  And the media giants are not investigating.  They’re only re-telling what nuclear “experts” are telling them, which is clearly not the whole story.

So far I still only have a few tentative conclusions:   It wasn’t just Ru-106:  I-131 and Cs-137 were also included  => So it came from an active reactor, so the release wasn’t just cold waste, but hot and volatile;  And then when I scrutinize wind patterns… I doubt the radioactive cloud came from Russia with surface winds.

Where was it?  How big was it?  Know the answer?  Got some secret emergency management documents?  Whatcha got?   Don’t bother me with it.  I already told you: I’m done.  But that has no effect whatsoever on the nuclear realities that are making people sick…

I don’t know these folks personally, but maybe worth a shot?:

—- —- —-


Alright…  I have a few more gamma graphs I see on my desktop…  some are 1 week, some are 1 month, but they all “tell a story”, a part of the puzzle, that preceded Oct. 3, 2017.  I’ll do ’em one-by one…

ChartImg-67.axd copy.jpg

Ireland… Oct. 2, 12 noon…  both surface and higher winds show the wind at the onset of the first data gap blew in from over the Atlantic with the jet stream…  Click ‘Earth’ and toy around to see  @,74.27,241/loc=-8.000,53.000

–> You CAN see why Romania and interestingly also the region around the Mayak Russian site much further east may have received more fallout than most of Europe, because of very significant slow-downs in the higher wind-layers [which makes fallout descend…] in those areas around that time late Sept. and early Oct.,   I do little more than speculate, but for those inclined, it could be worth it to take the investigation further.

Next:  Matveev-Kurgan, Russia  – You see the coordinates, 47.6N, 38,9 W under the monitor name, right:

ChartImg-1.axd copy

Well, to get an approximate location véry close to those coordinates, you can just click anywhere on the Nullschool map and alter the location of the marker, in this case to “loc=38.900,47.600”:


or with Mayak marked:,64.44,567/loc=55.700,60.800

And so you can see that it is far more likely that the source was upwind from Mayak… and that IF that were so, that there would be two main “fallout zones”: eastern Europe and around Mayak in fact:,64.44,567:loc=55.700,60.800_mayakMarked copy.jpg

Funny how all they’re talking about actually matched jet stream patterns, but they’re not bringing that up.  Russian authorities appear to be approaching the situation more scinetifically, rather than jumping to conclusions about a specific facility – See NY Times, Nov. 21, 2017: @

Did the western nuclear team of “experts” know exactly what had happened where and had they already calculated that that region in Russia would see very significant fallout, and then, as part of the cover-up, tried to be one step ahead by blaming the Russians with a media move that would catch them off-guard ?   An extremely dirty geopolitical game is being played out, so I won’t rule out ANYTHING.  But it is a dangerous (and unlikely, imo) hypothesis, ’cause if it were true, the Russians would eventually figure it out too.  Much more likely that they’re doing a tit-for-tat IAEA-orchestrated “You be the fall guy this time; we’ll cover for you next time yours blow up, okay?!” international cooperative deception strategy.   The nuclear-obsessed [not-sure-if-they’re-human] powers can think of it as win-win, more and more affected people are essentially being sacrificed…

See that relative slow-down zone, above, also, on the eastern coast of the UK?   If the radioactive cloud blew in from across the Atlantic, the air layers may not have sufficiently mixed to show up here (hence more fallout tends to fall inland)…  Maybe there’s more of ’em UK ninjas – but I just spotted this “ninja dot” [See (May 2, 2017) The “Ninja Dot” – Reading Between The Lines: a EURDEP gamma graph detail ) in one of the unused graphs I had sitting here – Probably why I had plucked it in the first place:  Langdon Bay, UK, 1 month:

ChartImg-9.axd copy

Early October… No way that you could explain this with surface winds, again, if just the day before before an alleged cloud from Mayak had caused the uptick after a data gap @ Matveev-Kurgan, Russia near the Black Sea.  But with higher winds, it would just be part of the very same pattern.

The other oddities fit the same wind patterns as well:

1 month:

ChartImg-2.axd copyChartImg-5.axd copy

1 week:

ChartImg-6.axd copy

No, NPR, it doesn’t hint farther east.   You didn’t even bother to look into it. copy.jpg

For the Belgium comment, see previous blogpost.

Further yet, though…

  • Conclusion stands:

I’m slow to declare certainty, because there’s a lack of data, but I’ve become convinced that this past autumn’s “Russian” “non-reactor” Ru-106 “-only” radiation cloud… MOST LIKELY DIDN’T ORIGINATE AT MAYAK.   And if that is so, then I’m absolutely certain that the pushers of the Mayak narrative know this and are doing what they’re doing, with the mainstream and controlled opposition media all on their side, to fool the masses with this diversion, which sole purpose is to cover up a far worse nuclear accident, likely affecting way too many people for them to even consider evacuations, hence to prevent “causing panic”.

In that case, perhaps they’ll also buy stocks in pharmaceutical giants and rub their hands, grinning.  “wrah-ha-ha”

But I digressed…

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6 Responses to Achtung Achtung

  1. pure water says:

    “Well, let me just lay it on really easy: there is NO WAY you can get an entire continent’s gamma monitors affected near-simultaneously with surface winds. You can only explain that with a fan-out of a jet-stream, bringing in crap from far away. ” – Exactly! Simple, understandable, brilliant!

  2. Jerrry Brown says:

    Take a moment from the pain and look at the once soulfully-dying fish who struggled for so long in the shallow waters of a Matrix-inhumanity existence desperately clinging to the hope to actually feel, to feel(!), the emotional depths of the real reality, where you so easily can stand. Look at it! It is squirming through the hole that you, the in-real-reality-a-fucking ‘reality can-opener,’ helped open. You cracked their shell!

    See beyond the aches of your weariness and witness the fruit before you which you have manifested like a parent who has awakened a child’s eyes to newness. Behold the miracle! Gaze at this creature as it basks in the true—real—light you helped cast! Don’t abandon it, this new being when it just now feels the gravity of reality for the first time.

    Thou art their brother, Mother. Father. True, they, the newborn, cannot yet acknowledge your pain, your grief, your sacrifice, but can you—or any parent—expect that of any baby!?

    Single parent, liberator, friend, tall person standing in the great depths of the pool of humanity who has helped them: your pain is real, but no liberation can happen without a sacrifice—know this!—and no liberated soul can well endure without a steadfast parent helping them in their first steps. Don’t lose patience or hope. Hold their hand. Don’t walk away. Cast aside the hurt, if you can, and see with your crystal clear eyes that your nurturance HAS awakened and the awakened need YOU most now!!

    Like any great, the day will come that others, including your followers, will learn to stand tall in the depths like you and acknowledge what you and unsung others have endured in pain, sacrifice, and loss, and they will in turn become the torch-bearer, the brother, the mother, and father, and care for you and honor your memory.

  3. jk says:

    The Talmud says ita lawful to kill as long as you do it indirectly.

    “A Jew who murders a Gentile is guilty only of a sin against the laws of Heaven, not punishable by a court.”

    “To cause indirectly the death of a Gentile is no sin at all.”

    Thus, one of the two most important commentators on the Shulhan Arukh explains that when it comes to a Gentile, ‘one must not lift one’s hand to harm him, but one may harm him indirectly, for instance by removing a ladder after he had fallen into a crevice .., there is no prohibition here, because it was not done directly’.

    Interesting no?

    • MVB says:

      @hi – Yeah, some parts of the talmud are not inspiring, to say the least.

      “Jesus in the talmud” is an interesting book on that matter.

  4. MVB says:

    @ Jerrry Brown – thank you for that. beautiful comment.

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