I Used To Blog about Covered-Up Nuclear Disasters…

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‘They’ still have nukes, I had only a DISCLAIMERJanuary 21, 2018

Though the handful of corporate nuclear giants and the official nuclear oversight agencies may be delighted, I can think of a handful of never-met-in-person quasi-strangers in Japan, Sweden, Germany, the UK, France, the Netherlands and the United States, who are a little bit disappointed that I have quit following the radiation monitoring scene.

This, below, would be the equivalent of throwing some kitchen scraps to a pack of hungry data wolves:

Argos_Greece_3mo_Jan20_2018 copyAntalyaManavgat_Turkey_3mo_Jan20_2018 copy

Add a few more, and perhaps it could be more like a meaty bone of yet another round in the “what the hell is going on” series…:

Mardin_Turkey_3mo_Jan20_2018 copyBitola_Macedonia_3mo_Jan21_2018 copy

I may never know what exactly made so many people afflicted with the full array of symptoms that are associated with exposure to radioactive contamination in summer and autumn 2017…  Maybe it was all a coincidence.  Maybe it was all in my head.  Some kind of bizarre ‘confirmation bias’ that vanished when I visited regions in northern Colorado, but mysteriously intensified more locally.  [sarc.]   Yet, just-as-maybe, fallout deposition zones are STILL what they’ve always been:  high erratic, dependent on geography, shifting winds, precipitation.  Add a couple chimney effects from forest fires and you can make the search for a spewing source nearly impossible, especially in a foaming media ocean of what might be little more than wave after wave of distraction disinformation…

And I’m not just referring to the unusual spike in “flu-like symptoms” in Colorado and especially Arizona.  My “anecdotal suggestive evidence” ranges from someone vomiting blood upon waking up for 3 weeks, to signs of anemia, joint discomfort, gastrointestinal upset that doesn’t go away, fatigue, night fever, high blood pressure, chest pain, heart problems, shortness of breath, diarrhea, confusion,… even rumors of a significant 2017 uptick in stillbirths and very specific birth defects such as cataract and heart issues.  And I’m not talking about Russia.  I live in the western US.  I mentioned my own bouts of “wtf is happening to me” in (Dec. 3, 2017) Odd Correlation and (Jan. 15, 2018) I’ll Live.

I’m ALSO referring to the French watchdog IRSN sharing “their best guess” (repeated in map image below) based on where the Ruthenium-106 radioactive cloud over Europe, in late Sept., early Oct. 2017, originated, WITHOUT them mentioning that it REALLY – I mean… seriously…- looked like there was (Nov. 12, 2017A Lot More than Ruthenium-106 in that Radioactive Cloud (DATA), or other signs that strongly suggested that this wasn’t some “harmless whiff”… (Nov. 15, 2017Oct. 2017 Ru-103 Detections Highest since 2011 + Record High MDCs @ Switzerland Radiation Monitoring stations; + Czech Republic I-131 & Cs-134 Measurements During “Ru-106 Cloud” compared to 2011.

On Nov. 11, 2017, (in “The Guardian on that Ru-106 cloud in early October 2017: “Nuclear accident sends ‘harmless’ radioactive cloud over Europe” (+ EURDEPs, Nov. 10-11, 2017)“, I had included this below IRSN map that was spread far and wide by mainstream media:

https-:www.theguardian.com:world:2017:nov:10:nuclear-accident-in-russia-or-kazakhstan-sends-radioactive-cloud-over-europe copy

Now the renowned Belgian nuclear research center SCK•CEN (which I have visited – see (March 20, 2015), A Visit to Belgium’s Nuclear Waste Depository Lab, HADES, 750 feet Underground…) and “experts from the KMI” (Belgium’s Royal Meteorological Institute) published this new probable spewing source map (image in partial screenshot, below):


http-:www.meteo.be:meteo:view:nl:35500766-SCK%E2%80%A2CEN+en+het+KMI+publiceren+een+analyse+over+de+aanwezigheid+van+radioactief+ruthenium-106.html copy.jpgMy emphasis added in partial screenshot of Jan. 21, 2018

SOURCE: (in Dutch, with the map showing the most likely origin of that cloud): @ http://www.meteo.be/meteo/view/nl/35500766-SCK%E2%80%A2CEN+en+het+KMI+publiceren+een+analyse+over+de+aanwezigheid+van+radioactief+ruthenium-106.html

Although it added absolutely nothing new (apart from a better-looking map), it was front-page in De Standaard: http://www.standaard.be/cnt/dmf20171121_03200636  Yup, just like The Guardian, De Standaard just takes so-called nuclear watchdogs’ word for it…  “Just a harmless whiff of Beta emitter Ru-106 in early October…”   Like I said before: “Please ignore all evidence, just like last year, or in late 2014 as well, that suggests this is FAR more serious.”  

Aside from the fact that this is currently ‘NEWS’ in Belgium – nicely timed –right as the Belgian monitoring data stream has been cut for over a week…,


Eurdep_max_gamma_1week_Jan21_2018 copy

One more mainstream peep, selectively ignoring publicly available data, while pointing at somewhere far away many months ago… and I might begin to suspect something very serious happened in Belgium…  [How Belgian of me…]

…with some peculiarities preceding the current 10+ days data gap


Gent_Belgium_3mo_Jan21_2018 copy

…including “fallout patterns” nearby… (negative dose rates and zero values amidst disturbances and data gaps…):

Luxembourg_Luxembourg_3mo_Jan21_2018 copy

…there’s some “funny sh*t” in those press pieces…  Such as, “the reconstruction shows the cloud did not drift over Belgium”hahaha    Right…  And no one can point at the possible spikes that would have suggested otherwise, because…     -TADA, what’s new?…-


Perception management is where’s it’s at…:  the reconstruction SHOWS the cloud did not drift over Belgium”.

the radiation monitors were briefly put in their notorious data-gap mode, in some places with zero values even! (For its significance, see 2016: Does BETA radiation affect GAMMA Monitors Negatively? and Down is Up: Negative Activity Rate, T-Beta-Art & Cs-137 Upticks (Eurdep data)and Sept. 17, 2017: “Couple EURDEPs” – Attempted EPILOGUE Re. Observations & Musings from the land of ‘Monitoring Radiation Monitoring’… (heavily sprinkled with YT Music & Videos))



What is this Allegedly Apparent Blog supposed to do now? Rewind and play some fading memories of the nuclear monitoring scene during that time?  Alright… for fukc’s sake… These (via Online Radiation Monitors) EURDEP 3-month periods (ending 2017-10-05 OR 2017-10-15, with the key period marked – Just be aware that they cover a different period than the ones above that show the latest data, done so to include the end of September and early October):

SPA_Belgium_3mo_Dec15_2017 copy

No signs of a radioactive cloud passing over Belgium in early October, eh?  Really?

Longlier_Belgium_3mo_Dec15_2017 copy

Tihange_Belgium_3mo_Dec5_2017 copy

Nearby in The Netherlands?

Aalsmeer_NL_3mo_Dec5_2017 copyMaasband_NL_3mo_Dec5_2017 copy

Coast of Northern France:

Alderney_UK_francebretoenseKust_3mo_Dec5_2017 copy

“…curiouser and curiouser…”

Also ‘nevermind’ that a trace of Ru-106 was also even officially detected right near the Belgian border in The Netherlands… (So it’s more than obvious that the cloud also drifted over Belgium…)  Via Safecast ( @ https://blog.safecast.org/2017/11/about-that-radioactive-plume-of-ru-106/ ):

https-:blog.safecast.org:2017:11:about-that-radioactive-plume-of-ru-106: copy.jpg

I do not know why they keep disseminating “news” that can be so easily proven incorrect.  But I do know why I have thrown in the towel on “being that guy” who for whatever bizarre altruistic humanitarian reason felt compelled to point that out.  Ad nauseum, year after year, with nothing changing…

Man… the amount of time/focus/effort that is actually REQUIRED to point out that what the mainstream media spews, especially when it comes to nuclear issues, is primarily UTTER BULLSHIT… 

…is actually NOT why I quit (this blogpost being a bit of an exception to the fact that I have quit… – hehe).

I quit because of how my perceived ‘sense of futility’ was making feel.  It gets a little more than “merely depressing” when you dig deeper than your average “reporter”…  In a very real way it was making me sick.

Seeking the truth never made me sick, though.  Processing ridiculous amounts of radiation data didn’t make me sick.  Sometimes I even found it exciting, like an investigative journalist, or a detective on the trail of exposing a criminal!   Being confronted, however, on a fairly regular basis, with seemingly unshakable denial [popular among many conservative Americans], and “magical thinking” and various other forms of ‘spiritual bypassing’ (such as using profound insights into the ultimate nature of phenomena to dodge relative-reality responsibilities, among other New Age favorites…) [popular among many liberal Americans], ánd apparent complicity of politicians, journalists and scientists, through silence, omissions, or just “willful ignorance”… yeah… thát made me feel like, “What’s the use?”   Calling it ‘depressing’ barely scratches the surface.  You can find hints of how it made me feel in hundreds of posts before 2018.

Now… I’m actually having fun getting back to health.  Ways to go, but I’m on track.  I’m way too proactive and the medical establishment turns out to be surreal slow [guess you have to be so weakened that you can’t refuse their treatments anymore, to be taken seriously…], that I doubt they’ll ever come to a conclusive diagnosis.

But it was not just the combination of symptoms and blood data (such as well as outside-of-normal HIGH blood calcium, LSA, RA, etc.) that lead me to take my sudden health crisis seriously (see previous post, (Jan. 15, 2018) I’ll Live),

I can also take responsibility for my own experiences and recognize fitting patterns when they fitted:


From the late Louise L. Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life

So what am I saying?

That EVEN IF people were getting sick from actual fallout exposure, that radioactive fallout is essentially harmless and that it’s all our own fault for “thinking the wrong thoughts?”

btc copy.jpg

NO.    Neither purely objective, which is why “hard science” misses much, nor purely subjective, which is why “metaphysics” can seem misguidedly solipsistic, it seems to be a dynamical thing.  My impression is that radioactive fallout is an INTENSIFIER.   If one is out of alignment with the Divine, with one’s indestructible soul essence, [by lack of better interdisciplinary terminology,], no longer truly being oneself if you will, forgotten your life purpose,…  and is as such swayed by external circumstances, then physical, psychological and psycho-spiritual dis-ease has a chance to manifest. Radiation will “merely” make it manifest quicker and more extremely, BECAUSE it is itself out of sync, somehow distorted (and this is where natural radioactivity and artificial radioactivity appear to have a parameter at opposite ends of a spectrum that is not yet known to the physics taught in universities).   Of course, if the radiation is extremely extreme, your body dies, which is only a big deal if you believe this is all there is.

All getting sick is is a signal that it’s high time that ‘something must change’.   It almost always requires metabolic shifts, including changing one’s nutrition.

True on a planetary level too.  We have to stop burning oil for fuel.  That’s simply insane.  Another bat-shit-crazy thing that must change is the nuclear industry.  It MUST be shut down, without further delay.

Leave the Uranium in the ground.  Stop construction of all new fission reactors.

Shut down all operational nuclear reactors.

Implement well-funded safeguarding measures of all nuclear waste & step up neutralization research, until the mess is dealt with.

—- ———- —-

…Let’s take this surreal-retarded stuck-in-the-past oil/gas/nuclear/… surface-dwelling wilderness-ruining diseased “civilization” to the next level alright… 

—- ———- —-

vimanas copy

Resonance free-energy anti-gravity Vimanas for everyone NOW !


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26 Responses to I Used To Blog about Covered-Up Nuclear Disasters…

  1. Robert Snefjella says:

    You done good. Thanks

  2. Magdalena says:

    Impressive! Thanks for data and comments. Big job…!

  3. jk says:

    you’ll be back…post your health issues on ray peat forum they’re good at that kind of stuff

  4. PF says:

    Repeating myself, wishing you well. If you will, read on, I’ll share my thoughts here….

    My most intense feeling while reading your description of your emotions while receiving stubborn answers from everywhere was that of loneliness. Not the “No one likes me-hugs me-visits me” kind, but the “is there someone with whom I can actually share, discuss and work in trust” variety. Not just the patient listener, and “if you say so, I don’t know” sayer, but an active, involved and even loving exchange of ideas on this apocalyptic subject. It resonates with me, since I feel this same kind in my surroundings. Once in a while, I need to act, and then I buy some food to store, or some apple pectine, or a new Geiger :) :).

    May I ask you a favour? If you really won’t post anymore about the radiation, please please please leave your blog online, undisturbed, so that “we” may return from time to time, and maybe, this pushes someone to follow in your footsteps.

    Best wishes,

    • MVB says:

      Thanks PF, yes, I have decided some time ago that what hasn’t been deleted or “privatized” will remain visible for as long as Google-owned WordPress allows.

  5. PF says:

    Thank you! – If only an automated access to the Eurdep measurements was possible, this would greatly enhance possiblilities…but I don’t think they’re going to let John&Jane Doe to query their database directly…but that would be really really cool! :)

  6. I am now on my 3rd website w/wordpress. I too get/got burned out from the lack of interaction(s) even though my stats showed I was followed globally. I was being sucked dry and there was no return on my investment(s) other than knowing I was correct. Now on #3 I just do a limited amount to satisfy my inner being, I have to do something even if it is for naught. Over the years it made me very ill, as it has you. For myself I have found even after years of off-on off-on, even if it makes me sick, I can not quit because I know there are those that count on my being there. It is my hope you too realize it is now in your DNA/RNA and you’ll come back, in due time.

    Thanks for Being.

  7. pure water says:

    Thank you for your hard work! It was of great use for me. I have provided zeolite, baking soda and herbal antioxidants; the vegetables are from my garden. Today I have blood in the nose and it is most probably another small “harmless cloud”. Most of the people do not take this problem seriously, but it is their long chain of choices and formed beliefs. You did the hard and inspiring work to investigate – what will be the reaction is other people`s responsibility. I understand the urgency of this moment and inevitable ecodisaster and rapid human decline, but this decline has started long before splitting the atom.
    I wish you heal as soon as possible!

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  10. Florent says:

    Really, look to Kalinovka in Ukraine, as I said https://florentpirotblog.wordpress.com/2018/01/13/arsenals-explosions-in-ukraine-depleted-uranium-contamination-risk-kalinovka-balakliia-kalinovka-explosion-as-explanation-for-fission-products-in-europe-in-autumn-2017/ it was an arsenal blast with lots of flashes + fireballs. All conventional weapons use nuclear fission, that’s a fact, fission discovered in 1934 in Italy -> first weapons by the Third Reich and Italy, used in the Spanish civil war and during the 39-40 battles, which explain why France was crushed while it had more or less the same number of tanks than Germany. Then the Allies developed that as well and reversed the conflict. Shaped charge, KE penetrators from tanks. In Nagasaki 6 kgs of Pu239 are compressed to an effective mass of more than 6 million kgs, so in any shaped charge or tank shell you can get above 15 kgs (critical mass for U235 with neutron reflector https://www.euronuclear.org/info/encyclopedia/criticalmass.htm, lower if you mix w/ hydrogen rich plastic, compare with “dissolved into water” levels) with a starting piece of less than one gram HEU. Many of these exploded in a single place in Kalinovka, on 26/09/17, explaining the cloud of fission products.

    • MVB says:

      Hi Florent, I very much appreciate that you’ve looked at this Ukrainian arms deport as one of the possibilities.
      Fallout patterns and data gaps, when also including further point, including in the US, had me convinced it’s coming from further away, but when I looked at the wind pattern on Sept 26, 2017 to see if that could explain the Cs-137 spike in Estonia… t first glance it actually looks like a real possibility:


      Though if that were the case, spots where you’d find confirmations in the radiation graphs are lagging by too many days.

      Part of my almost automatic dismissal is this, however:
      1) the data gaps in Ukraine, Belarus and Poland (as well as in the US for that matter) don’t match with the explosion date and wind patterns.
      2) Veterans Today (VT) tried to blame the very same for another radiation cloud before. Back then the date for this explosion wasn’t Oct 26th, but March 25th: https://www.veteranstoday.com/2017/11/10/vt-was-right-nuke-cloud-over-europe-tied-to-illegal-ukraine-arsenal-explosion/

      Looks like the videos were taken down and recycled with a new date… ;-/ VT’s been seeing nukes being used all over the place, and never bothers with wind maps to back up their allegations. Now, just because their credibility is pretty low, doesn’t mean your similar hypothesis doesn’t have a point.

      Do you have a link to CIIRAD’s data. Or where have you seen CO-60 detections related to this autumn 2017’s fallout cloud? If Co-60 was part of the detected, aside from the nuclear bomb hypothesis, it would also fit with the Fukushima hypothesis. (See https://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/2016/01/26/any-significance-to-cobalt-60-in-fukushima-fallout/ )

      Anyhow, in short: I’m skeptical, though it could be part of the mutiple signals making tracing the biggest release harder. Some puzzle pieces fit, others really don’t. It DOES deserve more investigation.

  11. Florent says:

    On the data gaps : they are all in the first week of October, from Oct 3, in the first week, in central Europe except Switzerland which is a NEUTRAL country and thus not bound by any kind of cooperation agreement intending at organizing secrecy about use of nuclear energy in conventional weapons, or this kind of thing. On the winds : they may be winds going in opposite directions depending on the altitude… This website only provides you with winds on the SURFACE, not at higher altitudes. On the VT report, even though there’s a vast mass of bullshit on this website, the Balakliia blasts were also as I said nuclear (the flashs are less clear because it’s on the day time, but they can be seen sometimes very well), there’s probably somewhere in the EURDEP data some peaks. Everytime you see a flash + fireball in a conventional weapon, it’s nuclear. For Fat Man (yet it’s the same with Little Boy, compression is highly involved in the “gun” design) the calculation is this : ((2000 / (200 * 10^-6)) * 6) / 9.81 = 6,1 million kgs (for 6 kgs of Pu239 and 200 microseconds assembly time, which is usually given for that bomb). The fact that increasing density allows to reduce critical mass was actually explained in the 1939 patent by Joliot Curie. See here hermetism.free.fr/images/Curie_Irene_bombe_atomique_brevet.pdf (it seems to have been withdrawn from the EPO website where I found it earlier) you’ll see end of first page it says that increasing density reduces critical mass. I already knew that when I was a teenager, found that and did for the first time the calculation I was maybe 15.
    The CRIIRAD did a communiqué de presse on the levels of Ru106 in Russia, showing they are not as high as claimed by some media https://blogs.mediapart.fr/association-criirad/blog/221117/ruthenium-106-le-mystere-reste-entier with data on soils samples included, showing the Ru106 levels are very low near Mayak, and the soil tests where also filmed and broadcasted on French TV France 2 for Envoyé spécial.

    • MVB says:

      No, as documented in various blog posts, many data gaps precede October, as do a few Cs-137 upticks and the Estonia spike. Also some data gaps, near-simultaneously, much further west, from Greenland to Portugal don’t fit with surface wind dispersion if the source9 were in Eastern Europe, Russia or Ukraine.

      • Florent says:

        On Co60 I think I have seen somewhere, just don’t remember the source, anyway it’s not crucial, we’ve got Cs134, Cs137, I131, Ru103, Ru106, i.e. MAJOR fission products. On the data gaps : yes some start earlier but it may also be related to other things, i.e. bad manipulation, savings of money… the point is that you have a gap everywhere in central Europe, from Sweden to Turkey and from Germany to Ukraine, early October. EVERYWHERE. That’s major and obviously related to that event, which IS nuclear, these are a LOT of nuclear weapons exploding at once, STRICTLY NO DOUBT about it.
        You simply need to understand that it’s difficult to be precise with data charts because there are many wars going on, there are military camps, all areas where the same conventional weapons using nuclear fission ARE used all the time, hence there is ALWAYS some fission products in the winds. But you have a MAJOR spike in gamma levels early October in all countries and it matches the arsenal blast. Don’t expect perfect precision. The Middle East is in a state of permanent war.

    • MVB says:

      Nullschool is not just surface winds.. 250 hPa is near jet-stream. Play with the settings

  12. MVB says:

    And the CIIRAD article didn’t mention Co-60, so you didn’t answer the question.

    Take care

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