Khmelnitskiy NPP @ Niecieszyn, Anything? copy.jpgIt is 11:38 am Mountain Time (Denver / Crestone) on this partly cloudy Colorado Mountain day of January 6, 2018.  Only because of major concerns arising out of Ukraine and Poland will I give myself 22 minutes MAX, so until 12 noon, to have a peek at the radiation scene over Europe this week. The latest “rumor” (?) can be summarized as follows:

“…Any info on a major radiation leak at the Khmelnitskiy Nuclear Power Plant (by Niecieszyn, Ukraine), suspected to have begun on January 4th, 2018?  Some think it’s very bad…”

Let’s see…  /wiki/Khmelnitskiy_Nuclear_Power_Plant, which shows me its location (see insert screenshot):

I find nothing mentions in the news.   [It’s véry time-consuming to search in other languages and having to go back and forth between the found (mostly unrelated stuff) and Google Translator…  If you have links, feel free to share ’em as a comment.  I’m unlikely to follow up on.  No news doesn’t mean anything these map-ukraine-nuke-reactors.gifdays, though…

If something already happened, some writers could say, “Told you so“; For instance, (Oct. 16, 2017) Get Ready for a New Chernobyl in Ukraine.

A look at Online Radiation Monitors


Or via the Ukrainian…

  • Radiation Monitors in the Chernobyl region:


  • National Radiation monitors


Darn… 12:17pm already – My self-allotted time’s already up.  Sorry.  I did not spot anything on the dozen monitors I checked that drew my attention further to extent the digging.

CONCLUSION:  Inconclusive.

TIPS:   1) If you know the TIME and LOCATION, you can use Nullschool Meteo: to pick out monitors downwind to search for evidence.

Example of such a major radioactive cloud that remains officially denied, see (Jan. 11, 2015) Latvian Nov. 28 Spikes Revisited: Nullschool Data Shows Perfect Correlation with ZNPP Wind Path!, when “Polish rumors” actually proved to be true (though also remained officially dismissed).

2) If some hacker were to release pertinent disaster management communications again, be aware of some “subtle” differences between Ukrainian and Russian.

Example: (Jan. 4, 2015Please Note: The Radiation Reported in “leaked documents” from Zaporozhye / Zaporizhia NPP is NOT “5 mSv/year”, but 5 µSv/hr !!! (RT mistranslation being spread widely)

For some suggestions of what to do preventatively, see links @ Why ‘WHERE’ matters.

Well-wishes to all. 

May all deceptions be exposed, and Truth rule supreme.

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2 Responses to Khmelnitskiy NPP @ Niecieszyn, Anything?

  1. jacal says:

    18:54 gmt west coast Cumbria 10 jan 18. Wind at 4kts ssw. 3 times background for approx 2 minutes with Geiger counter hitting alarm threshold up to 0.34usv/h with gamma red flashing. Background fluctuates between 0.08/0.11usv/h. This threshold has been reached only three times in eight years and one of these observations fast flashed green denoting beta presence.
    Best wishes Michael.
    Regards jacal.

  2. Paveway IV says:

    Everything I found sounds like a copy of the same useless Ukrainian press release.

    “…Kiev, Jan 3 (Prensa Latina) Ukrainian authorities reported a breakdown in the second block of the nuclear power plant in Jmelinsk province, local television reported.

    This morning, there was a technical failure in the compacted protective coating of the nuclear reactor management system, explained specialists of that facility, in the town of Nateshkin.

    The company Energoatom indicated that 10 of 15 blocks now operate in the country.

    Two blocks of the VVER-1000 type work at the Jmelinsk plant, with a generation per capita of two thousand megawatts, whose function is to cover the energy deficiency in the western part of Ukraine.

    Ukraine reduced its levels of energy production after the closure of several thermoelectric plants that used coal as energy. More than half of this material is mined in the mines of the rebel Donbass region (Donetsk and Lugansk).

    Neo-fascist and ultra-nationalist groups blocked last summer the passage of cars with coal from the rebellious republics to the rest of Ukraine and prevented the arrival of goods to that region…”

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