veni vidi Vinca + some US EPA Radnets (mostly of the US West)

Via EURDEP, Vinca, Serbia, 15 months (3 months per line, most recent at bottom):

Note the change in the past half year, with the largest data gaps during the early October radiation-dosing of the Northern hemisphere.  Bs ‘diversion stories’, launched by the French IRSN and all…

the ongoing major cover-up, of a nuclear meltdown event that sent gigantic amounts of radioactive particles and gasses across the entire northern hemisphere, possibly even on par with an INES-7 (Chernobyl, Fukushima,…) remains in full swing.

Vinca_Serbia_3mo_dec16_2016 copyVinca_Serbia_3mo_March16_2017 copyVinca_Serbia_3mo_June16_2017 copyVinca_Serbia_3mo_Sept16_2017 copyVinca_Serbia_3mo_Dec16_2017 copy

!-> Nov. 27, 2017: Why ‘WHERE’ matters

Radnet – A limited selection.  (check back in early January 2018 for a more thorough checking.)  Via the map @, showing 4 months of total gamma per monitor.  More detailed data available via the query @

See also Online Radiation Monitors.

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