“And Thus Earth Was Lost…” ? [A MIX w/ Photos, Added EURDEPs, Videos & Rant]

Southern Colorado, Nov. 19, 2017 DISCLAIMER

It’s pretty here… ;-)  [more pics in next blogposts too!]

Couple photos taken since I posted the last few batches on (Oct. 30, 2017) Zapata Lake (on Mount Blanca), and on (Oct. 22, 2017) Coyote, etc.; and before:

Apart from a few very brief and quickly vanished ‘teaser’ snow flurries, it’s been VERY dry, and strangely warm for the time of the year…

Oh… and then there my “best of intentions…”

My INTENTION is to quit radiation data reporting (I state that intention at least twice a year –  hehe).

These (below), from today or the past few days, are all that’s left on my desktop at time of posting:

Except for these, which I added on Nov. 19, 2017, as what is intended to be [drum roll]

The Final EURDEPs

  • Starting off with a little flashback to spring 2011 @ Gent, Belgium, to remind you of how well masked these higher-up radioactive clouds are at first, and the minimum time frame for fallout (over a month!) to really strike ground monitors when the nuclear catastrophe is big enough, even on the other side of the planet; 6 months:

Gent_Belgium_3mo_May20_2011 copyGent_Belgium_3mo_Aug20_2011 copy

  • Gent, Belgium, past 6 months (ending Nov. 20, 2017):

Gent_Belgium_3mo_Aug20_2017 copyGent_Belgium_3mo_Nov20_2017 copy

  • Sisak, Coatia, 6 months:

Sisak_Croatia_3mo_Nov20_2017 copySisak_Croatia_3mo_Aug20_2017 copy

  • Anjalankoski, Southern Finland, 6 months:

ANjalankoski_Finland_3mo_Aug20_2017 copyANjalankoski_Finland_3mo_Nov20_2017 copy

  • Near Le Havre nuclear reprocessing site on the NorthWest coast of France, 9 months:

NearLeHavre_NorthwestCoast_France_3mo_May20_2017 copyNearLeHavre_NorthwestCoast_France_3mo_Aug20_2017 copyNearLeHavre_NorthwestCoast_France_3mo_Nov20_2017 copy

  • Porto, Portugal, 9 months:

Porto_Portugal_3mo_May20_2017 copyPorto_Portugal_3mo_Aug20_2017 copyPorto_Portugal_3mo_Nov20_2017 copy

And LAST, but not least:

  • Kamenica Nad Cirochou, Slovakia, showing (often by omission) both the “Spring 2016 Event” and the 2017 nuclear fallout scene:

Kamenica_Nad_Cirochou_Slovakia_3mo_May20_2016 copy.jpgKamenica_Nad_Cirochou_Slovakia_3mo_Aug20_2016 copy.jpgKamenica_Nad_Cirochou_Slovakia_3mo_Nov20_2016 copyKamenica_Nad_Cirochou_Slovakia_3mo_Feb20_2017 copyKamenica_Nad_Cirochou_Slovakia_3mo_May20_2017 copyKamenica_Nad_Cirochou_Slovakia_3mo_Aug20_2017 copy.jpgKamenica_Nad_Cirochou_Slovakia_3mo_Nov20_2017 copy

Someone else will have to put all the radioisotope detections on a timeline with geographical stamps…:

I_didnt_Get_Very_Far_Nov19_2017 copy

I won’t but thanks, especially “Thanks for helping me quit. :-)”

I still think something major happened in late May to mid-July (2017), and then maybe a separate major event in late August to late September, which increasing signs of radioactive fallout clouds circling the entire northern hemisphere since the last week of September 2017.  What happened where, I have no idea about.   The previous two dozen blog posts have a lot more data.  In any case, it look enormous, possibly an INES-7 type of nuclear meltdown.  Probably affecting large populations, so the so-called authorities decided to just keep it covered-up, so they don’t have to deal with the evacuation mess, and dead-blow bad press for the nuclear industry…

  The US EPA strangely mentions not only Ru-106, but also the Ru-103 in their little notice of late:

… Yet when doing a query for specific isotopes (even just Cs-137 and Gross Beta) showed ZERO sample data SINCE Sept. 17, 2017 (as of checking on Nov. 19, 2017).

“What’s up with that?” …  [nevermind…]

Damage control going excellently on your watch, Trump?  [Or too busy trying to weed out some actual extreme corruption, that requires some serious “deep cover”?]

Alright… I get it, no one gives a damn if this industry just builds more of the same.  Putin’s into it, must be a smart choice…   It’s clean, excellent low-carbon footprint.  Yay! …  Wish I could fall for that bullshit…  would be so lovely to feel great about the prospects of dozens more major meltdowns, better covered-up every year, for generations to come…

“So strange I feel so tired lately…  Must be all that radiation data I’ve been looking at.  A stroll in the clean mountain air will do me well…”

The other data piles I looked at and made multi-month overviews with have been published on this allegedly apparent blog in the preceding posts.

DATA…   For what it was worth,

probably nothing…

Sometimes you hear people say stuff along the lines of “Come on, man:  In this day and age, you can’t get away with trying to hide a nuclear accident.“, or  “This isn’t 1986 anymore, you know.  We all have access to the internet and information can reach millions near-instantaneously.


Well, I did tweet to The Guardian in the UK, IRSN in France, IAEA in Vienna, De Standaard in Belgium, Democracy Now! and RT in the US, and so forth, including a link to one of a series of blogposts documenting the alleged:  (Nov. 12, 2017) A Lot More than Ruthenium-106 in that Radioactive Cloud (DATA).  Not only were there no responses, the overall exposure of pointing out a blatant IRSN/media lie, after over a week, was: 320 views, with the majority coming from ENEnews, a preach-to-the-choir anti-nuclear hangout to begin with, where I left a bunch of comments.  Zero follow-up by any mainstream media outlet (so far).   Information flows appear so well controlled that it actually doesn’t matter whether or not anyone blows on a whistle with a big “What the hell is going on?!” data-backed questioning…

Google’s traffic-directing appears to have improved by leaps and bounds this year too.  Year’s not over yet, but… Pretty clear where this is heading:

If the Earth were an organism (which of course it is, as part of the larger solar system organism, within the galactic intelligence, and so forth), and IF – that’s actually a big if – the internet were part of its new neural network (much more coarse and limited than the telepathic, electric, mineral and fungal ones), then there’s a disease in the neural network that prevents the spread of alert signals. As if a pathogen has captured the mass communication infrastructures and now mimics alert signals, and only the mimicked signals are spread far and wide, even promoted IF they don’t compromise the overall agenda of the pathogen.  The power structures (such as executive branches of government) where decisions are made regarding key aspects of the economy (such as whether or not to direct more labor and resources to the warring military-industrial complex, or whether or not to generate electricity by solar panels or by building ever more nuclear-waste-producing giant fission reactors), those power structures are ending up isolated from non-mimicked signals.   Even signals that could expose the mimicked signals for not being trustworthy get railroaded, slowed-down, made hard to find, “access denied“, etc.  The military-industrial pathogen, well on its way to meet its “Full Spectrum Dominance 2020” goals, has taken sufficient control over the existing power structures, communication nodes and networks, that no aspect, NONE, of modern civilization offers a meaningful and potentially effective way for genuinely concerned member of the Earth species community to stop its destructiveness.   Modern industrial civilization stops at nothing.  It redirects activities that give the illusion of positive change, but the overall picture, stripped of national boundaries and other nonsensical impositions, is a steady march of intrusion into a far more intelligent and interconnected web of Life.

Seen the cryptos drop and re-surge…?   Bitcoin over 8,000 USD!   On it’s way to a million, I guess…   Bubble got to get a lot bigger before it pops, me thinketh… Could be years…  Maybe it’s the dollar that’s actually tanking and unlike the manipulated gold and silver markets, it’s showing up this way?

Man, would be nice if I could have some of those...

November 19, 2017 screenshot from coinmarketcap.com

I guess for some of the things I say, my sarcasm and cynicism may not be coming across, due to the written format of this blog.

Hence I’m thinking about a ‘vlog’, like a YouTube channel, where I yap away for the entertainment of a similarly pathetic tiny audience crowd…


“…And doctors… ???”    Hm…  “how strange. 

Such a clean energy…”

— ——– —

Gorgeous weather lately.  Giving Thanks…

November nights without frost… Crazy.   For this high desert location, it’s looking like winter has been postponed some more…:

Nov. 19, 2017, next 10-day forecast (in Celcius) via wunderground:

…But… but…    …at some point “something” MUST have fallen from the sky, ’cause otherwise the dose rate by rain pipes on cork-dry ground wouldn’t be three times the background here at 8,000 ft…

“What could that possibly be?  Hm…”

I think I better play dumb on that one.  Wouldn’t want to pop people’s bubble…

Last week, on the very rare occasion that I pull out that good ol’ Medcom Geiger Counter, I heard a slight uptick as I drove into a light drizzle (one of the teaser “winter storms” that brought barely ANY precipitation just a stone’s throw further south).   I was already north of Villa Grove when I snapped this, below, photo, as it reached 239 nanoSievert (0.239 µSv/hr), still within perfectly normal fluctuations often seen in the Rockies, there around 8,500 ft altitude. 

“All is well!”  ;-)

I was on my way to drop of  some sample at a lab further north…  (And if you’re curious:  Just as is most likely the case for about a dozen people I’ve met in recent weeks, reporting similar symptoms, “It’s probably nothing…”:-D

The last image hints that some “fine folks in Vienna” may have reason for excitement, though.  You never know.  “There’s hope…”

So put extra Champagne in the fridge, dear nuclearist brothers and sisters!   You’re going to “save the climate” after all!   A lot of us may soon become just about as silent as you…

 [echo]         as you…

as you…

Here’s a musical toast to The Nuclear Cartel:

[something for their own mutated babies to sing along to when they go to bed…]






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