Oct. 2017 Ru-103 Detections Highest since 2011 + Record High MDCs @ Switzerland Radiation Monitoring stations; + Czech Republic I-131 & Cs-134 Measurements During “Ru-106 Cloud” compared to 2011.

There are signs pointing at an extremely serious nuclear accident having occurred recently, possibly as bad as an INES-7 level kind of fallout-spewing nuclear meltdown.

Colorado Rocky Mountains – Nov. 15, 2017DISCLAIMER

MDC, Minimum Detectable Concentration, also known as LDC (Lowest Detectable Concentration) or LLD on EURDEP, as “Lowest Level Detectable”:    If the concentration of a specifically measured-for radioisotope in a sample is any lower, (two-sigma) ‘certainty’ cannot be ascribed to the data, and thus it is regarded as ‘Non Detected’ (ND), or ‘<MDC’ (below the minimum detectable concentration.

An MDC increases when a sample volume or duration of the sampling period is shortened, or when the presence of various other radioisotopes causes more ‘noise’ for a specific decay energy signal to rise out of.

I know I already pointed this out @ Point #6 in (Nov. 12, 2017) A Lot More than Ruthenium-106 in that Radioactive Cloud (DATA): the MDC/LLD levels rose (or were increased to reduce the chances of detection?)  by a magnitude (x10) or more for other radioisotopes in Switzerland.  In other places, such as Finland, some monitoring locations simply didn’t sample during that period (the infamous ‘data gap’), but I’d like to illustrate it visually through Switzerland’s lovely interface:

Couple screenshots to share the observed:

For Iodine-131 @ Cadenazzo in the Alps, we just saw the highest MDC on record, followed shortly after by 3 solid detections, including the second-highest measurement of I-131 on record for that monitoring location (maximum available data period):

Cadenazzo_CH_I131_max10y_Nov14_2017 copy

Getting a solid detection after an MDC spike is not unprecedented, as shown in this Cobalt-60 detection (July 14, 2011) when the Fukushima-2011 cloud was already getting quite diluted. Also note that here as well, we see the highest MDC since the Fukushima-Daiichi mega-catastrophe began:

CERN_CH_Co60_max_Nov14_2017 copy 2

!-> Read more about thát in (Jan. 26, 2016 !-> Any Significance to Cobalt-60 in Fukushima Fallout?

Even though we know there was Ruthenium-106 in the radioactive fallout cloud, in some places (such as @ the CERN monitor, shown below, where it wasn’t detected), the MDC of Ru-106 also spiked, second only to the Fukushima-2011 cloud:

CERN_CH_Ru106_max10Y_Nov14_2017 copy 2

No detection of Cs-134 @ the CERN monitor, but the highest MDC for Cs-134 since 2011:

CERN_CH_Cs134_Fuku.incl_Nov14_2017 copy 2

Must say that I find it strange that even the MDC for Cesium-137 broke all records in the Alps.

Suddenly “nuclear watchdogs” are incapable of detecting winter-high concentrations in autumn? :

Cadenazzo_CH_Cs137_max10y_Nov14_2017 copy 2

–> By the way, that yearly Cs-137 increase in mid-winter, when not accompanied by any other upticks, might be due to re-suspencion of trapped-in-forests Chernobyl fallout, through the burning of firewood, common in forested mountain regions when it’s cold outside.  Take a deep breath… Ahhh that lovely wood fire smell.

Second-highest I-131 measurement @ CERN, Switzerland since the post-Fukushima spring 2011 radioactive cloud circled the globe:

CERN_CH_I131_PostF1_Nov14_2017 copy.jpg

Record-high MDC for Cobalt-60, (right during the –proven to be falsely claimed – “Ruthenium-106-only” detections )…:

Cadenazzo_CH_CO60_max10y_Nov14_2017 copy

Got something to hide?

Non-detections… so comforting…  “;-)”

—– ————- —–

It’s a detail in the (Nov. 12, 2017) A Lot More than Ruthenium-106 in that Radioactive Cloud (DATA), which reiterates the gist from a month before in (Oct. 11, 2017) RADIOACTIVE FALLOUT Clouds Touch down in Europe: Ru-103, I-131, Cs-134, Cs-137, Pb-210, Na-22, Be-7 Radioisotopes SPIKE in Czech Republic, Hemisphere-wide Data Gaps & Disturbances!, that had escaped my scrutinizing until now: the magnitudes of the detected traces are ON PAR with many of the magnitudes of the same radioisotopes seen  in 2011. (See below)

Sure, they’re traces, but that’s not the point.   Please forgive me the brief reminder:  What happened in Spring 2011 in Japan, namely the simultaneous complete meltdowns of at least three fully loaded and active giant nuclear reactors and several spent fuel fires was unprecedented.  US Officials monitoring the extreme emergency situation spoke of “five worst case scenarios” unfolding simultaneously.

“FIVE, you say?”    Yes:


The “spent fuel pool zirconium fire” kind of fire about which media-establishment-favorite nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen once said that it ‘cannot be extinguished’ once raging?”  Yes, thát kind:

http-:enenews.com:gundersen-pyrophoric-fire-fuel-rods-unit-4-pool-cooled-potential-contamination-entire-northern-hemisphere-video copy

“But… Thát kind of ACTUAL Spent Fuel Fires.. HAPPENED, you say?”



–> See also (Dec. 2, 2014)  PLUME GATE – Internal NRC Communications Released under Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) proof deliberate Cover-Up of Severity of global Fukushima Fallout in 2011. Recent SFP4 News May Have Been Part of Cover-Up

And why do I remind you of those things?

Because TEPCO’s mega fiasco send ENORMOUS amounts of radioactive fallout into the ground, oceans and atmosphere.  In Europe it showed up in what experts call ‘trace concentrations’.  The magnitude of the traces gives a clue about the size of the accident, especially when you know the distance and wind dispersion.  Here’s the thing: recent MDC’s and actually measured values may not be on par with “five worst case scenarios”, but, especially with so little data available, the range they’re in are not insignificant.

There are signs pointing at an extremely serious nuclear accident having occurred recently, depending on the wind dispersion, possibly as bad as an INES-7 level kind of fallout-spewing nuclear meltdown, which is – again  apparently being covered-up through (what appears to be) data processing algorithms, sampling interruptions, raised MDC levels and widespread data gaps, amidst spikes, down-dips, “ninja dots” and a variety of other tell-tale signs of what I call ‘fallout patterns’.  (See previous posts for various examples) + –>  For some additional “interpretation help” / clues, see my (Sept. 17, 2017) “Couple EURDEPs” – Attempted EPILOGUE Re. Observations & Musings from the land of ‘Monitoring Radiation Monitoring’… (heavily sprinkled with YT Music & Videos)

My guess is that the nuclear establishment believes they’ll get away with it, as usual (and they might…), because the big news media are (apparently) willing to repeat their bullshit without ANY investigation.   It is unbelievably time-consuming to expose their omission-lies.  I’ve literally been spending days and nights on nothing put piecing together that little bit of data available to the public.   And to what avail?  Couple hundred blog visitors, yet not one media outlet that dares expose the lying mofo’s at the IRSN and impossibly-to-not-be-complicit IAEA???!  As if inhaled and ingested ionizing radioactive particles become ‘harmless’ because they said so???!

Nevermind…  I guess.

Here, chew on this:

So here’s I-131 & Cs-134 measurements at Hradec Kralove-Piletice, Czech Republic, both reaching values of up in the 5 to7 E-05 range:

HradecKralove_Piletice_CzechRepublic_I131_Cs134_1mo_Oct15_2017 copy

Here’s the I-131 & Cs-134 spike after the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe began for the same location.  The highest values, which were significantly higher in spring 2011, occurred in a very narrow window of just 4 days:

HradecKralove_Piletice_CzechRepublic_I131_Cs134_1mo_April15_2011 copy

And, as you can see clearly when you set the 2011 maximum value at the same as the first (2017) graph (so not visually showing the higher values):  many measurements in 2011, were in that same range:

HradecKralove_Piletice_CzechRepublic_I131_Cs134_1mo_07Eminus05__April15_2011 copy

–> So, yes, if you skip sampling for a week or more, that is enough to leave a major accident undetected!  “On that note“, see also (May 28, 2016) Another Look @ the 2016 Ru-103 & Te-132 Detections: Some Interesting Findings. + An Afterthought… and (June 4, 2016Anatomy of a Serbian Data Gap + RT: Fukushima Still Fissioning!).

Are you beginning to see how they keep the lid on all these apparent radioactive leaks?

Also:  Ru-103 being detected at FOUR locations in Czech Republic at the onset of October 2017 is unprecedented in the entire public EURDEP record.  Ruthenium-103 detections are extremely rare.   There was ONE detection after Fukushima, near Warsaw, Poland, which was significantly higher than any of those recent four.  Here’s the Ru-103 & Cs-137 data showing the 2011 cloud contain WAY more of these radionuclides than what was recently measured in Czech Republic:

Poland2011_vs_CzechRep2017_Ru103_Cs137_1mo__ copy.jpg

Problem is: Europe only tests all over the place when an accident is made official.  Since they’re covering the recent one up, only regular testing is happening, so nearly the entire continent is going unmonitored.  Thus locations that might see much higher concentrations (as such clouds swirl around erratically, with even more erratic deposition depending on geography and local weather) are practically certainly going unnoticed.

These October 2017 Ru-103 detections are the new record-highest since 2011, by far (over 10,000 % higher!) outdoing the mystery detection near Oslo, Norway of early 2016, included in (May 4, 2016) HIGHEST SINCE 2011: Cesium-137, Ruthenium-103, Tellurium-132 (early 2016).

STILL believe the IRSN and the nuclear-deceptions-parotting mainstream media?




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  1. pure water says:

    Brave, and strong, for it tells the truth! (You`d better hide this comment. )The problem with our world is most of the people believe that certain sum of money can solve their problems, so they devote their attention and efforts to the search of money . And forget the basic rights they have came here with – clean water, simple food and above all – air, clean, vibrant, fresh air. (The Joy of being alive is another one, so many people consent to give up trading it for worthless ego lies). We all have a certain amount of time here and everybody sells it for possessions that will be gone when he/she dies. Is not that stupid?
    That`s why visitors are so few. At least I think so…

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