Couple EURDEPs (Nov. 7, 2017)

Obviously *something happened*.  It has to be huge again, but what happened where exactly… :-/ I think we can be pretty sure that the nuclear watch dogs are doing one hell of a fine job covering up the details surrounding the latest releases of radioactive clouds, again.  Silence and bs distractions rule the days…

DATA SOURCE used (for composites of 3 month-graphs, below):  EURDEP Advanced map via Online Radiation Monitors.   Data not per se validated by data providers.  Also note my DISCLAIMER.  Y-axis adjusted to show more detail.  3 months per line per monitor. (Ponder the previous 1000 blog posts for additional clues to what could possibly be divinated from these curious arrangements of dots…)

These two were pulled Nov. 5, 2017:

Varazdin_Croatia_3mo_Nov6_2017 copyJuankoski_FInland_3mo_Nov6_2017 copy

The rest of the data was accessed in the lightly snowy Southern Colorado evening of Nov. 7, 2017.  Note data gaps, baseline shifts, drop-to-zero & lower-than-average values, and other suspected effects of “this-never-happened” radioactive fallout on well-algo-rigged “public radiation monitors”…:

Timisoara_Romania_3mo_Nov7_2017 copyBezau_Austria_3mo_Nov7_2017 copyMurcia_SPain_3mo_Nov7_2017 copyHol_Norway_3mo__3mo_Nov7_2017 copy

UK: note the lower-than-usual values, and that Nov. 4 “ninja dot”:

Lydd_UK_3mo_Nov7_2017 copy

Nederland (Not sure, but I think that’s a calibration there, after those data gaps…):

Arnhem_Nederland_3mo_Nov7_2017 copy


Corfu_Greece_3mo_Nov7_2017 copy


Fagagna_Italia__3mo_Nov7_2017 copy


Poschiavo_Robbia_SMN_CH_3mo_Nov7_2017 copyMagadina_Cadenazzo_SMN_CH_3mo_Nov7_2017 copySantaMaria_SMN_CH_3mo_Nov7_2017 copy


44.3N_4.7E_France__3mo_Nov7_2017 copy

these two French monitors are right next to each other, illustrating the “up-is-down” baseline shifting they do to mask what I suspect are ‘fallout events’:

44.6N_4.7E_France_3mo_Nov7_2017 copy44.6N_4.8E_France___3mo_Nov7_2017 copy

Next: some extra from the Slovenia – Croatia region, home of the aging Krško Nuclear Power Plant,,13.5013477,538182m:data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0-0xa59aa45b4d5134d7!8m2!3d45.9380375!4d15.5157897 copy 2.jpg

which probably has nothing to do with the abnormalities of late.  The relentless ‘standard deviations’ in that region just had me wonder.  I do that sometimes…


Plavic6_Croatia__3mo_Nov7_2017 copyPloee_Croatia_3mo_Nov7_2017 copyZadar_Croatia_3mo_Nov7_2017 copySvetiKriz03_Croatia_3mo_Nov7_2017 copyPremantura17_Croatia_3mo_Nov7_2017 copyKarlovac_22_Croatia__3mo_Nov7_2017 copy


Brestanica_SV_Mohor_Slovenia_3mo_Nov7_2017 copyKocevje_Slovenia_3mo_Nov7_2017 copySkopice_Slovenia_3mo_Nov7_2017 copyPostojna_SLovenia_3mo_Nov7_2017 copyDoblice_SLovenia_3mo__3mo_Nov7_2017 copySPodnji_Stari_Grad_Slovenia_3mo_Nov7_2017 copyLibna_Slovenia_3mo_Nov7_2017 copyRatece_SLovenia_3mo__3mo_Nov7_2017 copyLjubljana_Brinje_Ijs_Slovenia__3mo_Nov7_2017 copyBovec_Slovenia_3mo__3mo_Nov7_2017 copyLisca_Slovenia_3mo_Nov7_2017 copy

For what it’s worth, if anything…

USA (via  – See also (Nov. 2, 2017) US EPA RADNET bi-monthly DATA Update (Total Gamma Radiation, 4 month Graphs, ALL) – Nov. 2, 2017):

And now that summer’s definitely over… and those parched lands are being drenched… I’m just going to repeat it once again:  Those fires, you know the ones that “caused those striking radiation increases, such as seen in Seattle“, they’re long out…  Just saying…


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2 Responses to Couple EURDEPs (Nov. 7, 2017)

  1. PF says:

    They say something about “Russia or Kazakhstan in the last week of September” here on again, as an update to the previous spread. Sure, all evil for Europe comes from the east. But what has really happended, is really happening, remains unclear. Too bad I can’t read Russian. Ought to learn that language, I guess.

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