Inconmensurable EURDEPs (Nov. 3, 2017)

“…what pity we get for a broken heart

and what if we let us falling apart

rails come crashing

a lifetime’s not enough

to manage all this rushing

and the death comes from above…” 

– from:

Parts of this planet call this moment part of ‘Nov. 3, 2017’

Two maroon dots in Lithuania look like candidates for ‘calibrations’… Not sure.

Alytus+20366_Lithuania_12hours_NOv2_1500UTC_details copyKaunas_0249_Lithuania_12hrs_Nov2_2017_1230UTC_details copyAlytus_20366_Lithuana_3mo_Nov3_2017 copyKauna_0249_Lithuania_3mo_Nov3_2017 copy

More 3-month Gamma-T with recent ‘standard deviations’…

Qaqortoq_sara0171_Greenland_3mo_Nov3_2017 copyKronshtadt_Russia_3mo_Nov3_2017 copyZheleznodorozhnyi_Russia_3mo_Nov3_2017 copySuwalski_Poland_3mo_Nov3_2017 copyMugla_turkey_3mo_Nov3_2017 copydubstep_CS0KRS807MA_07_SIT_GM__France__3mo_Nov3_2017 copySiauliai_0248_Lithuania_3mo_Nov3_2017 copyNegotino_Macedonia_3mo_Nov3_2017 copyVlissingenHaven_Nederland_3mo_Nov3_2017 copy

“The answer” that’s currently blowing in the wind seems to at least contain some radioCesium:   I-131 & Cs-137 @ Nicosia, Cyprus::

Nicosia_Cyprus_0037__3mo_Nov3_2017 copy

Radon 220 & 222 @ Batina, Croatia:

Batina_10_Croatia_3mo_Nov3_2017 copy

6 months (data has been filled in for the returned-from-silence Icelandic monitors):

Reykjavik_Iceland_3mo_Aug_3_2017 copyReykjavik_Iceland_3mo_Nov_3_2017 copy

Ach ja…

“…Pass the crystal, spread the Tarot
In illusion comfort lies
The safest way the straight and narrow
No confusion no surprise…”

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2 Responses to Inconmensurable EURDEPs (Nov. 3, 2017)

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