“Spot the Trend” (A Selection of US EPA Radnet, 6 months)

Forest fires are out, but there’s 400+ other very different “fires” raging, and plans to start up more…  (‘Cause you can’t make fissile material with solar panels…)   Pacific Northwest’s forest fires’ smoke’s gone, but the other kind will be smoldering for eons to come…  Hurricanes came and went.  But the Krypton-85 will keep rising.   Summer’s over…  But unusual upticks of Be-7 and Na-22 (= Sodium-22) will become ever more common, even in winter… “Go figure.”

In the below composites, I also added orange boxes with the bottom as the lowest value and the top as the highest for the period shown.  I thought that would be helpful.  Let me know if you still have trouble “spotting the trend“…

Combining two 4-month graphs (with the same logarithmic (!) y-axis) to create a seamless 6 month graph:

Honolulu_HI_6mo_Nov3_2017 copyFairbanks_AK_6mo_Nov3_2017 copySeattle_WA_6mo_Nov3_2017 copyCorvalis_OR_6mo_Nov3_2017 copy

Sacramento_CA_6mo_Nov3_2017 copyPhoenix_AZ__6mo_Nov3_2017 copyGrandJunction_CO__6mo_Nov3_2017 copyChampaign_IL_6mo_Nov3_2017 copy

Toledo_OH_6mo_Nov3_2017 copyFortWayne_IN_6mo_Nov3_2017 copyBayCity_MI_6mo_Nov3_2017 copyEllensburg_WA_6mo_Nov3_2017 copyPittsburgh_PA_6mo_Nov3_2017 copyPortland_Maine_6mo_Nov3_2017 copyBatonRouge_LA_6mo_Nov3_2017 copyOklahomaCity_OK_6mo_Nov3_2017 copy

Lexington_KY__6mo_Nov3_2017 copy

If you wonder why they graph so visually narrow…  My guess is that that is just temporary, and the reason why is suggested in the top value of 100,000 CPM…

Consider them ‘Ready’…

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