Wave after Wave…

…”To reduce the number of erroneous values, several countries do not wish to show their measurement data to the public in real-time and have therefore imposed a delay….”

wave_Nov1_2017_STandardDev_2am copy.jpg

How nice of them that they, while somehow ‘completely independent’, manage to coincidentally “all together now” (with lots of countries) wish, at the same time, …wish to “reduce erroneous values”.  As if we wouldn’t be able to tell that they’re erroneous when they’re actually erroneous.  If you can tell, all you have to do is tell us how we can tell.  Why hide the fun part?  (But of course we know that there’s essentially no scientific integrity surrounding ‘dose rates’, it’s practically arbitrary.)    I would LOVE to actually see these ‘erroneous’ data, because I’m curious how you tell it’s erroneous.   Do you then take a swipe of dust, pull out the air filter, and have it analyzed, like with gamma spectroscopy or so, to see if there’s specific or unusual or definitely artificial radioisotopes present, so you know that the data was ‘made erroneous’ by alpha/beta/gamma-emitting fallout affecting the sensors in such a way that the given ‘dose rate values’ are obviously “thrown off” (by ‘direct sources at very close distance‘…)    Show us.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who find the current state of institutionalized cover-up completely unacceptable.

(That’s not a threat.  Nor a warning.)

Not yet.

—- ——— —-

ready2017 copy.jpg

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