Couple EURDEPs (Nov. 1, 2017) w/ 2+yrs of a perimeter monitor of the Centrale Nucléaire de Saint-Laurent, France


Ironic, no?

  • FR2605 – LB0KRS805MA_41_SIT_GM (France), 3 months per line, newest at the end, top starting in August 2015:

FR2605___LB0KRS805MA_41_SIT_GM_FRANCE_3mo_Nov1_2015 copyFR2605___LB0KRS805MA_41_SIT_GM_FRANCE_3mo_Feb1_2016 copyFR2605___LB0KRS805MA_41_SIT_GM_FRANCE_3mo_May1_2016 copyFR2605___LB0KRS805MA_41_SIT_GM_FRANCE_3mo_Aug1_2016 copyFR2605___LB0KRS805MA_41_SIT_GM_FRANCE_3mo_Nov1_2016 copyFR2605___LB0KRS805MA_41_SIT_GM_FRANCE_3mo_Feb1_2017 copyFR2605___LB0KRS805MA_41_SIT_GM_FRANCE_3mo_May1_2017 copyFR2605___LB0KRS805MA_41_SIT_GM_FRANCE_3mo_Aug1_2017 copyFR2605___LB0KRS805MA_41_SIT_GM_FRANCE_3mo_Nov1_2017 copy

More EURDEPS after this musical break:

Couple with radioisotope specifics:

Kamena_CzechRepublic_I131_Cs137_3mo_Nov1_2017 copyPraha_Bartoskova_CzechRepublic_Cs134_Ru103_3mo_Nov1_2017 copyCERN_Switzerland_I131_Cs137_3mo_Nov1_2017 copyArtern_germany_Bi214_Bi212_3mo_Nov1_2017 copy

Just Gamma-T, in no particular order:

Herrischried_OT_Grossherriscgwand_Germany_3mo_Nov1_2017 copyWaidhofen_Thaya_Austria_3mo_Nov1_2017 copyWolfsberg_Austria_3mo_Nov1_2017 copyWildalpen_Austria_3mo_Nov1_2017 copyBitola_Macedonia_3mo_Nov1_2017 copyCogne_Italy_3mo_Nov1_2017 copyKocevje_Slovenia_3mo_Nov1_2017 copyKavala_Greece_3mo_Nov1_2017 copyFR2605___LB0KRS805MA_41_SIT_GM_FRANCE_3mo_Nov1_2017 copy

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