Pusztavacs, Hungary (EURDEP, 21 months)

Data pulled in the Colorado afternoon of Oct. 24, 2017

[“soundtrack(s)”, as always: unrelated]

Lots of ‘standard deviations’ in that Eastern European extended region lately.  I just picked one random monitor  to see if the recent spikes and data gaps seen there are in any way ‘unusual’.  You have to graph multiple months or years to see the bigger picture.

Unfortunately – a word that cannot be overused when shedding light on all things nuclear – unfortunately, as is the case almost everywhere, the baseline shifts and data gaps make the (also often “non-validated”) data sets practically useless.  But still… It is what it is…

Though we don’t know what all the data gaps might hide, for what is visible, that  most recent spike (end of top 3-month composite) spike is very clearly ‘rather’ unusual.  Also note the 4 baseline shifts in the shown period:

(Unlike most blogposts, most recent at the top! – sorry about that)

Pusztavacs_Hungary_3mo_Oct24_2017 copyPusztavacs_Hungary_3mo_July24_2017 copyPusztavacs_Hungary_3mo_April24_2017 copyPusztavacs_Hungary_3mo_Jan24_2017 copyPusztavacs_Hungary_3mo_Oct24_2016 copyPusztavacs_Hungary_3mo_July24_2016 copyPusztavacs_Hungary_3mo_April24_2016 copy

–> Note (re. the above 3-month composite) all the data gaps during the period from right before the Helsinki Cesium-137 spike to the Brussels Bombings radiation monitor weirdness… Also note the uptick right before Te-132 was detected in Northern Germany on April 26, 2016, in concentrations so curious that not one mainstream outlet ushered one word.

(Yes, I will continue to repeat that fact, because I think some elite police units need to storm “some offices” and drag “some IAEA & equally misaligned nuclear mafioso mofo’s” to prison, to stand trial for corrupting just about everything having to do with nuclear safety oversight.)   [But that easily-ignored opinion is merely shared here, like everything else, *for entertainment purposes only*...]

And, to close, here’s 3 months from a monitor in Turkey, showing that strikingly widespread data gap at the onset of October as well, and a “glitch dot”:

MalatyaAragpir_Turkey_3mo_Oct24_2017 copy

For what it’s worth, if anything…


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