Couple EURDEPs (Oct. 19, 2017)



(Navajo rug, American South-West, pre-1920)


Vilnius_20365_Lithuania_5mo_longDataGap_Oct19_2017 copy

Longer than 3 months to show the data gap.   Lithuania has had a few this year…

Klaipeda_20364_Lithuania_3mo_Oct19_2017 copy


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Keeping up with the tradition of adding “unrelated” quotes, images and YouTube videos…


Her eyes were cobalt red
Her voice was cobalt blue…

  – Ribbons, Sisters of Mercy:

“The confusion of ideas with theories has arisen because of the impossibility of penetrating the veil of the invisible universe of Mind-KNOWING through the senses
of the body.  The miscomprehension of Man that he is thinking with his Mind when he is only sensing with his body has given rise to the many misconceptions regarding both Mind and body.  That is why you hear so much that is popularly believed about such non-existent things and conditions as unconsciousness, conscious Mind, subconscious Mind, superconscious Mind, the human mind, mortal mind and other terms.  These all arise from the misbelief that people are thinking when they are but sensing with their electric senses–which do not think and cannot know anything.”  –

;-) “For the music:” 

Some ocean surface cooling in much of the Southern Hemisphere lately:


Sources used listed in ‘Online Radiation Monitors‘.  Gamma radiation dose on the graphs is in nanoSievert per hour (nSv/hr); See also ‘Radiation Units & Conversions‘; y-axis adjusted to show more detail.  Spikes, non-precipitation disturbances, isolated unusual, very high or zero values as well as data gaps lower-than-average dip-downs (when not

Reykjavik_1mo_Oct19_2017 copy.jpg

Two Icelandic monitors have returned (with heavily data-gapped data after a seemingly endless “data gap”)…

caused by snow’s ground shielding) COULD indicate radioactive fallout events, in my DISCLAIMER-ed opinion. Most upticks / rain-out spikes are almost certainly predominantly natural.   To figure out with certainty whether or not artificial radionuclides are a factor in the observed would require very precise & frequent air and precipitation samples testing (such as Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, Cyprus & Switzerland do on a fairly regular (albeit it “suspiciously” data gapped at times) way).


For mere non-2-sigma-certainty “artistic impressions” of this radioactivity data-tainment genre, the preceding 1,000 or so blogposts could give you some more “artistic interpretation suggestions”, cloaked in whimsical lamentation and framed in cynical audiovisuals and some (mostly Southern Colorado) beautiful natural scenery…

See monitor name & coordinates on composite of 3 months data for approximate monitor location, not all are in Europe.  In no particular order:

Gyomaendrod_Hungary_3mo_Oct19_2017 copy

Limnos_Greece_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyLjubljana_Brinje_Ijs_Sloenia_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyMurcia_Spain_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyTurnhouse_UK_3mo_Oct19_2017 copy

SOrve_Estonia_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyRiga_RupniecibasStreet_Latvia_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyLongyearbyen_Norway_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyQaqortoqSara-171_Greenland_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyMugla_Turkey_3mo_Oct19_2017 copy

SOuda_Greece_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyIzmir_Turkey_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyVraza_Bularia_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyZaventem_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyLista_Norway_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyWeyer_Enns_Austria_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyOradea_Romania_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyFaro_Portugal_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyLisboa_Portugal_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyPrievidza_Slovakia_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyQuimper_29_AGG_CP_france_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyPA0KRS801MA_76_SIT_GM_France_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyGavle_Sweden_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyBezau_Austria_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyMo_I_Rana_Norway_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyOslo_Norway_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyNorrkoping_Sweden_3mo_Oct19_2017 copySala-Sweden_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyRisoSara0214_Denmark_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyBa0KRS937MA_17_SIT_GM_France_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyAiguille_Du_Midi_74_SOM_CP_France_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyWarsawa+Poland_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyRezekne_Latvia_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyBragin_Belarus_nearChornobyl_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyRostovOnDon_Russia_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyKars_Akyaka_Turkey_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyAmsterdam_Nederland_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyDA0KRS805MA_45_SIT_GM_France_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyVinnytsia_Ukraine_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyKladovo_Serbia_3mo_Oct19_2017 copySte_Marie_Martinique_972_AGG_CP_France_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyMiquelon_975_AGG_CP_CanadianEastCoast_France_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyMzouazia_Mayotte_976_Frace_3mo_Oct19_2017 copyCayenne_Guyane_(73_AGG_CccP_France_3mo_Oct19_2017 copy

“… Suffer Your Interpretation…”

Or dream on…

——- —— —-  — — – — — —- —— ——-

Good luck to us all…


— May All Your Blessings Come Undisguised… —

——- —— —-  — — – — — —- —— ——-

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