Couple EURDEPs (Ru-106 – Oct.9, 2017)

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The general population doesn’t know what’s happening, and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know.

~Noam Chomsky

— More EURDEP & US EPA Radnet radiation data further down in this post, and TONS of older data in blogposts spread over the past half decade. —


Radioactive clouds are swirling around the northern hemisphere and increasingly affecting ground-level radiation monitors. Mainstream media is playing dumb, but here and there little reports make it through, however superficially.  Recently Ru-106 was reportedly  detected in Europe.  More details further down.  Little intro first:

Ruthenium-106, with a half-life of 373.59 days (just over a year), is an artificial radioisotope, originating from an active or recently active nuclear fission reactor, which decays by βeta emissions.  It is generally only detected after a major incident or accident, such as after the Fukushima-Daiichi catastrophe began, though it is also used in nuclear medicine (such as in brachytherapy for some types of melanoma), and thus the source could be from a medical isotopes producer as well.

Ru-106 showed up as a “likely” presence in the radioactive Colorado rainwater I had analyzed in 2015 (See (Aug. 1, 2015Synopsis / Improved Version: ‘Mainland USA June 14 2015 Radioactive Rain & Lichen Data Revisited’.  That rain back then blew in with air which had blown straight over Northern Japan (and a véry wide area further upwind).

It is often found together with Ru-103 [!-> ADDED Oct. 11, 2017: Ru-103, I-131, Cs-134, Cs-137, Pb-210, Na-22, Be-7,… SPIKE in Czech Republic !!!], which also showed up in some of the mystery fallout clouds detected in Finland over the years, such as as recent as this past spring (See (May 20, 2017BREAKING: Ruthenium-103, Cobalt-60, Niobium-95 & Cesium-134 Validated Detections in Finland, Cesium-137 Uptick, Artificial BETA upticks in The Netherlands and Italy, as yet another Mystery Radiological Disturbance rolls across Europe… (EURDEP, MAY 2017) for one such example.  The presence of Co-60 increased the probablility of the origin being Fukushima-Daiichi, but you’re unlikely to read about that anywhere else but on this blog… (See (Jan. 26, 2016Any Significance to Cobalt-60 in Fukushima Fallout?)

“At best”, gamma radiation monitors might show erratic data, including zero values or even negative values.   Since “it appears” these “monitoring” networks are set up to hide or mask the data when it maters most, data gaps are not surprisingly widespread again. Example from Romania (3 months, note the past week):

SfantuGheorghe_Romania_3mo_Oct10_2017 copy

Not surprisingly either, the few monitors that monitor specifically for artificial Beta and Alpha emitters (both better indicators of radioactive fallout anyhow) show data gaps and forced-zero values.  Examples from The Netherlands and Italy (data added on Oct. 10, 2017):

Wijnandsrade_Nederland_BETA_3mo_Oct10_2017 copyHuijbergen_Nederland_3mo_Oct10_2017 copyJRC_Station7_Northern_Italy_Beta_Alpha_artificials_3mo_Oct10_2017 copy

The above 3 show 3 months of Beta/Alpha radiation, the below 2 just 3 weeks of gamma, showing the zero values in one place and data gaps in a neighboring country:

SPA_Belgium_3weeks_Oct10_2017 copyLuxmbourg_Luxembourg_3weeks_Oct10_2017 copy

[This preface was added on Oct. 10, 2017 – Continued further down with Oct. 9 blogpost]


Evening Oct. 8, 2017, near Denver copy.jpg

Oct. 9, 2017 ( =

Most snow falling higher up and further north of me – It’s snowing lightly…

This blogpost is a brief perverted  relapse ‘for entertainment purposes only’…

A handful of folks, through emails and comments, seem to wish me to write about them Ruthenium-106 detections across Europe, as reported and parroted by Sputnik, Zero Hedge, etc. @

“[…] Echoing the observations of IRSN, FORP spokesman Jan Henrik Lauer told The Associated Press the source of the Ruthenium-106 isn’t known but calculations indicate it may have been released in eastern Europe. […]   So far the reason for its radioactive compound’s presence, as well as the source, remains a mystery.

Upper echelon IAEA & CTBTO insiders, with access to the sophisticated isotope-specific sniffing equipment and atmospheric dispersion modeling software, can figure just about any release.   That it is being reported as “a mystery” only means they don’t want us-sheeple to figure it out.

I checked EURDEP’s so-called Advanced Map (4th from top of Online Radiation Monitors)  for some other radioisotopes often found in tandem with such “mysterious” releases.  Ru-106 is actually not listed in the EURDEP menu. For that data, you have to go to individual countries’ websites, such as this example from Switzerland:

Ru106_Cadenazzo-CH copy

Note for Americans:  01.10.2017 = Oct. 1, 2017

Details of validated Ru-106 detections @ Cadenazzo, Switzerland:

Cadenazzo_Ru106_earlyOct2017_details copy


No sign of Ru-103 in the past month, nor Nb-95, Co-60, Cs-134, I-131,…  but there were a few blips of Na-22 and slight upticks of Cs-137 that hint at the possibility that it wasn’t just Ru-106, which would be very odd to find all by itself.  (Although that can easily happen when you’re dealing with concentrations on the edge of detectability.)

Here’s a half year of Na-22 and Cs-137 data, for example:

Sola_Norway_3mo_Na22_Cs137_July9_2017 copySola_Norway_3mo_Na22_Cs137_Oct9_2017 copy

Is that Cs-137 uptick (coinciding with a Na-22 & Be-7 uptick) related to the Ru-106 detections?   I don’t know.   The most notable is that several countries imposed a rather long data delay: Sweden, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey have not shared radiation data with the public in what is now over a week (and much of Romania in the past 6 days):

EURDEP_map_Gamma_StandardDeviation_1week_Oct9_2017 copy.jpg

Not visible upon first sight is that shorter data gaps and disturbances are widespread in the past few weeks, as well as earlier this past summer.  Some baseline adjustments, as well as lower-than-average and zero values.  [See my “Attempted Epilogue” before all those photos I took while showing family around in the San Luis Valley (Southern Colorado & Northern New Mexico) this past week.]

Some EURDEPs (3 month composites, in no particular order, with y-axis adjusted to show more detail;  Except for the first one, all just Gamma-T):

Nicosia_Cyprus_Cs137_I131__3mo_Oct9_2017 copyVinje_Norway_3mo_Oct9_2017 copyFINO2_Forschungsplattform_Germany_3mo_Oct9_2017 copyLonglier_Belgium_3mo_Oct9_2017 copyStavnas_Sweden_3mo_Oct9_2017 copyPontevedra_Spain_3mo_Oct9_2017 copyCahirciveen_Eire_3mo_Oct9_2017_forgaps copyWegscheid_Germany_3mo_Oct9_2017 copySugny_Belgium_3mo_Oct9_2017 copyInkoo_Finland_3mo_Oct9_2017 copyRiga_RupniecibasStreet_Latvia_3mo_Oct9_2017 copySpa_Belgium_3mo_Oct9_2017 copyLinmos_Greece_3mo_Oct9_2017 copySlavonskiBrod14_Croatia_3mo_Oct9_2017 copySilistra_Bulgaria_3mo_Oct9_2017 copyUlrichsberg_Austria_3mo_Oct9_2017 copyAalborg_Denmark_3mo_Oct9_2017 copyUstiNadOrlici_CzechRepublic_3mo_Oct9_2017 copyNearAnNPPSouthEasternFrance_BU0KRS924MA_01_SIT_GM_France_3mo_Oct9_2017 copyLiepaja_Latvia_3mo_Oct9_2017 copyRistina_Estonia_3mo_Oct8_2017 copy

There’s lots more, always.  This is just a sampling. 

3 more, just one month:

ChartImg.axd copyChartImg-2.axd copyChartImg-1.axd copy

I haven’t even given this one a try as far as sleuthing to trace fallout to a source (using, etc.) simply because I’m bored with an investigative process which obviously won’t lead anywhere anyhow.

The source could have been just about anywhere on the planet.  We don’t get to see the data details, calculations, etc.  Everything they say could even be made-up.   If you’re like me, just a ‘member of the public’, what happened where is anyone’s guess.  And if what’s being covered-up could have health consequences is just as much a mystery.  “Guess we’ll find out soon enough…”  :-/  Could it have been that INES-2 incident recently in Sweden?  Couldn’t that just as well have been far more serious?  There’s hundreds of other possibilities.   Could even be Fukushima-related (although some “experts” would call that “impossible”.  I’d take insiders more seriously if they weren’t omitting key evidence from peer-reviewed scientific literature (thanks peers It takes a nuclear village to fool the world…), but I digress), or delayed trace-whiffs of whatever leaked in July and August, which official media remained silent about too…

In the US hurricanes and forest fires have added complexity to the radiation landscape, with monitors also dropping away for extended periods, as well as obvious baseline adjustments that are likely masking ‘something additional‘…  Just a quick sampling:


–> See also (Sept 23, 2017)  a quote, a graph, a link, some songs (a hint)



Short version:  I have my bias (Fukushima-Daiichi), and some guesses (Paks, Fleuris, Tihange, French NPPs,…), but I have no idea what happened where either, and I’m not feeling inspired to continue the kind of investigating that I used to do in the past few years.

!-> See also (Sept. 17, 2017)   “Couple EURDEPs” – Attempted EPILOGUE Re. Observations & Musings from the land of ‘Monitoring Radiation Monitoring’… (heavily sprinkled with YT Music & Videos)

For what it’s worth…

Of course, sure, I could continue to invite you to “Tumble Down the Corium-Dug Rabbit Hole” with me, but what purpose would that serve?

The person, or in this case entire industrial sector, that is basically gaslighting us will never respond to reason or logic.


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