Frozen in the Act of Spectating… (Couple EURDEPs, Sept. 6, 2017)

I would be amused if there were people who come to this blog purely for the music and other videos I sprinkle “all that boring data” with…

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EURDEP data (Online Radiation Monitors) pulled late Sept 5, 2017:

Something… at the end of August 2017:  upticks correlating with data gaps and spikes over very wide geographic areas around roughly the same time:

Longyearbyen_Norway_3mo_Sept5_2017 copyMehamn_Norway_3mo_Sept5_2017 copyMaarianhamina_Finalnd_3mo_Sept5_2017 copySvolvar_Norway_3mo_Sept5_2017 copyQaqortox_Greenland_3mo_Sept5_2017 copyRiso_Denmark_3mo_Sept5_2017 copyOostende_Belgium_3mo_Sept5_2017 copyWestkapelle_Nederland_3mo_Sept5_2017 copySvolvar_Norway_3mo_Sept5_2017 copyCarlisle_UK_3mo_Sept5_2017 copySantander_Spain_3mo_Sept5_2017 copySte_Clothilde_La_Reunion_974_AGG_CP_Franc_3mo_Sept5_2017 copyRoanne_$2_AGG_CP_France_3mo_Sept5_2017 copyChalon_Sur_Saone_France_3mo_Sept5_2017 copyBeja_Portugal_3mo_Sept5_2017 copyPonta_Delgada_Portugal_3mo_Sept5_2017 copyPordenone_Italy_3mo_Sept5_2017 copyVolos_Greece_3mo_Sept5_2017 copyOrdu_Turkey_3mo_Sept5_2017 copyKayseri_Turkey_3mo_Sept5_2017 copyAnkara_Nallihan_Cayirhan_TS_Turkey_3mo_Sept5_2017 copyMzouazia_Mayotte_France_3mo_Sept5_2017 copy

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Smoke now making it impossible to see the other side of the San Luis Valley (Southern Colorado).  And that’s just yellow… copy.jpg

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2 Responses to Frozen in the Act of Spectating… (Couple EURDEPs, Sept. 6, 2017)

  1. Interesting North Korean nuke test plume model from CTBTO, FWIW:

    Not measured (because real data is secret) – this is just a model run based on… something or other.

    • MVB says:

      The CTBTO… They’re cute. Even when they do release their highly secret data, it’s redacted. Their “verification regime works to make sure that no nuclear explosion goes undetected”. What’s the point if the findings are not made public? As it is, they’re basically part of the cover-up apparatus. Half a dozen Cobalt-60 detections and a spike of Te-132 (Spring 2016), and not a peep was to be heard? They can’t even speak up about where the I-131 came from in Europe in early 2017! “Analysts ready” Pfff… Bunch of PR. They’re only relevant to the agenda they’re part of. Thanks for the smiles, though. ;-)

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