First Snow (+ some Meteo and Rad. stuff)

;-) Aug. 13, 2017


I’m kidding:  This is not unusual for the high Rocky Mountains: a thunderstorm has some hail in it and when the storm’s past, the rocky higher elevations look white.  Seen this almost every summer at least once, generally in the second half of August.  Sometimes it can feel like “Winter is coming” (-> then it was Aug. 15, 2015, an unusually wet spring & monsoon season year), but September and October often still turn out gorgeous, with mild warm sunny weather (and without the thunderstorms and mosquitos).


A paper towel swipe of this rain measured 0.9 µSv/hr, not abnormal for this mineral-rich region, especially with the wind blowing in from the ESE during the storm: The east side of the Wet Valley contains some of the highest concentrations of Thorium in North America.

Medcom/vertical/inside/byWindow rose to 73.9 CPM (1 hour average) during the rain/hail storm (from 58 CPM -ish).  Nothing close to getting me all excited to waste money on rainwater analysis, like I did in 2015, of which this is a little recap:

“Aside from the very radioactive rain on Aug. 8, 2015, which measured as high as 11.2 µSv/hr on contact with rain swipe (mostly fast-emitting Beta, most-likely majority natural radon progeny), rain has been almost-oddly non-radioactive otherwise.    August 8 marked the first such spike since the June 14, 2015 thunderstorm, which I had lab-analyzed.   That rain contained a tiny trace of Antimony-124, an artificial neutron activation product with a half-life of only 60 days.  Given the non-detection of far more commonly used medical-  & resource-exploration-industry-used radioisotopes, it likely originated in an actively leaking nuclear reactor “upwind”.  My #1 suspect remains Fukushima-Daiichi, but I have no way to prove it with certainty.  Other isotopes ‘likely present’ in trace amounts (in the rain or absorbed by lichen, but for which statistical ‘certainty’ is lacking) included Iodine-131, Cesium-134, Ruthenium-106 and Strontium-89, all suggesting ‘recent fission’.


Via the Canadian Cryospheric Information Network ( @ ), the SNOW COVER  EXTENT for the Northern Hemisphere is starting the current 2017-2018 cycle well above its normal variation range, though:

nh_sce copy.jpg

Next one @



Arctic Sea Ice Extent could easily become the 2nd lowest on record in September, though (via @ ):

ArcticSeaIceExtent_Aug13_2017 copy

And (via @, always interesting to see where the “above average” (orange/red) and “below average” (dark blue) sea surface temperature anomalies are:

sst_anom copy.jpg


Little bit of of US EPA Radnet ( @ ) 4-month graphs of gamma radiation for Colorado and a few from “the extended region”, as checked today Aug. 13, 2017 @ 7pm MDT:


Data thát inconsistent is basically useless, probably just the way the industry-aligned EPA wants it to be…:


Notice how “the baseline” shifted from about 4000 CPM in May to about 5000 CPM in July @ SLC:saltlakecity-gammasumidahofalls-gammasumboise-gammasum

Note:  Radnet’s CPM values cannot be compared to those of ordinary Geiger Counters, as their sensors are by far more sensitive and energy-range-specific.  These are totals of all the gamma decay energy ranges they measure.


A baseline shift from around 5000 CPM to around 3500 CPM, after a massive data gap that coincided with spikes all over the place elsewhere.  Of course background radiation is not dropping, to the contrary it seems, but the nuclear industry sure has their tricks to obscure that… Baseline shifts (both up and down), and data gaps are the most common ones.


Let’s see how the specific gamma range counts changed from early July to early August…

Just look at that (below), counts for specific ranges shifting around, as if what ought to be scientific is being turned into a joke:


(Imagine if the meteorological service changed the meaning of a temperature degree (Fahrenheit or Celcius) several times in a 4-month period…  and the freezing point of water is 0 C on some days, and -10 or 20 C on others, depending on what data processing gets applied…)

I guess those who have followed my blogging for awhile ‘got it’ by now:  the official public radiation monitoring systems are rigged to obscure what is really going on.   But with some patience you can still figure that something IS going down (maybe some corium…), and eventually it becomes really hard to not think that its cover-up must be a high priority for the establishment…

An Orwellian nightmare is upon us.

…and then some… copy

—– —— —– ————- ——- ——- —–

NOTE:  Some of the videos and even side-tangents included on this blog may give the erroneous impression that I’m “a right-wing nut”.  I’m not.   I used used to be “so far to the LEFT, I was RIGHT” (hehe (-:  ), an anarchist-flag-waving rubber-bullet-dodging long-haired pot-smoking radical, pretty much.  ‘Used to,’ though:  I’m questioning everything, including aspects of my education, long-past radical era,  identity sub-cultures I dabbled in and out of, and “the scene” here in America in general.   It is a very complex confusing mess alright…

As the late great songwriter-singer-musician Leonard Cohen sang, “[…]  I love the country but I can’t stand the scene / And I’m neither left or right /  I’m just staying home tonight / Getting lost in that hopeless little screen […]”

This video (below: “Further information on the Black Sun and global death plot”, for instance, may be off-putting due to its Black Sun thumbnail (a symbol associated with racist, “neo-Nazi” and similar scum), but it’s part of a series of one guy’s generous sharing of esoteric perspectives on Wicca, magic, and such.  When you dig deep enough into the esoteric/occult currents that ran parallel or underneath the early 9781931882392_p0_v1_s192x300nuclear programs (in the US, Japan & Germany), you stumble upon little tidbits of information, clues,… that suggest this vein shouldn’t be ignored.  Those top directors of the secret programs that actually pulled off building the first nuclear bombs were HEAVILY involved in those occult realms.  And it is unlikely to be be “mere coincidence” that the topic (of the occult) was essentially ridiculed and demonized by the mainstream culture pushed through the official educational systems throughout the world.  Probably exactly because something ‘occult’ is preferred to remain hidden by the secretive controlling elite (far beyond the visible political shows) that used the powerful knowledge for deceptive & manipulative purposes.  (Or to protect it from use by forces that would use it for even worse egoic purposes… That I can’t rule out either…)

I leave such videos as “little bread crumbs” for the few independent investigators out there, who can appreciate both the strict logical path of physical sciences, ánd the consciousness-exploration fields, with its non-ordinary spectrum of densities, dimensions and various entities and alliances, occult terrain where making sense of things gets more difficult because the entire field is littered with disinformation mine fields.


— It is wise to assume that all these bread crumbs will vanish. —
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